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King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PC

The Holy Grail has been destroyed, the sufferer lies King Arthur, Camelot has fallen, monsters roam and Merlin has disappeared. Are you ready to save Britain from a bad end in this remarkable game? Many are the stories that has given rise to the legend of King Arthur. There have been countless books written, filmed many movies and have even been enjoying several games based on this story. Rooted and as part of popular culture, rare is that someone does not know Arthur, Merlin, the Knights of the Round Table, the legendary Excalibur or the Holy Grail. A couple of years we enjoyed King Arthur, a game developed by Neocore Games that came to us under the label of FX Interactive. Although it took some license with respect to the original legend, known as an offer to become less interesting that mixed similar gameplay to that of the Total War series with the charm of old conversational adventures while we told how Arthur became king, and reunited the whole of Britain. Well, we finally have in our hands the second part of that game, as we shall see, has a tremendous line continuity, but strives to improve some points that did not stop working on the title and offer a completely new story. The story of King Arthur II begins right where the first film ends, and therefore usually ends where the legend, with Arthur as King of all Britain and in possession of the Holy Grail. But there are still threats to the kingdom, and after a period of peace and tranquility, a powerful dark entity was attracted by the prosperity of this land and power emanating from the sacred chalice. Fearing the worst, the legendary king summoned the brave Sir Lancelot, Sir Kay the loyal and his wife Queen Guinevere and the sanctuary of the Holy Grail to discuss the issue. But not everything went as expected and at a given time of the meeting, the sacred relic exploded in a burst of light that wiped out everyone except Arthur, who was unconscious and sick for a curse of which no known cure .

This caused chaos was spreading throughout the kingdom, monsters began to appear everywhere and the lands were losing their lives. Moreover, the only thing that seemed to cure the evil that afflicts the King, the legendary Merlin, has disappeared. Therefore, we will be playing William embody Pendragon, Arthur's son, find someone who can cure him, stop this and save Britain. The argument is without doubt one of the great strengths of this title. Displaying a meticulous narrative plunges us into a dark epic fantasy story with many twists, tense situations, characters who are what they seem, mysteries and where we will be the real stars with our decisions. If you played the original delivery, gameplay will look familiar, as it follows the same line. This is divided into two types. On the one hand, part of the gameplay is focused as a turn-based strategy game with large-scale combat in real time that will remind us enormously to the Total War series, and on the other, we have a conversational role-playing adventure where we will read an enormous amount of texts and where we have to go making decisions. The moments of adventure are well narrated and get our attention easily and completely immersed in history. Depending on the options that we will be taking by choosing the argument either way may be different situations and help define our morality as akin to Christian beliefs and pagan, and as a defender of justice or tyranny. Moreover, as we get our morality or other improvements, including the ability to invoke dragons or angels on the battlefield. Something quite interesting is that most of the decisions we take will be between a gray scale, and that is not defined what is good or bad, so we have to choose between the right to consider or less bad, rather than grow your interest and we will carefully ponder our actions.

But not everything will go no further options by pressing for the story progresses, but we must also solve puzzles in this way, as the tracks we've found. Something quite interesting is that sometimes to resolve these situations, we must draw on ancient legends that have registered in our manuscript, as they can hide the key to our problems. An interesting way to put it to use and does not remain simply an optional piece of information. As you can see, not very common this type of gameplay today and for many is completely outdated, and sometimes seem to have bought a book instead of an interactive video game. Therefore, King Arthur II will not get attract new players, but who enjoyed the first installment do it again, even more if possible thanks to the advances made in its history and narrative. Of course, we must warn that this time the title has come entirely in English, both text and voice, so that those who are not fluent in the language of Shakespeare will find virtually no incentive to do with it, because it lost nearly half of what gives the title. Changing gears and moving into the strategic part, the first thing we realize is that now we have the map available for travel is almost twice as large as the first game. At every turn we can move a certain distance to each hero and although we can go wherever we want, you should go where the missions are not to lose the plot and get rich rewards. These can be of different types, mainly combat, diplomacy and adventure. The first as the name suggests we plunge into a battle. The diplomacy we identify issues that have arisen in the kingdom or some of the factions and we have to decide how to solve it, what we can garner the favor or dislike of certain groups (which we will benefit if we keep happy). Finally, the adventure is resolved in the form of adventure game and may end up leading to fight or not.

Each turn represents a season, so four of them arrive to winter. This is a special season in which the action freezes, which means that we can not move. However, this is the only time that we level up our units and decide what choices available in our tech tree we want to develop. Need to go unlocking them accumulate points Lore, that will get them in different ways. We also have to manage to conquer cities, certain neighborhoods or building structures that will grant us many benefits, but of course, we only benefit from these improvements if we are in your area, as each city has a certain range of influence. Another aspect that has improved is that of magical artifacts, objects that can equip to gain advantages in battle. Now we can even find "recipes" to manufacture them ourselves if we collect the necessary materials. As for the battles, they have a clear goal: to end all the host of rival. Here, the action shifts to the battlefield, where each of our units have a certain number of soldiers. We choose what we want to take training each, which will give various bonuses and penalties. There are several quite important elements to consider. For example, the ground is key to ensure victory, so we'll have our ingenuity to get hold of strategic points for the bonuses they give us. Artificial Intelligence has also been much improved and responds to perfection, with elaborate tactics and we make things really difficult. The Magic will also play a rather important role, and how to use our spells in the time and place will be vital.

Main new units are the inclusion of air, which we will probably more of a headache. Overall, the battles we have found much more balanced. Strategic points are important, but not vitally necessary, and now rival spells if we pay attention we can counter them more easily, with the option of performing a magic shield to protect us. Yes, the camera controls we liked too and could have worked harder. In case you do not want to fight these battles, we can always choose the option "auto battle" for this will be terminated in a second, although this option is not advisable in the higher difficulty levels. We arrived at one of the most bittersweet of this title. Graphically, King Arthur II is impressive and spectacular. Scenarios big and wide, thousands of soldiers battling in fierce fighting massive environmental effects quite achieved, a very elegant textures and superb art section suffice to define how well it comes through the eyes of the new Neocore Games. The problem comes when see it in motion. Now we have a team with the last pieces of the market or go down your graphics options, the game engine suffers too. In no time we shall really work as it should be fluid, which unfortunately ends up affecting the playability of battles, as his little irregular flow and control your camera, make that move around the battlefield is virtually an odyssey and ruin us quite the experience. Also, load times have a duration longer than normal, so we also need a good dose of patience to deal with them.

As for the sound, we are again with a lime and sand. The soundtrack is good, fits perfectly to what we see and works especially well on the map of exploration. In contrast, in the field is much more repetitive and less inspired. Although the real problem comes because of the dubbing of the narrator, and tells us everything that happens to read a children's story and we had five years with some really ridiculous as if imitating the voices of little children or women. This would not necessarily be bad, but considering how hard, mature adult of history, out of tune a lot and makes the dive, so it probably will end up turning it off. King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame is a good strategy game that will delight fans of the first game, although it does not evolve too, so those who did not like the original delivery is also another attraction. It offers a great story and gameplay much more polished and balanced, full of management options and military strategy, and where at all times we will be protagonists of the legend. However, its poor optimization and the lack of a translation, pose serious burdens to their full enjoyment.

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