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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Review, Guide for Xbox 360/PS3/PC


We searched the room and you know you see next to the computer a newspaper and a toy car. Megan and then goes to talk to them. Now Adam follows her automatically and you can just look around for a while until it opens in the office of David Sarif the elevator with the code m0451 and ride down. Once at the bottom by her crawl under the door open, walks in the room with the burning door and moved away from the upper of the two boxes in order to continue your way through the air shaft to the other side. Follow the corridor and further opens the door to the laboratory room, where its directly behind one of the boxes before you go into cover and keep an eye on the stairs. Both opponents on the stairs, they switched from using targeted shots to the head and then goes on even up the stairs. Open the next door, where her remains to the left of the doorway for cover. Shoot the gas tank, turn off the two guards and kill the other guard with an aimed shot. In the next lab you walk quickly to the parapet and take cover. Wait until as many of the four guards in the effective radius of the gas bottle and then destroyed it with a shot from your rifle. Guards should be left to her this does not fix in the traditional way, before you go further and look at the cutscene.

Back In The Saddle

Before you can meet you at the helipad, you have to damage your visors from Pritchard can clean up. The technical laboratory can be found on the first floor. Run it over rises at the reception, up the stairs and turn right. After the marker, opens the door and talk to Pritchard, so that your ads are not as annoying flicker.

At the end of the conversation you can either ignore it or address the problem. Latter chooses her, she will get a little more information on the position of Pritchard and why exactly you Were chosen for the job. Right next to the technician you will find an eBook that brings you 200 experience points. Opposite them is a bar next to the computer, plug it ought to. Struts on to the sofa and grab the credits there, peeping out of the backpack.

You have two choices. Either go directly to the helipad or examine the offices a little. Since its doors first opened, many of the can, if you can hack it has, you should save up for the action later, if you can do it all at once. Then we show you the most interesting places. Now we concentrate first on the mission.

Leave the lab and follow the right path to the double door in the middle. Go through and keep you on the left in order to reach the helipad, where the pilot is already waiting on you Malik. Are you saying that you are ready and can start the first real mission.

Securing Sarif's Manufacturing Plant Part 1

Before the real mission begins, you ask David to your preferred course of action. Whether you want rather then normal, and fatal or near or work at a distance. Accordingly, he gives you your first weapon. This is the only point at which such a choice must be made. From now on you will keep all Wumme and can find new areas in the buy or sell, or what later.

Do you want to proceed by force of arms, of course, not the other way and selects fatal fatal. In both cases, but you should choose a ranged weapon, as can work more easily. Especially in the case of slow pathway, because you can knock out their enemies softly, once you close enough to reach from behind.

Therefore rises out of the helicopter and opens the door to the right of you. Prior to the glass wall you can still talk to the police officer who has prepared for you some information on the use. Then follows her on the way left and climb the ladders down, while Pritchard talks to you. Once you reach the corner, you can you leave a little to elucidate the melee action, you are allowed to now use directly. You to sneak in behind the guard at the corner and takes him to you. Hold the button down to kill him or just typed in twice, so that you will ausknockt. In both cases you are allowed then you grab the gun and valuables. Remember that your body can bear, if you keep pressing the action button.

At the next corner, now comes the first big decision. At least as far as the gameplay. You have adventure as well as the rest, two general actions to choose from. Shoots you to the end or is trying to reach their destination without being seen. Of course you can also just ask you a middle of it together. Want to just not take long to deal with the environment is, at the corner of her short hand for cover, takes out your gun and shoot the guys on the pile. No big problem.

At the back way, there are two possibilities. Prior to the corner to the left as you can go through the door. Here you can find on the ground a few stun arrows, which are very useful. Then quietly climbed over the boxes and drop down to the bottom. Through a hole in the wall it enters a tunnel that leads you to the other end of the outer region. Stay tuned over to the left and sneaks in the car.

Respects the right top of the railing on the monitor. Once that turns around, you can walk to the other side and break his arm the next time. The melee action is noticed no other enemy. So it turns out quietly and then left open the door behind you that you should block immediately. Now you are safe in the building.

The second method is a little faster, this is your starting position is not so good later. From the door on the corner from you appeal to the right and climb over the boxes to the container. Pays attention to the first left guard, who could see or hear you. Have you reached the top, you can breathe in peace, as you will discover here any more. Now you have to pass just yet to the dangerous water that is energized. Look to the right and push the crate to the side to see a small way. Crawls through the shaft and pressed on the other side of the switch. Now you can unharmed by water and by Luke penetrate into the warehouse.

Securing Sarif's Manufacturing Plant Part 2

Have you chosen the path over the roof, you will first need to climb down here and get into the little house. Or do you choose the direct route and switched all the enemies from up here, before her rise to the bottom. Stunning traps her individual enemies, want to try that should be happy with the arrows. Yet another guard will get wind of it and determined the alarm. So you can kill them in this case directly, which has the same effect. You will get to stun only a little more experience points.

You must now go to the door, through which you are come in the first variant. Climb down the ladder into the room and goes to the wall for cover to be able to see behind the hall, you notice that without the guards. Once the first enemy in front of you moves to the left, it creeps rapidly to the right, where you'll find the door that leads back into the yard. Here she stops and turns around to you again. Now you have even just on the right side behind the speakers run along and make sure that the guards always see to the side. A look at the radar at the bottom left shows you the enemies near you and in what direction they look straight. In half of the way it sneaks past a guard, which always remains in place and could see you later. So they switched quickly from behind and pulls the body back after one of the boxes. If his colleagues are not looking, you should have enough time for it.

Have you finally reached the other wall, you have two options. Climbs to the left of the box and reach a door. Or her right climb the ladder up behind you and then flies into the bay. Jumps to her on the railing in front, opens the gate, goes into a crouch and jump. A little awkward but it works. Through this shaft will direct you into the locker room, if you follow the middle path. Then you can directly open the door before you leave in the locker room and even on the other side. Have you been alerted not enemies, should not be here and you can directly right to the next section sneak.

Have you chosen the door, you enter the room right in the aisle and leave him on the other side. You left leaning against the wall and eavesdrop on the enemy. Once they finish their conversation, she returns to the lounge, waiting on the left wall. The guard goes right past you and you can access it to you. Now she uses the radar at the bottom left to either go directly to the next section or the other two previously also off for a few experience points. The second watch her grab you right in the locker room and the third walk in the corridor beyond. Behind the locker room, where you can find some items in the cabinets, it turns right and so find a locked gate.

Here you will be informed Pritchard that you have to hack the door. To her left goes to the terminal and select the bottom right of the figure the hack box option. Your goal is to reach the green ball. For this you have to follow the paths, whose directions are marked by the arrows. Then simply click on the next file before you, waiting for the hack and drive on until you reach the ball. A percentage shows you the probability of an alarm. This is triggered, you have to hurry you, because the hack is finished, if it does not reach the ball in the indicated time.

Have you opened this simple goal, it creeps further forward in a big room. If you want to eliminate the enemies from up here you can easily do all the behind the railing, without that they pose a real threat to you. Or it sneaks right on the right side down and disappears under the stairs, who have just gone to the bottom. The enemies are in this moment can be positioned so that they do not notice you. In the left corner you can see a slide box to the side and a shaft.

Securing Sarif's Manufacturing Plant Part 3

Opens the gate, climbs up the ladder and climb inside to the top where you crawl on the beam to the other side. Here you can let yourself down into the room with the hostages. At the bomb you can chop the terminal. The difficulty is the same as before at the gate and should be easy to crack. So you've done the optional target and incidentally found the best way to get through the room unseen.

From the room of the hostages from her sneaks back downstairs and hid you behind the boxes. Behind you is now a red door, you want to achieve. Sneaks exactly the crate, behind which it is located and is waiting for the right moment to disappear through the door into the hallway behind it.

Waiting on the corner and look calmly at the tutorial that explains directly how you get the best down the aisle. Wait for the guard and goes off only when she turns her back to you. The camera must also show up from you. Only then you can sneak off. Remains at the left corner. At the junction of the lad will briefly turn to the right, but you can not see. He goes further, turn right and you can look at the next turnoff to the left around the corner. Here you must now overcome a second camera, which allows its enemies but should not be very difficult. She turns to the left you walk right on the wall below it along. Just be on the guard that you have seen before and immediately disappears right in the corridor leading to the gate.

Or do the two guards left the room still equips from one visit. These do not move away from their positions and remain standing there. You can see them even from behind to knock out both quietly, without the others noticing. This gives you more experience points and some credits. The items on the table are your well.

Now chop the gate and disappear behind another in a room. Will immediately go into cover and sneak to the left side, while the two soldiers is still thriving. The guy in the background and automatically shoots has nothing to do with you. Behind the crates at the stairs you find a manhole. Fits only on the fact that her quietly moved the boxes, because they can hear you otherwise.

Follow the shaft and gets her into a secluded room. Here you are allowed to look after you free spirits and take everything. Then sneaks to the door and immediately take cover behind it. You're not far from the elevator. Crawls toward the center behind the broken glass is waiting for all of you to turn around and creeps quickly to the elevator. Opens this ride and down. You can also start to not sneak into the bay and right along. So you also distributes to other anesthetic and arrows are a little faster at the finish.

Once at the bottom, you find a free practice ahead of you. Look at the tutorial to learn more about the upgrades. We recommend to start investing in your arms and to expand the inventory. No matter how it is going on in the game, the inventory is always an important factor. So you can carry more weapons and other objects in the missions or steal large stocks of objects in order to sell them later. The money you put then in upgrades.

Then turn left around the corner, striking the right board pushes to the side and climb up the shaft to avoid the camera and the gun. Do you want the objects in the room on the other hand, uses her your practice to increase the strength of your arms. Then the gun you can imagine the left wall. Go back through the shaft and walk past the camera in the room. Here you will find two discs, which can help you while hacking. On one of the boxes you can find the password for the computer (windmill), with which you can turn off the camera. In both cases, you enter the gun behind the door and opens the next behind it. Look at the sequence and the first part of the mission is complete. If it Were not discovered, her ghost will receive the award with 500 experience points. This requires you ever want if you are being seen through the entire game.

Neutralize The Terrorist Leader

Examine the corpse of the boy on the ground and collect the items one. On the table before him, yet you will also find some ammo for the rifle. Then leave the room used at the other end of the corridor to the elevator and continue your mission.

First of all do not follow the hallway and noticed the noise on the police side. Behind the little bridge you will find a gun left on the sofa, the record should it. Even if you want to kill anyone, you should always have a strong weapon or more for it later encounters. Then climbs up the stairs and be in the final stages of a little quiet when you see the two enemies. One of them turns to the left while the right mate takes the stairs. This can forget it.

Rather it follows the boys left and turns it off. Since no one will come up, you can let him lie quietly and plunder. Also right in the room with everything you take and then examines the other on the upper floor. Here it flies behind the table in the bay and thus reaches to the bottom. Creeps cautiously into the open space left in front of you in order to pocket more objects. Leave him again on the left side and waits for an appropriate moment in which she left behind the column can fast without anyone noticing you there. Then you can easily follow the left side and reach the exit. Here it rises like the gear up the stairs and stopped in front of the large double door. Examines the left nor the eBook to collect around 200 experience points and opens the door.

Here you must now speak with the leader and try not to bring the hostages in danger. For this you have to choose right at the beginning. If you want to fight him or run, let the matter is quickly forgotten but not a good decision. Let you prefer on a conversation with him and tried to free the hostage. Selects to empathy twice and then tries to convince him with logic. Then he will hand over to you and the lady escape. This will give you important information later in the game from him personally.

Now you can experience points and grab a little poking around in the building, if you so wish. Left on the computer finds it interesting email. The password to configure it directly behind it and is hydrated. Now leave the room, goes to the helipad and speak with Malik. If no one has been harmed, is congratulating you. Otherwise, you must still talk a little with her. Then flies back to headquarters to complete the mission.

Tying Up Loose Ends

Back at headquarters, you have to just give up on him in Pritchard's office and the Typhoon. But because you can now get through the experience a further upgrade, you should use this to expand your hacking skill. This enables the Level 2 Lockpicking at the office and you get so interesting data and also some items and experience points.

First ride but in the lift Sharif's office to speak with him. Selects the dialogues in the conversation and you'll get your next two orders. You shall go to the clinic first and then you look at the corpse of the hacker in the police station. But first she examines your office on the third floor. In addition to your PC you can find the password and gain mandrake in the first email for the room number of Denzel Mitchell, also located on this floor. It is the number 3 On his computer it finds the code for room 27, in which ye should go on the second floor.

There you can find the right one eBook experience with 200 points. Then crawls through the shaft into the next room, read here all the emails and the eBook with a further 200 points. When next you leave the room and goes to 23rd left to room Give code 3716, and you're inside. On her computer the password is for the next room with the number 32 on the third floor. The password for the computer reads and eclipse is left of it on the wall. Through the shaft it now passes into the next room.

The other rooms have to hack it to get into it. This requires you upgrade your hacking skills to crack the Level 2 locks.

Visiting The L.I.M.B. Clinic

Leave after your conversation with Sharif and his office in the elevator ride back down into the entrance hall. There you can leave it to the big double doors of the building. Increases down the stairs here and follow the course of the road. Turn left and you walk past a gas station. Here you can buy some upgrades for your weapons, buy ammo and most of all unnecessary items into cash.

Keep running down the street to the clinic that you can not possibly overlook. Inside, you speak to the short sequence automatically with the doctor and get 5000 credits, which you can immediately exchange it for a practice. Have you 5,000 more, you should definitely get one right on. Her she must not be used immediately. Generally, it's always good to have one or two of the hindquarters to use them, if the situation demands it.

Investigating The Suicide Terrorist

Now you have to somehow get into the police station and there examine the hacker in the morgue. There is also a slight possibility, if you can deal well with your words. Migrates north to the station and enter through the main entrance. Inside you speak at the reception with the policeman, who turns out to be an old colleague and must deal with his difficult past. It must now make her bring it in, open your door. Otherwise you have no other choice but to break into the building.

This variant is considerably more complicated and not recommended, unless you also just looking for the offices on the upper floors for a side mission. For this you leave the building and follows the right path to the end of the road. In addition to the junkies you open the door and finds a wet floor that is energized. Sets the box before you into the water and walk back outside, where you can find in the people is another.

With this in hand it now jump on the crate before you, and puts them behind. Is stored on the same box, turn around and grabs the box behind you to back them to lay before you. Repeats the sewer until you reach a dry spot in the middle and pull the switch, you can. So you reach unscathed the yard behind the police station and can climb right on the fire ladder. Another option would be to use the sewer system. There you can however run slightly.

Now enter the second floor and steals you from here down to the morgue, where you find the right one shaft, which leads you further into the interior. This path is very complicated, as already mentioned you should only be preferred if you have already set the conversation in the sand, with no more old save point.

So rather speak with the policeman and selects the correct options. First two shows your understanding for the situation. He will now move from his chair and put it in the back corner. Now you have to confront him with his problem clearly and should not be soft back. Makes it clear that it was entirely his fault alone and he will be grateful to have opened his eyes. Now you are allowed the right by the door and wander through the building. The marker in the back right corner of the office and ride the elevator down.

The camera will also leave you in peace. On the other side behind the door you can find some stuff in the closets. Run left to the cells pass into the office with the two guards. In the right corner you can just grab the shotgun, without anyone seeing it. Now go back and continue to the mortuary. Talk to the doctor right beside his desk and read the eBook for easy experience points. Then grab the chip out of the body and also takes you right next to him from the little table in the hack tool.

Now leave the station, and makes you to your apartment on down the road. Ride the elevator up and enter your room. In the living room you can grab a rifle and strut right in your office. Her right to read the eBook for the experience points and then throw the computer. In the sequence you learn more about terrorists and your next mission. But before you leave the apartment again, she read the email for a code that you eingebt front of the kitchen on the terminal. This opens a hatch on the right, in which some stocks keep hidden.

Stopping the Transmission

Your next target is the heavily guarded transition zone in the north of the city. There, unseen is purely to get a little trickier than in previous missions. You have basically two ways. Your right you can sneak in at the entrance and go through the roof. If you do not value it places to be seen, we recommend going through the roof. Can under the conditions that your arms have trained to shatter her fragile walls and survive accidents with no problems. Otherwise it remains in fact be a dead end.

From the main entrance of the gang go left into an alley and then climb the fire ladder. Now enter the house through the door and run through the only passage to the other side. Starts shortly before the abyss in front of you a sprint and dives to the other side. Do you have the ability to jump higher, which will be easier. In addition, you can reach the top floor of the fire escape, on which there is a weapons upgrade.

Now rising into the building through the hole in the wall and Pritchard will contact you. Continue to the left and uses your ability at the crumbling wall, which is clearly marked with a yellow outline. This takes you to the guy behind her, but also alerted his colleagues, it should quickly turn with a firearm. Now you have to jump just yet left in the bay, where you help the ability to survive any fall from all heights. You find yourself now in the transition region.

The other way to get into the building without being seen, is a little easier. You may also like to direct you to call attention to violence and assault with the system. But then you should rather choose the first option, because here you will quickly punctured. At the entrance ye creeps nahc left to the big concrete pipes. In the squat before you jump to the canister and then alone can crawl through the pipe. Let yourself fall on the other side down and stuck to the cover along the left until you face the two guards. This short time after you finish a conversation and leaves his position. Now you can continue to the left behind the container and then through the door into the building.

Stopping the Transmission - Part 1

For this mission, your stealth skills are put to the first rehearsal. But even here there are always unseen one or more ways to get to the end. Have you chosen the normal entrance, it opens the first door and waits in the hallway that the gangsters on the railing to the left is, that ye may creep up quickly and it can access.

Remains then right at the railing and jump down behind it. Next to you now is a small niche, you can get into it. However, is nearing the end of a small gap through which you can see the enemy. Therefore, waiting until they have finished their conversation and moves away. The next step is important. Does not use the automatic function to change the cover. Then the guy will see you. Instead, you manually go to the rear wall and sneak you in the gap by unnoticed.

If right now and go here right past the container. If you that's too tiring or annoying, you still have the choice to take out the weapons. Cover the many ways you make it very easy to change just blow all the enemies. Alerted her directly but also the enemies in the room to the right side, where there is otherwise nothing to find interesting.

If you sneak in, you wait right behind the concrete blocks and peeks out from time to time. A guard will go slowly from left to right. Once she moved over to you, it climbs over the barricade and hid you in the opposite side behind the containers. Follow this path and be careful at the openings. You reach for a corner two guards talking about a rocket launcher. If you want to have this, you must now climb into the building behind you. You need this but really only for the boss fights in the game. Only really useful if you play on the highest difficulty level and you want one of these struggles little easier.

This is her on the left side and look at the two guards. Once both are hidden behind the containers, you walk behind the fence and climb up the steps. Sneak past the enemies and eliminate them completely to get to the good piece. If you have previously made their way through the crumbling wall, you will boot directly into this area and you can grab the device. Since it has previously been seen Were anyway, you can unpack and quiet your gun off the enemies.

Stopping the Transmission - Part 2

Then returns to the farm back to your old position in front of the fence. You have to wait now that the left guy makes his rounds around the container and his colleague at the same time do not you look right. Then you can route the left and follow the guard's crawling through the hole behind the fence. So you get the right under the house and finds in the corner a couple of useful objects. In the squat jumps through the hole in the ground and creeps further to the left along to the next door, which fortunately is not guarded.

At the next corner just waiting for her on a gangster, who is left with his back to you in the corner. Not a good idea. Get him yourselves together, and right next to him on the wooden beams on the weapon. Then quietly sneaking in the past two opponents on the couch to the left into the bay, which you can climb with the help of ladders to the top.

Here you have to watch now on the four faces on the wall that you can defuse fortunately without inserting another practice in any capacity. By pressing a button reduces their speed and then go into your squat. Now you move so slowly that the motion does not notice and you can simply turn off those things and even take. Repeat this with the other three and then goes down the stairs.

Crawls to the door and sneak you past the left side. The two guards stay a little stand at the railing and talk. If one of them goes back into the building, you can turn off separately from each other. Then goes to the left side to the antenna and hack the device to obtain the exact location. For this part of the mission is done.

Following the clues in Highland Park

You'll land in a safe area and you should move freely on the court. Are you ready for the next job, you enter the left of the start of the building and follows the steps to the top. At a window and starts a short sequence you see your enemies fly. From now on it is seriously behind the next door and you expect the first soldier.

Immediately goes into a crouch and sneak you into the container left behind. Goes with them for cover and slowly moves to the left. The two soldiers talk a little bit before they go somewhere else. Then fit to the colleagues, the right next to them before and always in a line back. As soon as no one looks in your direction, you can dive through the square to the left side.

Beside you now have two large boxes. Take one of them and puts them quietly to the side. Behind it you can crawl under the scaffold and left to collect a box of ammunition. Keep yourself pressed against the right wall and crawl to the left. If the air is free, you waddle to the left behind the container, where you reach a locked gate. Either you hack the device, if you're at least level 3 or do you use the code that you have in an optional side missions previously obtained from the terrorists. This option is only available if you have not killed him at the end of the first order.

Otherwise you go back a bit and climbs the stairs to your left when you enter the door to the building. Of course, only if no other enemies will stand in front or looking in your direction. Inside you have two general ways. Your right you can sneak into the room, knock out the guard there at the computer and the camera issue. For every computer you have also received a code from the terrorists. Then you can sneak through shoot you down or to the elevator.

But it goes much easier if you take the left stairs. There you will also come out if you have previously opened the gate with the code. Then take out the objects behind it rises, with the right ladder to the roof and opens the door at the rear end. Before you, you'll find another directly, which leads to a railing. Here she sneaks to the railing along the left and waits for the guard at the opposite end does not look to you. You can get it even for security with a dart shoot. But that does not need her, when she performs correct your movements. Just before the corner you see on the left wall a shaft. Opens the gate and climbs inside the three ladders down. Now you stand in front of the elevator and you can take it into the next area.

After a short conversation opens the door and immediately dives in to the front cover and take on the grenade. If you would not go unnoticed come through this area, you can use the shell to turn the 'Mech with one blow. The remaining enemies should be made of the cover then no longer a problem.

Otherwise it goes to the left of the cover along, picks up the ammo from the crate and jump over the low metal pipes. You move quietly away and you can pick up at the end not only missiles, but also a rocket launcher. Although this takes up much space, but can be very useful in later situation. In addition, you can still play the good sell for big money. To the right you can jump into the pit under the platform and so a little later got in the room.

Or her to leave little room left at the exit and dives from cover to cover, what actually goes a little faster and easier. Just wait before each jump, that no enemy looks in your direction and not the 'Mech. Even if he runs backwards need, you always wait until he turns his eye on you too. In order to get through the exit without being seen, you have to wait for just the right moment. That may even take several minutes. So stay patient.

Have you made sure it remains her boxes next to the stand again, collect the items on it and listens to the conversation of the soldiers. One of them will shortly come to you and as soon as he turns around, you run after him and quickly climbs the ladder. You can get it off too quiet and hide his body behind the corner, if you prefer.

The path through the upper slot is much more pleasant. Especially if you do not want to be seen. Turn right here and walk on to the stairs. You reach a room with a computer on the right side. Even these can crack it with the help of the password. Do not forget to turn off the camera in the room before you grab the valuables in it.

Then rises through the other door and lifts the middle box on the right side up. Opens the door behind them. Will you try to open the door on the other side, you will almost always hear one of the soldiers, which is also considered an alarm. On the right you have to spend some time waiting for the right moment in which both guards do not look at you. Then you can go to the middle and turn left. Run to the other end right at the guard over. You will not see you. Fits on the camera and turn right. Here you can wait on the corner again.

Once the third watch of a come down after the briefing to the top disappear, left behind the boxes, it goes off and runs to the end of the railing. On the left you can pass under a camera and then open the right door to the stairs. From here you can go unprotected until the next elevator. The only camera in this course should be no problem.

If it comes down, you can look around you. No enemies in the warehouse waiting for you. So just keep sprinting forward then turn left and follow the hallway to a door. Before you step through this, you should reload all weapons, distribute and smash all your inventory items that give you a boost. It is the first boss battle awaits you.

Boss: Barrett

For Barrett, there are two methods. The almost embarrassingly simple version and the cool but hard way. In the first variant you walk straight back to the beginning of the fight and goes there for cover. Choose your grenade and pepper them at his feet. In addition to the damage caused are still dazed Barrett also and you can quickly shoot rifle ammunition magazine in his skull. Then throw another grenade and repeat the game. Even if you only have flashbangs, this will distract him and you can always continue to shoot at him.

If you have any more grenades or want to make the game harder for you, for any reason, you must choose a different tactic. Anywhere in the room are boxes of ammunition and other things hidden. So they used too. Above all the painkillers you can help against Barrett heavy firepower. To immediately start shooting at the explosive barrel behind and pull you back on. Stay in cover and shoot a few more bullets in his head when he's not shooting.

Barrett is only a few feet away from you, you walk past him and sprint quickly to the other side of the room. If done correctly, it hits you at all or only a few times this energy will recharge itself loose again, while waiting in the cover. Always pays attention to barrels that could stand beside you and walk away before his grenades. Very important: never let you drive into a dead end. Then it's over. Always runs at the right moment and go further in the next cover. Is a cure, if necessary, and remember, time to reload or change weapons. Also helpful is the rocket launcher or the penetrating power of the sniper rifle.

Have you struck it at last, she looks you in the short sequence and collect everything again in a room that you have not previously achieved. Only then are you going to lift you out there and meet with Malik, who will fly back to headquarters.

Whispers of Conspiracy

If you are returned from the mission successfully, you make yourselves on the way to your office where you meet Pritchard, you a little about the causes of the accident told six months ago and asked that her Sharif to the speech is over his questionable action. So head over to the elevator and ride up. Speak there first with the psychologist who responds automatically and you will then continue in office Sarif.

Talk to him and Adam will talk to him directly on the problem of data transmission. For more information, while the bonus goal to pass this mission, you must first choose three times the defensive response. Only then do you choose the focus area in the lower reaches, and so that Sharif tells you the truth, which you will receive 1,000 additional experience points. Speak with him again to get the instructions for the next job to lead you now to Shanghai. To do this you walk over to the helipad and Malik says that you are ready for departure.

Hunting the Hacker - Part 1

Follows in the new city and marking the first time calls on the card if you have problems you should. You're going in the next few hours, but again find the same deal as before. You reach the apartment of the hacker, only to find that this is monitored by police. So you must find another way into the interior of the building.

As so often to offer you several ways. You can do it on the roof or try to take the fast track to the right side of the bay. To do this you walk by the police lock out further to the right and finds her on the bottom left corner of a shaft. Crawls through it and keep you in the yard on the right wall. In the next corner you will find again a shaft. Jump to the boxes and then continue upwards. So you get into an apartment where you can still grab a few items. Before the output goes into a crouch and quietly opens the door. The two guards will not notice you. Behind them, you enter the building and use there the elevator to go up.

If you rather want to go through the roof to the apartment of the hacker, you have the lock from left to go around the corner until you come across a ladder. These climbs up and jumps over the sheets up. Turn right and overhears two guards who split shortly afterwards. You can turn off both the back and go left through the door into the building. At the end of the stairs is the elevator. Or her actions before the guards stand and left the door open. Crawls behind it through the shaft and climbs the ladder up to climb the elevator shaft manually. So you get too straight up.

It is worth now if it does not already have the ability to invest in strengthening your arms to carry heavier objects. Then can in fact move the vending machine in front of you. Sun will get her access to the bay, the leads you directly into the bathroom of the hacker. From here you just have in the hallway, turn right over the small flame and then jump through the hole in the wall to the computer. Otherwise you have no choice further than in the normal way or sneak into the room you take the boys apart right there. If I want to sneak, you say that you left in the kitchen at the right moment and dives right into the hallway. From here you have an easy time, unnoticed in the secret room to move.

Grab the three discs on the desk and computer hacking to get the needed information. Your next target is now the Hive Club, to which also ye must first gain access. If you did not want you to sneak into the building, you will pay simply standing at the main entrance door to purchase a membership.

Hunting the Hacker - Part 2

Will you not pay the money back or simply are not liquid at the moment, there are two alternative routes to get into the club. If you've expanded your lungs against poisonous gases and resistant, ye can in the left lane next to the club in a rise in the sewers, you keep left and walk through the green grass. So you get directly into the lower area of ​​the club, but you need a camera and sneak past a guard.

The easiest way is through a manhole. Imagine the main entrance and turn left into the alley you. Run to the end and you turn in front of the fence to the right. Pushes one of the boxes to the side and climbed on the container to get down to the shaft about it. So you get to the toilet and the Club can enter freely. Be sure that you always have to use this entrance if you do not want to pay the entrance fee. Although the bouncer will let you back up but not pure.

Inside it the staircase rises into the VIP area up and turn left. Speak there with the old manager at the bar You'll have to now convince them to allow to see the boss. These first two times you use the bottom dialogue option to expose his lies. Deviates from the right, to win his trust. Then he gives you entry into the basement, saying that without the guard or the cameras a bit. If you do not successfully completed the talk, you still have another option. Go down to the bartender and take his order (see side quests bar tab).

Should this also fail, or did you just do not feel like it, you have to hack the door lock to the basement. Then go down the stairs turn left into the hallway, waiting at the corner of the monitor. Once he turns around, she grabs you or it sneaks past him. Left on the ground there is a shaft that you fürht in the office. And then you can overhear their conversation. So you learn the whereabouts of the hacker. Otherwise, you are allowed to run directly into the room and speak with Tong.

In all cases, you leave the club again and head up to the pod. If you have chopped the cellar door, you'd better flee through the sewers, because the upper floor you can notice the guards. This follows her from the office of Tong's just the way before you and pays attention to the camera. Directly behind it is a door that leads you down the drain. Here it is in the red valve from the gas and stay tuned right, make sure to get back up.

Arrived at the pod, Malik will address you in the yard and you are allowed automatically do a small side quest for her. Migrates farther back left to get to the stairs. It rises up to the third floor up and you reach the pod 301, which is hiding Windmill.

Gaining Access To Tai Yong Medical

To gain access to the tower, you will need to request a ticket for the train, the Windmill can then write your code. Fortunately he can also tell you directly where you can easily get a one. Leave the area and follow the marker to the brothel. Here rises just to the third floor and follow the hallway to the right. Now enter the last room on the left side and leave him behind again on the balcony. Jump to the right and the next you sneak quietly into the room. Rejects you on the wall beside the bed and grab the badge on the small table.

Now you can return her to make her way back to Windmill, which adjusts the card for you. Unfortunately, at this moment appear hostile forces, both you and your new friend to the leather like. Her you can now choose to give him one of your weapons, so he can fight outside. A small machine gun ranges, and he will survive. Thanks for your later during the mission you get 2000 credits from him. It is worthwhile in any case. The weapon you'll find at least several times later.

Still does not solve your current problem, because the enemy can not be shaken off so easily. Go into a crouch and sneak you over to the left, where two soldiers appear immediately. The two boys shared a few seconds away. This gives you a chance both off quietly from behind or to stun. Simply go past them is also possible, but a little more difficult.

Immediately strode down to the ground floor and walk slowly around the corner. The guys at this level are distributed immediately and it is very easy to reach on the left wall to the stairs. Use your radar as an aid and is based on the direction of the arrows that tell you the line of sight. Unfortunately, the short distance at the end of the stairs were destroyed. Therefore, you must now long gone by the bathrooms to change clothes and take the left side.

In the first room you're dealing with an enemy and an annoying camera in the back left corner. Keep yourself on the right between the cabinets and waiting for the right moment to go to the right corner. It you watched the soldiers. If he goes down to the left, it moves fast right around the corner, so that he does not see you. You can now before you in the bathroom and there directly through a shaft to the output. The timing of this is very scarce.

It is easier on the right side to quickly take cover. While waiting behind two guards and a guard robot, but can easily sneak past her where. Goes to the wall in front of them just take cover and roll you right to the page so that you end up behind the center block. Then she goes slowly to the right and thus enters the unguarded part of the site. Here you just have to face the wall on the right eighth and defuse them safely. For this you go into a crouch and activated your sneak mode. Then, the device can simply by pushing a button when you are close enough and would take it even. Along the back wall you reach the door into the next area.

Let yourself be put off by the non-electrified water and turn right. Here you can safely along and you just have to defuse mines, as you have done before. This is much easier than slowly with the help of several crates of the deadly puddle walk.

Continues your way behind the traps to the left and stops at the door. Her you can now fight through the next room or turn the right wall, if you possess the ability. However, this is less advisable, since it thereby attracts the attention of the two guards on you. At least with the second wall at the rear end of the corridor.

So rather opens the door and walks in a squatting position quickly left behind the cart. Stay there and wait until the second guard comes to you. Once she turns around, she takes you to the boys. Then sneaks over to the other side and stand still again, while waiting for the colleague who walks into the same trap. On the other hand, you can then leave the room again.

Now there are only two more enemies between you and freedom. Follow the linear path to the end and turn immediately around the corner. If you're fast enough, you can immediately go ahead and dive right under the rolling box passes behind the crates for cover. The two guys are going to run you over and then behind them you can leave the building. If one of them but looking at you, you'll have to wait a little. Then grab the first soldier with the big gun and thick armor before it quickly goes to his friend and also his ausblast the lights. Have you been fast enough, nobody noticed anything from you, and even if the whole mission was the alarm on, you get the correct version but the Ghost Awards and Smooth Operator.

Fits while on leave, not to walk through the police cordon. Take the path on the left rather than the stairs, and travels on to the selected location on the map that represents the entrance to the station, the tower and thus leads you to the next part of the mission.

Searching For Proof

Now you've finally arrived by train in the building. This part is a little strange. Since you have a card, you will own in certain areas of the guards left alone. In others, it looks as bad as before. First follow the path upwards until you meet a scientist who needs your help. Ye in the room next to the gas stop him, lest he lose his life. This should do it necessarily, if you walk unnoticed through the level you want.

Go left at the door and hack the lock to keep it open. Look left and open the cabinets. In the right is a datapad with many codes for the building, which you can use later. Then it is right on the opposite side from the valve and may now safely go into the room. Pushes back on the right, the two boxes out of the way and climb under the pipes through. Then talk with the scientist and he tells her that the guard shall say something further, that he lets you through, your caller because he still owes a big favor.

And this is what you are doing now. Follow the only path into the next area and told the guard of your liking. Thus you are allowed now inside unseen, but must still be careful on the other guards in this section. With one of the passwords from the datapad you get into the system of the computer before you. This makes moving up the catwalk to you. But only goes up if you also can survive great falls. Only then do you manage to complete by this brilliant acronym. You leave the room to the left and climbs right up the ladder next to you. Follow the path to the now open door, climb up the shaft behind it and jump down into the depths. So you get quickly through the area.

If you only on the normal route, she dives right through the door of the room and walk down to the left side where you have to pay attention to the camera. Follow their movements and you should have no problem reaching past her. Turn right and crawl across the bridge. Check back here to the right and you will see a big white box. Pulls her aside, while the camera is not pointed at you, and climbs behind the shaft. This leads you to the next bridge to the other side. Here you have only just returned from yet. Keep you left cowering against the wall and respects only the last one right guard on the bridge, which hardly depends a look at you, and another camera. So you get to an elevator that leads you to the top.

Once at the top, you have to do it first with no enemy. You have to go only up to the next elevator. Links to the grid you can freely through the door and grab the stuff behind it. The right-you need not only to crack. Hurry just continue into the back room and climbs right behind the red block to a shaft that leads you right in the fenced area where you'll find a switch to mute the stream.

Now you can climb over the boxes, without prejudice to the top. To do this you just take it in hand and it is through small steps, then it jumps to the top. With an increased bounce is not even necessary and you can jump straight up. There is increasing again in an elevator and it arrives in a quiet area.

Here you will meet many people, especially soldiers who leave you completely alone, as long as you do not step into a forbidden area and saw it going. Hurries behind the railing on the way over to the rooms. Take the second turning left then left again and enter the room. Here you can on the wall take a few boxes and so expose the shaft behind it. By this she enters a room with an access card on the floor. Take it quickly and disappear before you can see someone. Now you are allowed to freely pass through the front door.

Or do you crack the lock on the room right next to it, in which a shaft is to lead you also in this area. Here you just rushes up the stairs and continue up the path to the second level, where there is a little dangerous. Here you can see, if you do not want to sneak you, you fight through in the highlighted area, which would be unnecessary.

Instead, you talk to the guard outside the locked door and go right. You can now disable the laser on the left and chop two doors down the castle. Here you can however be easily seen. So crack rather beside the castle, unless an enemy is next to it and waddles around the corner. Waiting from the moment until the opponent turns him against the railing and you can then turn off without difficulty. Hurries on ducked around the corner and turn left at the second junction. It is recommended a tranquilizer dart at the other end for the enemy to use. While you can approach her and him, or even sneak past, but is of the easiest way.

To the left of him you reach a room with one, you've probably already expected, manhole, the lead you directly into the control room. Wait here on the side, who finished with two soldiers turned her small talk and then they both made from behind. They are far enough apart, so that they not be the case, the colleague notice. Only acts quickly and makes you then to the rear computer. With the password used to get from their easy access and can open the doors and turn off the camera. Turn around and go right to the end in the hallway. The guard at the gate will not turn over. So walk in peace and quiet right in the final area in front of the server.

Here you have to handle only a few lasers. It depends on your reflexes. Alerted her guards, three guys you will encounter. In addition, appears in the back corner next to the elevator one Mech

Go into a crouch, so you will generally not affected by the higher radiation. You must now run in a zigzag motion forward to the corner. Begin at the right hand side, if you go down the stairs and walk to the left as soon as the jet disappears behind the box. The next step is a little more difficult because the time window is much smaller. As soon as the laser moves to the right, you follow him, and dives for cover, when he disappears behind it.

Now remains on the right side and then tried to get behind the wall. The laser at the door has a strange timing, since it disappears and reappears at irregular intervals. So you might prefer to save before the next step, but if you should get into the beam. Behind it you can before you find a slot through which you later get into a room. Here you can easily use the terminal after you've turned off the enemy. His colleagues better let her alone, unless you have the ability to do both enemies at once.

If you should create it, you can just step right beside them through the door after you've turned off the computer the camera. Otherwise, it passes through the slot back, put your way through the laser field is continuing. Reached her the center of the room, you'll switch to the right side and pushes on the end of the pit in front of you, so you have a clear path to the elevator. Ride this up and see you there on the sequence. You now have the data, but still have to settle with the kings.

Entering the Dragon's Lair

Now enter the left passage next to the big server and stores. It is very easy, crouching on the left or right side of the laser barriers to sneak past, but if you should make a mistake, you have the storage level in the hindquarters. Now you get to a bigger office, waiting in the two enemies and a camera.

You can of course turn on both the hard way. But then a gun appears at the exit door and three more enemies from the rooms behind it. Yet not so difficult if you want to do it this way. You can also wait until the heavy armored guard disappears briefly and then quickly left to right behind the office furniture fast. Here you can find the camera. In addition, you must be quick, because once the guard turns around and looks in your direction again. Have you made it safely to the right, you can access the second soldier, drag him back and then disappear right by the door when his mate will show you the back.

A better method, however, in using the stun darts. Stay left at the entrance to the wall and waits for the heavily armored soldiers. Once he turns left, it peeks around the corner and hits him an arrow. The need to meet him just then, because otherwise he middle of the aisle, the camera breaks down and noticed his unconscious body. Then you can wait in peace for the right moment to go right into the corner while the camera pans to the left. Click the switch quickly from behind the second watch, or even numb it before you continue walking into the next corridor.

Now comes a tricky spot. Turn around in the hallway to the right and you will see a slightly transparent glass, behind which stand a little further to the right two soldiers. This will see you when you go over to the glass, what you must do even now. If you own two or practice this ability already have, you can easily overcome it. Uses your camouflage capability and quickly sneaks past the window, which takes less than two seconds.

Otherwise, you can still right in the room find a shaft that leads you to the back of the room. Can you turn off two characters at once, as soon as you jump down and attack them for you before one turns away. Do you also have to no way you have to back up the shaft when the colleague turns left and hope that you can not see his colleague, if you quickly past the window dives. Because he alone concentrating on his computer, looks after her conversation you overheard, you have a chance to be seen.

Travels further down the path to the door and take cover. Waits for the movement of the chamber and walk on the right side to her. They immigrated to the right, you go to the left and sprint to the elevator. Have you upgraded your arms and you can smash a wall, you go behind the camera through the door, you turn left and smash the cracked wall at the end of the left side.

Now ride the elevator to the top. Here there is no enemy. You can browse in peace, the halls and climb the stairs slowly upward. Then opens the double doors and look at the sequence. Unfortunately you can not go against Adams stupidity, and so you find yourself locked out from the back door. In addition, just about eight people boots to you in the halls. Jumps and sprints down the right, where you can find at the corner of a shaft. Climb into the latter and follows the path that leads you down.

Wait here a little and pay attention to your radar. As long as you are far from the exit of the pit remains, will disappear most of the arrows in the upper area. Waiting for the right moment and rises from out behind the sofa. Now you slowly creeps you right around the corner and dives from cover to cover. Because here are a few enemies, you have to really pay attention to the radar and do not see any enemy that just happened to look in your direction. You find yourselves close before the exit, it saves even more time off and dares the right moment to escape to the elevator that leads you to the helipad.

Confronting Eliza Cassan

You'll land on a heliport and you must now fight on the plains of the building down. If you can turn any brittle walls, You should stick to the right of the door lock trying to open the gate. Behind it is there that a couple of useful items. Otherwise you step through the door ahead of you into the building and turn right. Here you are allowed to embark on wall, thus achieving the same restricted area.

Your way and then continued her short time later reached the offices that look like extinct. In fact, is no longer in the rooms. You must therefore, for the first time in a quiet stroll through the area and search everything. This you should do now, because stripe immediately after the next scene, a few soldiers among the tables around.

The marker at this level as an area in which you show partiality you the sequence. You have been tricked (Duh, again!) And get it now dealing with some soldiers. As always, you are urged to shoot you through the rooms and shoot every single soldier. But of course we show you an appropriate way to handle all disputes. Leave the office and at first you sneak along the left wall into the workrooms.

Waits the movements of the soldiers now and with a good chance it dives forward left behind the cabinets. Here is look and you can not euvh piece by piece to sneak across the room. Respect for each cover only change that really no one looks at you. Used to prefer the radar because you lie to the arrows. Your eyes can in the area ever missed a head that peeks out slightly at the edge of an object.

Makes you step by step on the way to leave this building and reached a small corridor next. Look at the corner slightly to the side and wait until the soldier returns. Then you can rush to the front and you hide in the passage right. Necessarily from stores now because the next place one can be a little annoying, as the soldiers move very differently and it takes some a little, until a good opportunity is right to jump behind the sofa. Have you done it once so far, there should be no problem to creep up on the right side of the elevator. Both turn presses the button on her quickly, stand in the elevator and goes two levels deep from again.

You find yourself now in an empty room. Before you waiting for a large office space, there are six opponents by a gun. The biggest problem are the two guards on the balcony that you can constantly see her while sneaking around in the lower range. Your first goal consists in the elimination of these two figures. She works to numb not quite, because someone will always hear the shot. Therefore, it is melee. Whether it kills them or just ausknockt, you will leave.

Initially migrated to the opposite side from the elevator and turn left. Hold on right now behind it, to find a staircase that leads upstairs. Go here for cover, as you can see the two guys through the glass. Is it too close to the left door, the alarm appears on the left. This has meant nothing but to no success and also destroyed or award. On the right side you can crawl through a duct to the wall to get to a few objects.

But then returns back and opens the door. Goes to the railing along the right moment and sneaks to the front right behind the wall. Once the enemy turn their backs on you, you crawl to him and strike him down. The body you can leave quietly. Continue to the far corner. Again you are waiting for the right moment and takes you to the boys. On the left side rejects a sniper rifle, you are allowed to bring calm.

Climbs to the left and go down the stairs behind the glass wall in front of you cover. You must now pay attention to the two enemies near you. The others are not interested at first. Also, the gun is not a problem. As long as it looks to you briefly, during her dives in a meet, and beats the equipment to alarm the soldiers lift a finger. Follow the coverage options once behind the stage and fits on the heavily armored guy in front of the exit. He runs to the right, it makes you fast on the way to the door, cracking the lock, so you can reach the floor below.

Here it is right to start a little silly, since you must have at least one of two different skills, not to be seen. Your treft at the end of the stairs in fact on two soldiers, who look forward and there is no way normal to scurry past them. If you naturally does not care about the awards or achievements you can miss two quick with a pistol shot in the head before they even know what happened.

You can see them but deal with two abilities. Either it will shut all at once with a melee attack or you activate your camouflage gear and sneak in unnoticed and pass them to the right in the corner. On a higher level course, your suit will consume less energy and you can use again in the final room of this area in order to simplify the process considerably.

In both cases, you now walk back up the stairs and walks in front of the entrance to the room in which two guards and a camera are plus gun. Did you use your camouflage, you have to go right around. Scurries to the entrance at the right moment now to the left, pushes away the box and goes into the bay, will lead you right next to the stairs to a computer.

If you have taken the Gewaltweg, brings her to fast because you get to do it then anyway with new enemies and the case can be made simpler. With the camouflage you can you make this part very easy. You normally sneaks behind the gun by her waiting for the right moment, and activate your camouflage presses the switch. Immediately snaps back down the stairs, you turn right and jump into the pit on the floor. Run in two meters along and is now waiting until Pritchard gives you the okay for the elevator. Then, activate the camouflage again, jumps out and gets into the elevator.

Have you not, it gets a little harder. Then you must also not disguise from the gun quickly sprint to the elevator, press the button and go back. Then you should be as fast as you move right into one of the two shafts. The rear, by which ye are first come, has the advantage that you can see, and if the enemies are before you. Even here you are waiting for Pritchard's message and then you sneak in the same way again into the elevator.

Alternative options consist of the use of a stun grenade as soon as the elevator is down. During the transition you can easily go into the elevator and down. Who wants to fight, can kill the normal two false noses and then hack the turret. This you can also pick up with the right skills and use as a weapon. Thus have no chance your attacker.

In any case, you should now be the last area of ​​this mission and go into the elevator. Only two levels, then you did it. Increases down here and run her right below the camera. If you can strike walls, the next section a lot easier. Look at the camera left, her sprints to the crumbling wall to the left of the lasers and beat them up. Increases in the bay behind it and follow the long path by joining the left hold. Here you drop you into the conversation of the two soldiers and goes right behind the table for cover.

Otherwise you have to handle the laser barriers. Again, there are two possibilities. Either you hack it and it turns out, but what will be quite difficult, since the camera only takes a few seconds to return to pan to the right. Or are you waiting on the wall to the two soldiers. If this fight through it, turns the laser off short. So you walk past them, once they are past the barrier, and rushes to the other end, before turning one of them. So you reach the left side and later the shaft, which leads you to the position described above.

From the cover of her sneaking to the right and respects not only to the camera. Even if they should see you shortly, no alarm is switched on and a short time later, she has also forgotten. The enemies are not too interested, as long as there is no alarm. Goes right up the stairs and waiting on the corner. The enemies will go right now to right in the aisle and his colleague comes up to you. This guy turns around, she clings to you and pulls him to join his body behind the corner from you, so that it does not look like his buddy. This is the turnoff for a moment. The perfect moment for him to stun with an arrow.

In the right room can you find a code for the gun cabinet. This is continued at the end of the railing. But you have to sneak past a few cameras. Should you still have enough inventory space or need more powerful weapons for the boss fight soon, should you risk it. There, over the railing she enters a room with a dead body before. Now enter it and you hack into the computer. Disables the cameras left and climbs the stairs down. Hold out for enemies and go through the door when it's clear.

Now is still a short range between you and the boss fight. Goes right to the passage in the cover and observed strong guard. He goes back on its route, it dives to the right and enter the room there. Links you can switch off and leave the two cameras on the other side of the room again. Follow the right path and pays attention to the camera in the corner. The door can not be cracked without a hacker Level 4. But it is generally easier to take the shaft below the camera, which leads you into the area. Now enter the room or her in the middle of the doors and beat the one wall. Before you come to the end of the corridor passes through the door, you should take right the heavy rifle and several ammunition. You're going to need now for the fight.

Boss: Yelena Federova

This boss battle turns out a little differently than the last. Yelena is a master of disguise and Federova can be almost invisible. You see only a slight shimmer and it can be pretty annoying to look for them in the fields. But more on that later.

Starts the campaign and backs off immediately, while heating up the rifle. Dives when going back to right side to avoid their melee attack, what can be a bit tricky. During this time you shoot, of course, the magazine into her body. If you still missiles left over from the mechs should have, you can see them here using grandiose.

Imagine this in the middle of the room, so you have an open area and eight below the radar. A red arrow appears when Yelena Federova sees you. You instantly turns to her and shoot the rocket just before her on the floor. Or a little behind. In any case, so that you will not hit. In addition to the damage suffered, it remains just stand paralyzed. Switches to a fast weapon like a pistol, revolver or rifle. Precisely targets and chasing the balls in their half-shaven head. You would like to use all your grenades. Also, stun grenades are sufficient to cause the effect. You have to look not just themselves.

Otherwise it remains in the middle of dr, watch for the red arrow and fell back, while you shoot with the heavy gun on Yelena Federova. Deviates then skillfully as the first time to the side and they will bless a short time later, the temporal. As a reward, yet you are allowed to take their guns on you. Then run through the newly opened exit to the helipad and rises one after Malik has landed. Your finally returns back to Detroit.

Confronting Sarif

Finding Isaias Sandoval

Since the headquarters is unfortunately a bit under heavy fire from the strikes and riots, you have to land on the roof of your apartment. Increases down the stairs and follow the marker to your room, which is already waiting for Sharif, who owes you some answers.

Your new goal is Taggart, who currently holds a speech at the Convention Center. So go out there. After all, a newly opened area, in their previously dürftet. Now enter the hall and follow the only path to the top. You have two options to arrive at the location of Isaias. You'll join and Taggart in a small word duel or fight your way or it sneaks into his room and steal the data from his computer. In any case, the unnecessarily heavy challenge.

In this case, you have to sneak past you at the top of the bodyguards, or they do. Definitely doable, but just unnecessarily complicated when there is so much easier. Now enter the other side of the Congress hall, and Adam is the founder, in a conversation to talk. You have to stand firm at the beginning and must not resort to other subjects or even let him get sympathy. Only when it comes to his wife, he says, that Isaias is against what the death of his wife is. So do you manage to convince him once and then would come into the VIP area, where he gives you at the address estate short conversation.

So leave the building again, runs right along the long road and beat you across town to find the building. You have to climb up the fire escape on the left and then walk through the now open gate only. Waiting on the stairs in the middle, and listens to the conversation. Leave the gangsters, the hall, could you down and open the right door. Behind the left door keeps hidden Sanders, if you killed him had. Imagine the left of the door, opens it and he will shortly come out to investigate. He then turns his back to you shortly, you take it as an invitation to you and grabs him.

Links beside her wearing the boxes to the side and break the wall in the next room. In case you do not have the ability to practice and no longer have their place in a living room with the corpse. The required upgrade is in the arm area. So you do not hear the enemies on the way down, you have to go into a squat and always end up low on the next object. It falls too low, it attracts their attention.

Crawls under the left hole and simply goes to the sewer. No one will see you. Once at the bottom, sneaks her immediately to the left behind the last box. A guard strode over to you, who left off and then rises through the two shafts. Is still not out. Pay attention to the left arrow. This will turn sih walking again. Again shows the back in your direction, it is time to act is increasing, outside runs, after him and attacked just when he is on the lasers and they are therefore disabled. Thus you have to do it and can not calm him run right to Isaias. Fits only on the mines. As usual always go into a crouch and sneak mode active.

In the office you meet the doctor who wants to take his life, unfortunately. You do not have to convince him, but if you want it, keep this one dialogues. First sets out the hard love and then shows him the reasons why he can do it still. Most recently her telling him that it is the output for wimps. He is indeed an acid reaction but you agree to leave the weapon. Take the gun on you at his desk and examined the eBook this will give you 200 experience points. Now leave the room and hack the lock on the grid at the end of the hallway.

Rises back from the sewer to the surface and moves over to your apartment. Ride up and then again with the high elevator to helipad, where Malik is waiting for you. To you now is flying over to headquarters.

Cashing In Old Favors

A very short mission. Once you are landed by helicopter at the headquarters, you're walking through the cafeteria and across to the elevator that takes you to the office of Sharif. Here you will meet but at an even higher animal and will shortly thereafter by Sharif lured from the dialogue. A new job is waiting for you. Therefore'll be sent back to the helipad and Malik joins. Say that you are ready, and the journey can begin.

Find Vasili Sevchenko's GPL Device

The mission begins immediately with a bang. After crash landing your Malik is in its pilot immediately came under fire. You must now make a decision. The moment of distraction to the use and sneak past enemies or get into the fight, kill the enemies and save the life of Malik. If you want to kill silently and without an opponent through the game, you have a small problem. Then you have to Malik at this situation in the lurch. You have no other choice.

In this case, it rises on the right side down and goes into a crouch. Here you can on the side door to sneak unnoticed. The enemies are so busy with the attack on Malik that difficult for you to notice. In a pinch, but you are allowed gladly turn your camouflage to the rear area even easier to get to the door. Unless you upgrade as it has, of course.

Will you fight for Malik's safety, grab the success or necessarily simply use the opportunity to destroy a few enemies. Then go left and take cover using the gun, except it has the sniper rifle. Then you should naturally prefer this weapon. Have taken the handgun, but Adam seems straight from the first Halo. Even on the large distance can be easily spread headshots. It also uses the highly visible red barrels to create explosions.

Even if you shoot at the enemy masses, you hardly notice them and continue to focus on Malik. Have you done the first wave, a Mech appear before the exit door. It has an EMP grenade that sets this one because you can do the chunks in a single stroke. Otherwise offer is still on the rocket launchers and heavy machine gun, which you should have from the past missions yet. If not, try it with normal grenades and assault rifles to the emergency. In addition, you should make you getting worried because it urgently needed for the end of firepower.

Are all the enemies defeated, thanks to Malik with you and fly to safety. It will show you at a later date for your gratitude and destroy some enemies for you. But now once more. Have you walked through the door at the exit, you leave the area and will again Now enter the dark streets, lit only by the neon lights. The marker and you reach a barrier that prohibits you from entering the territory.

You may now be happy to accept your arms straight talking and you fight through the parking garage. But an unnoticed entrance is certainly more advantageous. So run right to the building along until you reach a ladder. These climbs up and jumps on to the roof, where you just follow the marker. Pay attention to the ground and you see a shaft that leads you into the interior.

Here you have to somehow climb down by her and slowly crouch jumping from one point to the next down. Or you gets the upgrade for your back and just dives straight down, without the Adam takes damage. Certainly the most pleasant way, as the normal descent is quite tiring. And for your nerves.

You need to go all the way down not because you expect here only a dead end. Increases rather from the second floor and hack the lock on the door to step outside. From here the fun begins. You have to get through fighting or sneaking down now. It is the only path to the destination and the most fragile walls consist of abbreviations, the alert your enemies, if they break through it.

Therefore, it is better to look in the conventional way your way down. Or do you immediately grabs the guns and fight your way down. Her but it gets camouflaged with some enemies do. Due to the large number of coverage options, the battle but offers just about to. Are you not sure of that game to end in complete stealth, you should prefer the weapon you unpack and Gears of War style fight in the halls.

Otherwise, you should always remain on the outside right wall, there are no enemies here and you can hide behind you enough boxes. Since you have taken the shortcut through the shaft, you are past the most annoying places already, you can skip almost everything, if you use the sewers to get into the building. There are also some enemies waiting in the narrow corridors. The door there leads you directly to the lowest level of the parking garage and it only needs 50 yards to the marked door sneak.

In the last area you think you left waiting at the small hallway, next to the left is a window. Once all the enemies go in the room to the left or at least look in that direction, you can quickly sneak to the door. Once it opens, a sequence is started. Of course the story is even easier when you own your camouflage. Here you can use it well.

Have you reached the room, you can expect a little surprise. You will find no scientist, but Tong, who has the arm of an apparently dead man bought. Since the remaining four people seem to be still alive, he wants to help you and give you the opportunity to hunt an enemy camp in the air.

Now before you leave his office or whatever the chamber should be underground, it grabs you in any case the laser to the cabinet next to the exit. This weapon is her only one time and she'll come to fight a boss later, much to help. Then rises out of the room and follow the path through the corridors until you can replace a ladder outside.

Stowing Away

A very short but extremely exciting mission, if you do not want to be seen. The large areas do offer plenty of room to hide, but also some places where you sprint short without coverage over the place have to. It overlooks one ever seen a guard or a robot on the side. First rises from the sewers and keep you on the left. Sneaks on the two guards behind the bars and further over in the corner.

Lifts the big box here, to go to the other side. If you do not already invested worth a point, as do her much sooner Had it been intended. If ye have no other option, you must open the gate in a different way. To her after you enter the small guard house and hacked the computer. Wed this can open the gate, but the guards which come to you over to look around.

Leave the house immediately to the right and fast. Will you try it on the left side, you will not have much luck. The guard is passed to you and the rest of the air-free right up to the next house, she hurries to it. Inside there you can turn on the computer, the cameras in the area, which should expedite the preceding. If you have seen the camera before, no problem. The yellow is not an alarm condition and makes no distinctions niece.

Your next goal now is the house in the middle, where you can find the explosives. Ye can to squeeze in quite close to the ground and thus into the house. But it's actually much simpler. Because you have turned off the camera, you can just run over the shortest route. Pays attention only to the left and right, and the two guards on the robot, which also is staying here in case it should have opened the door.

The greatest danger is the sniper on the roof of you from up there is almost everywhere look. Except you're behind a box or in front of the house. Always pays attention to the roof and also on the red laser, indicating his sight. The cabin can be either through the normal front door or walk through the window. What you prefer. You can also turn to the back of the wall, but that will at least hear the soldier over you always. So just let it, unless you take the store anyway apart already and want to come with style. We understand.

Inside you will find the bomb on the shelf now. Leave the hut again in the same way and goes immediately to the left as far as possible, since only one station from and to get there. You will find on this page is also a ladder that leads you along the railing. But be careful, since a shooter turns his rounds. You have to go upstairs, if he is not looking in your direction and then turn off instantly. Will you sneak, you enter the building on the left or below normal at the door to you.

Have you just been on the other hand, the wall hit, you sit on the sunglasses and is a ladder to the top. Links you can smash the glass in the roof and jump down, as long as you have acquired the ability to survive such jumps. Or better still. Throw a gas grenade down and jump behind it. Best between two enemies. Even if you later on it goes. That was the moment.

But now back to really helpful tips. The roof is a good idea if you want to fight. Short shoots on the glass and then the guy you. Other soldiers will follow them and you have no problem to meet them without conceding a goal of increasing your position on. Then jumps goes down, take cover and kill the last two enemies on the railing before you even go there.

While sneaking it already looks a little different and more difficult, especially. Building and to get in there to hide in the warehouse behind a crate is not the problem. Unseen to the offices to get up sooner. Especially since even the guards on the railing discover very easily. So stay on the left side and stores frequently. Re: The camouflage this section makes it so much easier. Eventually migrates up the stairs and climb the ladder to the left.

So you can go unseen at the back of the room and leave you there, drop down through the shaft. In here, you can expect no enemy. But still, you should be quiet, because they hear you otherwise at the door. Examines nac whim the tables. Are you then willing to walk over to her mark and start the detonation. Look at the sequence and so is this part of the game. We are slowly approaching the end.

Rescuing Megan and Her Team - Part 1

You wake up in a warehouse and have only once no real guidance. We searched the first place for useful items. If you've moved your hacking skills to the highest level you can in the back of the hall even crack the door. Behind it are some interesting things. But extra to waste one or more practice would be unwise.

Go now to the only exit on the side and listened to the two guards. You can now pass directly to them soft and short back and wait until one of them enters the hall, while the other turns. So you have it a little easier. Strode up the path and keep you on the left. Look to your left and you realize a small tower. There you need to to stop the interference of the signal and to finally get the exact locations of the four persons.

Watch out for the guards and sneaks to the very front left, where you can pull the box to the side to climb behind the hole in the fence. Turns the guard that patrols here for safety, and let her body in the corner. Here you will see it. Behind the hole you have to continue to be careful because there rotates a second guard their laps. Remains behind in the beams and climbs up the ladder right now, even as you hack into the system and eventually interferes with the signal. Pritchard now gives you the whereabouts of the three scientists who need to save her, before the signal appears from Megan.

Fortunately, all located in the building before you. Climbing the tower down, pay attention to the guard and the camera right above the entrance and enter the house. Left on her desk wanders into the chamber and let you clean. Follow the path and keep you on the left. You need the space in front of you not yet entered, but you can follow the course of the left to reach the end of a lift. Use the map for better orientation. Have you reached the elevator, you can breathe in peace, not soldiers down there waiting for you. On the contrary. Now you are allowed to explore the area alone, if you have desire, and then walk into the main hall to talk to the scientist. This is fortunately here. You'll be escorting no people.

Returns back to the top and you have now on the other side of the hall where you are just gone. The best way you enter it from the south side and dives behind one of the blocks for cover. Migrates slowly to the right and tried there in an unguarded moment through the passageway to reach the stairs that leads you into the next area.

Here you have to lead you to another page or you put yourself first down. This can be determined according to their whim. Both persons are at this level. One can, however, much easier to achieve if you take a secret passage. Therefore, we remain at this level first. On the right side there is now much easier. You can even let the opponent completely at rest. About the guys at the bottom you have to do you just think, if you hurry over to the stairs, as you can see it.

Rescuing Megan and Her Team - Part 2

Arrived safely on the other side, it rises far left in the hallway and follow it to a fragile position. The guard is in this passage just to the right, no one will mitkriegen something if you pulverized the thing. Behind her is the right one elevator, which you drive up. Here you can easily locate the person wanted to make and then return to the elevator.

Here is the last person before you can leave the building again. Her you can at the guard and sneak past the camera at the back door. However, this needs to be chopped. Even with good timing, you saw the camera before the end of the hack. So you should prefer a floor below. You're looking for you in the big room the next steps and sticks to her railing to avoid being seen. Stores on each case from here and use the camouflage suit, if it possesses him. And if not, it does last. Nothing can be more important than right now to pack up all your points in this augmentation.

In the lower level you enter the room now, which lies just below your destination. So it is virtually the same way. Here, contains a shaft, which you can climb up. So you reach the chamber unnoticed and can talk with the last scientist. Now you just need to leave the building yet. Chooses the same path that you have used too far. Then there should be no trouble.

Outside, it turns to the left and follow the wide path to the end, where you'll find another elevator. On the way you meet first at the start of a gun in the middle. Dives for cover from cover. If he sees you, then stops and the yellow signal disappears shortly thereafter. Then moves on her and does not trigger an alarm. Behind her a piece can go until you have to branch off to the right. Your drives a robot to mischief and a camera is left over you too also.

Yet here is your goal. Rolls of the metal box back, walks her to the left and stick to the wall to just below the camera to the robot is again sein.Sobald past you, your butt starts to move and walk on up to a big entrance. Here you turn right into the room and pressed the button there. It is now again at the end a little tricky. This is the last point in this mission that you have to sneak.

From the large double door that is right come two soldiers stormed. Moreover, there is another behind them. So you leave the room quickly and go left at the door immediately take cover, so you guys can not see when they come out. Will you do it simply does so quickly and sprints to the elevator, because the robot will not be long in coming.

To sneak past them, however, is quite another matter. Before you decide upon the very ausbeißt teeth, here are the simplest method. Waits before the opening of the door and activate the camouflage suit, after the two soldiers rush over to you. Go in quickly, and also overcomes the last guard. Short behind the left you are secure and presses the button at the end of the corridor to the lift and ride down with him. The alternative looks less rosy. You stay back a little and then goes slowly forward. Rotates the last guard at last with his back to you, hurries her to him, hit him with a beating and pulls him around the corner.

Boss: Jaron Namir

As soon as iht off the elevator rises and touches the next door, directly to the boss battle starts with the last team member, Jaron Namir. Grab front of the room in any case, the ammunition. The fight is fast with the help of grenades of any kind to an end. Especially if you have taken Tong to the laser. Throw a grenade at the ground when the fight starts. Aims the laser on his face and then fires. You will consume the entire unit before the battle is over and it can then redeem against his, which is better anyway. So fire away without hesitation.

In a pinch you can also use rockets to stop Jaron Namir. Basically, it behaves like a mixture of the first two. He turns up in your area, but it then with force of arms. Your energy should vanish, it accelerates quickly from his way and seek protection in a corner. By building you can very easily escape from him in between. He holds no more than his colleagues.

Have you finally defeat him, you run to the marker and enter the space of probably the coolest game. Here at last you hit on Megan, now goes to get her colleagues, which they apparently needed less than a minute. Increases in the elevator and ride up. On the platform are now a few enemies. Have you rescued from Malik in the crash landing, they will thank you now with you, in which she throws herself on the enemy and almost blowing all at once. You need only press a button before you, and are then likely to be the survivors down on the helipad. While the group will fly to safety, you must enter in the back and ignite the rocket. Go to the terminal next to it and starts the countdown. You will then automatically host the final shot of the game.

Shutting Down Darrow's Signal - Part 1

In the first part of this area you will encounter any enemy. So should you run around without thinking as much as you want. Followed by the landing path forward and jump into the pit in the demarcation. Your current reached shortly thereafter compound water, which can not disable it. So you have to go right on the pipe to the front.

Then take the box in front of you and push them a little so that you can on the projection. Attack them again and let it fall into the water in front of you. Jump on it and then left behind on the next tube. Wanders into a squatting position very carefully around the corner. Now there is a small problem spot. Firing a weapon to destroy the best right in the pit you against the face to a couple of boxes. Nor should one lie on another, you can shoot them. Now jump as far as it goes forward and bounces back quickly from the water to the other side and then into the bay. You should therefore take only minimal damage.

On the other hand, you let her fall on the pipe and follow the linear path to a safe location. Up the steps up to the top and sit the mark as a simple goal. Prior to the last room you get to a corner, waiting behind a gun and a camera. Now enter the left at the beginning of the room by her hack the terminal and inside the computer. This can be turned off the camera. Do you have the necessary skill, you can also turn off the gun. Otherwise, it creeps you just passed him.

Below the camera you have to jump through the broken glass, and say at the end with Darrow, who regretted his act, but rather as a means to an end look at. You can now try to convince him otherwise, so he gives you the codes. If this fails, you have to get him to sleep. Alive or death, that you will get the passwords out of the pockets.

Shutting Down Darrow's Signal - Part 2

Softened during the conversation does not always lock back and offers him. Selects mainly the right answers and you should slowly get him small. Countered with the fact that he can still help to stop this annoyance. He will eventually realize his mistake and leave you the codes. So now you have to go all the way down to the terminal. Unfortunately, there is a problem here. You can expect immediate enemies. And not just a couple of soldiers that you can get around. No, you will be attacked by a flood of zombies. Although this is normal for people who rotate through the activation of the chip, but they behave the same and you will in the next half hour rather get on your nerves.

Begin your descent on the way back. If you want to kill an opponent, it will now be a little exhausting. Since the enemies appear in large numbers and grab you, so you must still take more. In addition, they are almost always in small courses. It's best to invest in any available spot in your armor. You are going now, and later for the final battle can use very well. Sprints through simple and once you enter a larger room, turned on her your camouflage. Since you are nearing the end of the final battle and no energy is needed, you can waste all their bars for the use of your camouflage.

When you reach the outdoors, you will receive a message. Iher can turn left here, freeing her a group of people. The same features with your boss Sharif under this section again. Then also goes in the opposite direction of the marker. But these are only optional objectives and are not needed for anything.

Outside, it climbs immediately to the bottom. If you can survive high falls, jump just run down, to the opposite side and then climbs to the scaffold back to the platform above you. Here you can leave the area right. So then you are never met an enemy.

The last major obstacle is a narrow bridge in front of the elevator that takes you to the boss fight. Until then, it only follows the linear corridors and the marker. This bridge is filled with enemies. Luckily, located on the outside is also a small way, you can use to her. Stay here on the left side and jump easily between the gaps. Should you be noticed, going through sprints and runs until the end. If you're quiet enough in the squat and jump, but this should not happen. Suppressed at the end of the platform on the big switch. Now there is definitely no turning back. The final confrontation awaits.

Final Boss Battle Zhao Yun Ru

Now enter the big room and look at the sequence in which joins Zhao Yun Ru to the phone and will be taken over by force. The following battle may at first seem a bit absurd, is basically very simple. Unpacked your first heavy machine gun out and up the steps down to the first red switch.

Needs the guns at the top note you do not, because they do not hit you here. Once you've pressed the button to lower a platform in front of you down in one of the bandaged woman is, the need to eliminate it. Now fires as long as their bodies, until the mark disappears on her. That should make it before the platform rises up again.

This process is then repeated it in the other two buttons to the left of you. Are you fast enough to have done all three, occur before the first soldiers. If not, you should just take a break and destroy the beasts before you continue. A good position for the upper section. Defeat simply goes into a wall, and turns back to the wall with you. The plasma gun that you have taken Jaron Namir after the fight affects real miracle. But the pistol or revolver is not to be despised by their precision. Also they do enemies with one shot between the eyes.

In this corner, you are also protected from being killed by electricity, because the soil here has a more solid ground. So if you hear the announcement and slowly fry the ground among you flee quickly into one of these cells. Otherwise you have to jump on the small blocks between the levels. Only one second on the electrical ground is enough to do to you.

After you have completed all three women, the marker jumps to Zhao Yun Ru and the fight turns into a waiting game. You must now endure as long as until the shield disappears before her. Between the electric thrusts her into the three terminals can you hack to turn off the cameras and open doors. Pay attention to the messages and if the wall is gone, it accelerates quickly to the already lifeless Zhao Yun Ru and pepper them with shots from your plasma cannon until she finally blesses the temporal.

Now there are still only make a decision. Speak behind the door with the AI and you decide. Either you load at the terminal before you upload the data and thus brings to mankind the truth or follows it left the road and drives the entire station into the air so that no one hears about the incident and the truth. After you've made the decision, you just look at each guy and sit in the credits should also remain, as at the end a little surprise waiting for connoisseurs of the series. In addition, the images of the team to look quite nice.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Ending

Congratulations! That you have Deus Ex: Human Revolution played through successfully. What are you waiting for? Starts a new passage directly to see everything in the game. Completed more side missions, collects one of the eBooks, there is the difficulty to me, Deus Ex, or simply trying to play through the title completely, without killing an enemy or to trigger the alarm. We help you in this solution after all. So if you re stuck with this challenge, you know, yes, you can look up where you are.

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