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DrawRace 2: Racing Evolved Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for iPhone

The new devices also inspire new ways to play. Despite the discrepancies in some sectors of gamers, tablets and some smartphones, they are exploring new game concepts and original gameplay basis. Gyroscopes, accelerometers and touch screens are the basis of the gameplay in certain genres that seem to revive and experience a second golden age. Genres such as driving, that seemed stalled or marked by guidelines and controls so assimilated, as elsewhere, logic, seems to live a new exploration gameplay thanks to devices like the iPhone or iPad. While most titles available in the App Store often inherit much of the binomial normal controls car games (accelerator or brake), occasionally leading proposals are a step further by gender, and adapt it completely the particular tactile qualities of these devices.

DrawRace 2 is the sequel to one of the most original driving games of all App Store. RedLynx from a studio owned by Ubisoft and the publisher Chillingo (responsible for some of the strongest hits the App Store), DrawRace 2 manages to improve the results of the first part of making improvements, more options and a new multiplayer system will delight those players and users be given the opportunity. But one thing. What is special about DrawRace 2? Well mainly its control. Away from other systems that do not quite gel in the touchscreen of the iPhone or iPad, DrawRace 2 bet for a control as simple as surprising based on the stroke of trajectories on the screen. Yes, as you are reading. With our finger, paths, and mark the way forward for the car on the circuit. We will create a color line itself, which will indicate the movements and trajectories that follow our vehicle. The speed of the fireball will be indicated by how fast you move your finger, it will be essential to be stable in the movements to avoid or get out of the track circuit and trying, as far as possible, not to make sudden maneuvers or hitting opponents. Indeed, although it may not seem a priori, the system works, and gives us true and exciting races. As soon we will be leading our blind car circuit, how to perfect our tricks to turn, accelerate or overtake.

DrawRace 2 is a game long enough to keep the player's attention for a little over two evenings. The application offers 180 challenges, different from each other and varied enough to not get tired (which would have been logical after the simplicity of its gameplay, but it has been solved and solved in a "gymkhana") and content to unlock. DrawRace has a large garage of vehicles and tracks, compete in different scenarios (there are municipal championships, rally, racing and formula 1...) and allowing vehicles to choose suited to those environments. If the campaign mode does not seem enough, we still have multiplayer, attractive, stable and with plenty of players willing to play a game at all times.

Graphically, DrawRace 2 sails between cartoon and realism style. Thanks to an isometric perspective, we see at any time and progress, parts of the circuit layout, which is essential given the special title gameplay. In turn, the camera chosen for the game shows us the cars of our opponents, so that we can make more precise maneuvers to be performed. The game, in short, looks pretty good, at times reminding many classic PlayStation (known and revered as the Micro Machines V3), but adapted to modern times.

DrawRace 2 is not only one of the best racing games on the App Store: One of his most engaging and fun. Decked out with original gameplay, cool and addictive, and a game system and interesting achievements (fully compatible with Game Center), 2 is a continuation DrawRace that improves the system released in the first part and makes it more complete and entertaining . If you find a game live, and make you pay off your small investment (2.39 euros), brings to light your fingers and put them behind the wheel. You will not regret.

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