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All Zombies Must Die! Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS3/PC/Xbox360

Zombies, zombies and more in this entertaining but not very innovative, recommended download for fans of the genre. The zombies are more fashionable than ever. Series, movies, and video games, many games make these, a priori, repellent series is almost part of the family, provoking and a little scared at this point. All Zombies Must Die arcade closed in 2011 launches on Xbox Live a few days ago, and finally we were able to test it thoroughly to discover a strange and curious mixture of arcade shooter with light touches of role and creation of weapons. Developed by doublesix British study, which in 2009 launched a game similar to this one, called "Burn Zombie Burn" exclusively for PS3, and published by Square Enix, the first thing we notice in this unique arcade is their argument, since it is so strange that there is not. The zombies are there, and we have to stop them as simple and clear, without any encroachment or genetic experiments. The truth is that even thanks, tired of beating around the origin both of these mutants.

We take control of Jack, a young gamer, you see, surprised, as overnight, have to stop playing Dead Rising on his desk to deal with these horrific beings in their own city, street by street . The first missions will lead us to know some of the nine areas that make up his small town. The station, shopping center, residential neighborhoods, or the TV station are some of those locations, all of course, full of zombies. To control the spread of the mutant threat, the transition between zones is blocked by barriers that will require us to simple tasks, such as deleting a certain number of enemies or find a hidden object, before zoning. That's when we find the typical action game in isometric overhead view how well you feel this type of arcade games. The control is done with the two stick, using the left to move, and the right to aim, bearing in this case, also press the right trigger to shoot. A combination seen very practical and very recently, especially in arcade games such as Renegade Ops, or Dead Nation, a zombie game, exclusive to PS3, very similar to this, of course. The other buttons are used to recharge, to invoke special attacks, or use our compass.

As usual in these games, the missions are very simple, mainly thanks to our compass, a guide that appears in the background, and we will almost always pointing direction of the target to be achieved. A primary goal will always be subject to the principal, which is simply to survive the continuing waves of zombies. Although in the first moments we must avail ourselves only with our fists, quickly agree to a shotgun that will facilitate things considerably. Although it is logical to think that soon we will find new weapons, this does not happen in a while and see why. Our compass also tells us all the time, where to find ammo, so it is always advisable to be near those areas. The place where you find weapons, kits, and other interesting objects is the same, so it is very important to stay right away with each zone maps, which are not very large.

The first pass of repetitive tasks, learn an area, "clean" with our shotgun, meet Rachel, our experience, hidden in the police station, and of course, he wants us, keep killing zombies, etc ... Jack then realizes, fortunately for us, and our boredom, not everything is to kill zombies, so they established a base, precisely with Rachel at the police station. It will be our base where we find something more variety playable since you can change character when we unlocked, or customize the experience points you've earned in missions between our characteristics of attack, defense, health, and speed. At the root, we manufacture our own weapons Dead Rising style but much simpler. We first find the manual, find the components and create, which will give us access to new missions. The gameplay is fairly linear, and consists in overcoming these types of missions and challenges of an almost straight, reaching to unlock other two characters, Brian, scientist, and Luxo, an alien, and ultimately, while eliminating hundreds and hundreds of zombies in between. His little variety playable fans will such a great time to enjoy games, while the rest passes through to be quite repetitive. The difficulty, which is not selectable, is growing more by the amount of enemies that quality can be considerable, and a nuisance, especially if we consider that if you die during a mission that has several phases, will have to start again from scratch.

As said earlier, the types of zombie today, but scary, in many cases give us laughter, and this title is one of the best examples. Since the Swat zombies dressed in all his police equipment, the mutants with hanging belly, the sonic go crazy to hear any sound, we can not avoid occasional laugh as our shotgun shooting time or the like. One of the most fun is added co-op mode, which can only be incomprehensibly locally. Up to three friends of ours can add to our adventure in the same console, selecting one of the characters I've unlocked, or an anonymous soldier. The most important peculiarity of this model in comparison to which we are accustomed to seeing is that friendly fire is on, and it is impossible to disable. Thus, we must be careful, or not to hurt our friends, but we can always resurrect them later. A fun way like few others, so you do not understand the non-inclusion of online play.

Humor is a constant throughout the game and the dialogue between the protagonists are the most unique and friendly, especially the reflections of Jack himself, convinced he's involved in a game, naive!, Or cuts that gives his ex, Rachel. Fortunately, all the texts of the game are perfectly translated into Castilian, while not hear any voices. The graphic style is consistent with this humorous featuring a casual style like we're watching a comic book. The character graphics are simple and very curious movements, not to mention the peculiar and sinister zombies, while the rest of the buildings, cars, and other elements seem drawn from a series of animation. A friendly group that meets its objective, easily and smoothly, the only tune accompanied by a continuous slightly sinister touch. All zombies must die! adds to the long list of games on undead we see on our consoles lately, and like many of them is a fun game to spend time action with no complications. Although intended to include other interesting news about games, like the slight touch of personalization, creating weapons, or exchange of characters, we feel that they have been added as small and simple, rather than distinguishing features. In summary, a recommended game to fans the world zombie, which, however, can be somewhat monotonous.

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