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Zack Zero Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS3

By now it is not surprising that Spanish video game industry is at par with other countries in terms of talent is concerned, although it is still far from the weight and support he has in the U.S., UK or Japan. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is still the most ambitious national product in recent times, but more and more studios release their games and are making a name as Novarama, augmented reality specialists upcoming PSP and PS Vita. With the advent of digital distribution on consoles, this type of projects that do not require a prohibitive investment is becoming increasingly common in home systems, including the famous NyxQuest for Over the Top Wii Games. In the case of Zack Zero, its authors are not exactly a novice, but the developer Crocodile Entertainment not that it is well known, this is your first game. Behind this are crocodile Carlos Alberto Moreno in April and 'Griha', names familiar to followers of football and FX Interactive PC, hence we can not speak of a novel game, something that is noticeable from the outset in the title at hand, which in many respects has little to envy large publishers sponsored launches, which does not mean that development has gone as smoothly as they explain their creators in a summary of his creation that is worth reading to understand the intricacies of Spanish industry and the difficulty of venturing into this work.

Zack Zero is essentially a fusion of various types of play, as the action 2D platformers and puzzles. It may not sound too revolutionary, but in these times more than a thank an "oddity" like this because the truth is that forgetting the fantastic graphics, playable base is solid and entertaining, focused on a hero and his special suit: Zack Zero to capture his beloved Marlene, who has been kidnapped by Zulrog in exchange for some material that Zack has in his possession. The story is explained in comic style animated sequences dubbed into Castilian, is not that the argument is the main attraction of these games, but has not been neglected. The first steps in the adventure is a tutorial in which we put into practice the main characteristic of Zack, his suit with elemental powers, which amounts to something like the powers of The Fantastic 4 all in one. With the D-pad directions we choose the normal way, the fire, ice and rock, each with its strengths and weaknesses. The stage design course has been created to be situations where we need to jump from one state to another, either to solve puzzles and for action, and the control is simple, a little while to get down to be changing without need to look at the interface.

To give some examples of states, as "the man of fire" between platforms is easy to plan for a while or have more speed. With the power of ice, slows down the time, very necessary to overcome traps that crush enemies or run away fast. With the rock will be strong as the Thing, to break cracked floors, lever or move heavy obstacles. In addition to these abilities, special attacks are useful to destroy the enemies, such as freezing, blinding them or create an earthquake. It is essential when playing imagine every move, because with the power to rock our speed down very dramatically and we will not run but instead a punch in this state is enough to go and would slap Chuck Norris. If we play our cards, we will have spectacular combos alternating elements that will translate into higher scores. The time is quite generous powers, but not unlimited. When we use a special skill, it consumes a common bar for all states of the costumes that regenerates very quickly, in seconds, but that naturally puts an end to our "flight" over the air or the slowing of the action . You can not lose sight of the indicator, because if we abuse the powers back to the standard attire for a moment, suit anyway, is not helpless in the face of battle, has a kind of boomerang with blades. Everything we learned what to put into practice especially with the bosses, who do honor to his formidable role through its resistance, imposing size and dangerousness, with patterns of attack that you quickly learn to know when to attack and when to flee.

Although 2D development could lead to think that this is a completely linear game, it's not entirely true. Of course the goal is to reach across the level, but its creators have many treasures hidden in caves hidden in plain sight, so it is not the same be done to finish the game with the best score. The difference is not only go down in history with online ranking boards in real time to sting you invite your friends to get the highest score, is also strengthening the suit and get their powers, that after what we said was the tutorial, return to its most basic skills have to go and recover maximum damage. The rise of parameters is made RPG-style-choosing to be to our liking, it is automatically on improving the level. Regarding the puzzles, that are a little in the line of LittleBigPlanet or perhaps more to the past, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, ie, traps, levers that have to press switches, weight, things like that need not only our ability with the jumps or use our skills, we also give some ingenuity. Anyway, this is not the main point of the gameplay and is not a difficult challenge and maddening as it could be for example Braid.

The game is not difficult, but die repeatedly if we let the colorful creatures that inhabit this planet, we touch a few times. To regain vitality, we collect some known bugs that appear in boxes nahkems or also to destroy enemies. Curiously, unlike other games where items are drawn to us when we pass in the opposite occurs Zack Zero, bugs fleeing hero, something that will tease if you have poor health, but is rather curious and makes you stay in constant motion. If we add that in many places we will be surrounded on both sides, the match will earn interest and depth. Regarding the save points are too numerous, so that any fall, trap or enemy hard to crack so we can try as often as you like without repeating major sections. The development is 2D, but the graphics are generated polygons. However, Crocodile Entertainment has included some slight platforms in depth, a one-off for some time as they are not constants of the three planes LittleBigPlanet. Further details are found in three-dimensional appearance of enemies, some of which appear from the background or foreground to reach Zack in these cases, simply shoot to point our hero and destroy them, despite not completely aligned to our plane.

A playable level the game is very complete in all its sections, as the action, puzzles and exploring. Platforms may be less polished appearance, and not because the level design is not correct, it is, and is full of jumps and wits as drafts or platforms driving, but Zack's agility in the air is not precisely what we would like, but the double jump and grab the edge of the platforms helps a lot. Perhaps it is more a matter of getting used to the weight of Zack, because shortly after accidental falls have almost certainly gone. In any case, it remains a fun game, that will appeal especially to players who miss the action was updated 2D graphics, and as far as it goes, the amount of special moves that bring strategy and give a note originality in a genre where there is little to be invented. Metroid or Mega Man ​​games are always good to draw from, and Crocodile Entertainment knows right balance between action dose, platforms and puzzles so that at no moment have feeling of heaviness or repetition.

And by the end, we let one of the strengths of Zack Zero, the graphic section. Its developers have passed his hand over his face to many renowned publishers still see digital distribution as a means of high-technology neglected, regardless of the player always values ​​all together. And Zack Zero, the bar for what to expect on the PlayStation Network has risen a bit, because it is a stunning game, beautiful artistically. Good animation-all a detail that at short distances the protagonist uses a kind of sword instead of shooting-detailed models, as we note in the limelight when there is a head-and a generous use of blur, but smart, which makes us look at what really matters. So a year ago, we were surprised with the ill-graphical aspect of Moon Diver, after which they were Yotsui-director Koichi Strider-Feel Plus and Square Enix, now we can only wonder, and well, with Zack Zero. And is that the player who buys digital distribution is at least as demanding as the physical format.

In addition to the aforementioned virtues, is a game with a variety of enemies -30 - ranging from seemingly innocuous crabs to terrestrial wildlife and air warriors armed with knives and fire, cyborgs and golems. The same is true of the environments in which no shortage of green spaces, rocky mountains, small villages, caves, and industrial facilities. The best thing is that every step we take, everything looks new, just have a sense of recycling. The length is pretty respectable for a set of these features and price euros -12.99, hovering five times that add replayability to get scores and find hidden treasures. On more than one occasion we have decided to depart from the main road to what looked like a suspected broken floor to find a delicious prize, and secure with an eye that still left us secrets along the way. Complete the game up dubbing reserved for story sequences, and the entire collection of sounds and music, usually not very loud, but very high quality if we pay attention.

Zack Zero has come to PlayStation Network unassembled lot of noise, but it deserves our full attention. There is no question parental favoritism or a small team, it really is a remarkable game that may not be supported solely debiese media that did not have an international publishing house, which is not incompatible with the quality distilled. If still in doubt to see if Zack Zero you'll like it, just take a look at the trailer of the title to immediately recognize the formula proposed. The Adventures of Zack meet what is expected of them, is not only a beautiful appearance, is direct and uncomplicated fun. What more can you ask a video game?

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