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Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS3/PS Vita

No doubt many will remember the Oddworld series and its evolution over the years and in different systems. The first two, Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus, something like an expansion, created a magical world full of lovely creatures that stood between our protagonist, Abe. These two titles were released on PSOne and converted to other platforms such as PCs, so players had reason to think that the consequences would end up coming to PlayStation 2-in fact, came to present a technical demonstration and images of a new game in this console. The surprises come when Oddworld Inhabitants changed plans and opted for Xbox, also changed characters and gameplay in Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, which gave the jump for the first time 3D, and with the change and radical of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath. With the arrival today of Just Add Water and its close collaboration with the original creators, now the studio is ready to regain the success of this series that went off slowly, although the quality still maintained Munch's Oddysee and particularly Stranger's Wrath-the latter with an outstanding note. Greatly influenced the latter, launched in 2005, dramatically changed the atmosphere, while being recognizable as an Oddworld game, and gameplay, something that upset the diehard fans of puzzles 2D but drew the eyes of many users. Just Add Water has decided to start their remasters and reissues plan specifically for this chapter is not as well known and versioning, until recently only available in the first Xbox, in other systems, first with a direct conversion to PC and now with an "almost" PlayStation 3 remake.

As six years ago, this time our role is not to control the animal in a helpless trying to escape from his captors or something. We embody a bounty hunter named Stranger proposed to capture the most dangerous criminals of all, the style of the Wild West: alive or dead. The goal is to get a lot of money for a purpose not be revealed until late in the game. In institutions of the people we see potential targets and the award depending on whether the capture alive or dead, in life there are more award. This change in general and thematic argument about Abe games also affects the gameplay, which is now more inclined to use thanks to our arsenal, but not entirely forget the platforms, stealth and some of the puzzles, always an argument that revolves more about our hero than a general pattern. A novelty that was Stranger's Wrath was in the use of the camera in third and first person, as exploration or our action shots. Most of the time we will be alternating these cameras, because the jumps, large displacements or melee opted for the third-person view, while for distant rivals to end our spring is the best ally and precise, with a view Stranger from the eyes. A unique weapon that will accompany us throughout the game and is one of the strengths of this unique adventure.

What is special about a crossbow? His ammunition. Instead of arrows, Stranger uses several bugs with different effects that we have hunted down like missiles. We are equipped with two simultaneously-each shooting with a front button-and-balls with live ammunition hairy spiders, wasps, skunks, toxic, etc.., For a total of nine-to give a different result. For example, spiders trap enemies with their networks for a few seconds, we have other explosives, little creatures that attract attention, others bite if someone comes .... No doubt you will have in your catalog lots of games in first person and certainly more surprising the graphics, but Stranger's Wrath still has that atmosphere of fantasy world that makes it unique, different, it is difficult to classify only a genre: action in the third person, stealth, FPS, first person shooter, exploration and platform evolution of character with the money raised-role-... Unless you have total aversion to shooting subjective view, Stranger's Wrath HD will not pose any obstacle in any its facets.

We say that the ammunition is a key point and it lies fighting sauce. Except for an electric bug is infinite, the rest of "bullets" have to get them across the stage hunting, buying a tocateja in a store or in boxes scattered around. Usually before an area with enemies is good to recharge fauna of spiders or bees, but also during the duel, so there is usually a shortage problem, the grace lies rather in the choice of ammunition, we will decide according to our way to face meetings. If we choose to direct, something that is possible, we cast over many rivals, perhaps too many, but they end up with a good shot. But we can go quietly, out enemies one by one as a true hunter and spend less trouble. If control seems somewhat hard, or just want to enjoy the game in a way other than with headshots of critters of the forest, thanks to radar, vegetation and all the possibilities in our arsenal, using the strategy will be another way to outdo each boss's minions sought.

Another curious element is vitality. It works like the classic games, looking for some kind of healing-or object is like the current trend of action games, automatic healing time. We have two bars, the vitality and strength or "stamina", the latter is consumed with infighting or falling from a great height, but recovers by itself. In addition, you can improve health. How? Very easy, by pressing a button-delta-we remove darts that have skyrocketed and we're back like new. What happens is that this action consumes stamina very quickly, and is something we do ourselves in a static position, so that if we are having a tough time against a head it is best to flee to safety and recover. In short, you can not lose sight of health at any time or in the open fight against more than four well-armed monsters. The voices and music sound perfectly, at least in quality-have been remastered sound. The characters have a somewhat humorous voice actors, so they all sound forced, starting with the deep voice of Stranger and continuing through the "chicken" of the people, straight out of South Park. What is perhaps worse than the same type have, apparently, at the same bender: all enemies of his type, all other citizens, "failure" that was so in the original. Above all, the soundtrack sounds very good and keeps the atmosphere and level that has always characterized the Oddworld series, despite the change of gameplay in this chapter.

Even if you are against revising or remasters, you should give a chance to Stranger's Wrath HD if you have it on another platform. It is a different adventure that will last more than ten hours, with the unmistakable stamp of the new Oddworld after story and hero. Stranger is charismatic, but Abe does not want to be his replacement. And the graphical improvements do not have aged badly, indeed, if we consider it as remastering, is best done to date. Also the game does not usually load times, and when they appear, for example when entering or exiting stores, are very brief. Soon a free upgrade is expected to support the game with PlayStation Move and stereoscopic 3D, which we could not test yet unavailable. Playable is a delight to be changing ammunition and plan different strategies against bosses or groups of enemies. When you see the finished game screen, usually learn a lesson not to go running like crazy way, make a detour or change the type of traps. Our only complaints would be in control of the jumps, Stranger is heavy and these sections are not as comfortable as they could, the same could be said of the camera in first person, the movement is slow, although it is understood that their creators have not we take it wanted a Call of Duty. There are also sections in which the difficulty goes up a little more than desirable, but does not become frustrating at any time, by the way, now includes more levels of difficulty in the original.

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD claims one of those games unjustly forgotten by the public. For reviews like Beyond Good & Evil, ICO & Shadow of the Colossus or the present one, always grateful to be given a second chance to these modern classics, and more if the touch is as bright as the one conducted by Just Add Water that touches on what is necessary to not detract from the actual screens the inimitable artwork of Oddworld Inhabitants. The choice of the chosen game is also smart-Stranger 's Wrath is over Much's Odyssey, and prepares us for the forthcoming reviews that are coming, like Abe HD. A remastering that does justice to one of the chapters of the least known of Oddworld saga, and you can not miss on your console. Slick graphics, more comfortable to play for the extra flow and a unique character. If you missed it at the time, do not make the same mistake a second time.

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