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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Review, Guide for Xbox 360/PS3/PC

Mission 1. Semper Fidelis

The shooter of the year begins like every other game, also with a tutorial. You get a gun directly at the beginning and have to turn off the two masked men in front of you. Follow the path and crawled under the blockade through to the next do to enemies behind it. Brings you the shotgun, opens the door and win the duel against the guy, by her timely presses the specified key. If now left out of the window and follow the instructions on the screen. Get yourself up on the train, the AKS-44u of the fallen soldiers and jumps back on the train. Ballert you now with your new Wumme through the train. At the destination, however you will be cut down.

Mission 2. Operation Swordbreaker

Follow your squad to the right and hit you with Cole. He will tell you what's coming. Then it depends on you, your squad. It takes at least 2 minutes until you can finally use your weapon. However, before you pull your injured comrades to take cover. Makes use of the indicated key. Then you fired from a full pipe at the enemies behind the car. Also behind the van will show up some enemies. Then the attack wave moves to the right. There are RPGs. Kill these enemies with the sniper rifle that you have there and then you take care of the enemies behind the car.

The parking lot is cleared, you formed in the garage and follow your team. Up in the dark room she sprints past the windows and tends you at the end of the corridor to the right. Shoot the enemies without much effort and remains on the team again. You come onto the roof where it passes under the fire of a sniper. You work from cover to cover and close at the end creeps along the wall. Take the generous offer of a rocket launcher and shoot at the orange dot, when your team confused the enemy with a red herring.

Now you'll be escorting your allies. Provides escort him by the soldiers left her off the roof. It also makes you sleep better. Then kill the enemy soldiers behind the car wrecks. As soon as your colleagues put in motion, continued to fall from the north. Team up your team and then again and followed their leader. Once in a building you will be shot from the right with plenty of ammunition. Complete the Wegblocker and you come back outside.

Now you have to work even without your team. Goes right down the stairs and enter the building. Follow the passage and then crawls into the narrow shaft. Then pulls the cord from the unit. Then you will be surprised by an enemy, however. Beat him with the keys displayed to a pulp and then goes back outside. Run fast with the movement of your comrades and left up the stairs. Crouch and go to the LMG in the middle of the pedestrian crossing. Shooting with this beast on your enemies and their vehicles to bring them to explode.

Do you get the command you to withdraw the cars in the middle of the road with the stationary machine gun and shoots at the enemies that come from the right side of road.

Mission 3. Uprising

You're still dazed after the earthquake, but slowly comes back on its feet. Hold on now in the shade, so do hugs the right wall and escapes so the searching eyes of your enemies. Then you crawl through the tube. Otherwise you will kill the rat discovered!

Then you runs to the door and opens it. Kill the soldiers with a knife and shoots his friends in front of you. Shoots you right through the dark building and looks much cover. Then goes out and shoots your cartridges on the soldiers who shoot at something in the air. Then passes through the aisle in the floor and run to the right. Stoßt now the car down to get attention. Then you throw a grenade right in front of the door and causing the left between the parked cars, a great explosion.

Then sprints through the open garage door opens and waits until an enemy soldier left the garage door. Cheered on his skull and then chasing a ball to the other enemies in the body. 'll Be sent right into the bus and crossed him. Unfortunately, this is complicated by a rocket. However, it progresses and can watch from the bus go after your enemies. Then go back left through the grid and eliminate the two soldiers in front of you. Follow the path through the next room and you will be greeted by an ally. Montes then follows. You come on a large battlefield. Once you asked for it you will jump in the Humvee and destroyed all the cars and kill all enemies around you. At the end you just sprint to the blue marked point and brings you in the helicopter to safety.

Mission 4. Going Hunting

Now you rise in the other skies: With a hot jet. First you have to check everything. Pressing the buttons displayed and you turn to the left rear and right rear, in order to control the wings.

You will first be able to enjoy a long time the flight before you confront two jets. Your first task is correct, however, the interception of enemy missile lock with missiles. Then your pilot flies perfectly on the enemy and it can target and shoot her in the center of the target field, a few rockets. You hear a beep when the time is right. Focus primarily on the instructions of your pilots. Vital!

Once you've turned off all the first jets, you will attack more jets after your partner could be destroyed. You have to get now from the first defensive position coming into the attack position. All first counting missiles before you can turn off the jets themselves.

Have you cleared the sky comes a change. You must now destroy the viewfinder, the orange forms. Just shoot a missile at the marked position, which is among you on the floor. IMPORTANT: Hold the cursor still over the target, so the rocket knows exactly where she needs to pursue for now.

Then follows the rejections and your perspective changes. Now hold the cursor just above the jets and thus destroys them. Following even the cars and the helicopter will be destroyed by you. Then you fly back with the jet and the mission.

Mission 5. Operation Guillotine

Follow your team and sets fire to the stated place a flare. Then she climbs over the wall and shoot the first enemy on the road in front of you. Stay close to your leader and respect at all times to cover, otherwise you die sooner than expected. Now running along the wall and disposed of the enemy soldiers before you turn left up the stairs. You now shoots straight up to a hill and turn your attention to the right. Fires also you there through the hordes of enemies and keep you close to the left wall. Then she ran up the stairs and waits until the door springs open plus burning a soldier.

Go through the building and break the door. Before you can open the second door is CAUTION! the day. The door is broken and you need lightning-fast on the emerging shoot enemies and chill his colleagues.

Let's go through the garage and into the waiting Humvee. After the ride the tunnel you will be attacked by an RPG. Now follow your squad mates through the many corridors. The door at the top of the stairs is right down, makes you ready for a fight. Works from cover to cover before you and shoot you the way through the blockade in front of. The wrecks serve as good cover ability and the duck is a must! Then she climbs up the wall and fight your way across the street. If it had, as always in coverage, but remains on the right. After a time, namely a tank dashes through the left wall, so you should escape through a trail left by your peers.

While you will be hit and be trapped in a dark building, but at least she's still alive. Follows, therefore your squad members. On your way back you hit the tank. Crouch and just a short time the tank is destroyed. Then sprints to the right and go up the stairs. Above you can expect a few enemies in addition to the containers. After ye gets the rocket launcher leaning against the sandbags in front of you and take it to the tank before the bank under fire. An aimed shot is sufficient. For the next tank you can also stay there. This will drive up from the right and you can miss him a fancy rocket. Respects but always on the cover between you and the machine. On the left is then also a tank that you turn off in the same schema. Go now to your friends and follows them.

Flanked the building and always sprints past the open spaces. Then shall ye your team member follow up the stairs. This is not easy, because you will be fired from the windows like mad. You can kill these enemies, but they come back quickly. Therefore, I suggest you simply loszurennen and hope that the enemies do not be caught. Best when the enemy just stop with the fires. In the corridor behind her back now can effectively destroy the soldiers and then climb over the wall. Then it brings you to the location marked in blue and position your squad member moves with your help on a ladder which he can then download. Climb up and jump through the window. In the bathroom there is now a small Quick Time Event. Then kill the guard with the knife, grab the gun and clean the way before you. Pay attention also to the left enemies in the upper floors of the complex opposite. Here the sniper rifle is very helpful. All rooms are secured follow your leader. Then she gives the atrium and forms new to you. Listen to what you are told to and then follow your colleagues up to an elevator shaft. You rappel from there using the buttons displayed with flashbang and shoot you through the floor throughout. You work from wall to wall to the front and pays attention to all sides. Then it does what it tells you, and thus ended their mission and ends the first chapter.

Mission 6. Mission Comrades

As a new character is your first official act to cut the cable to prevent the gate rises before you. Go to the left in the room with the knife and cut through the cable. After you follow your partners, shoots the two guards and takes cover. You will also now that is attacked by the left and right. Have you cleaned the garage, she runs right back down the stairs and sprints behind the parked van. From there it is firing at the soldiers on the right of you and then runs down one level where you will meet again on some enemies. It is dark, therefore you must observe exactly where the enemy moves behind cover.

Have you won the battle to follow her and break the door your comrades. Kill all the enemies in the room and sit down quickly on the gas mask. Then it dives up the stairs and gets the short duel with an enemy soldier. Then she stormed past the elevator and clears the corner office. This reflects the apparent advantage of the destructible environments. You can write through the glass, fire through the walls and the furniture inside.

Then follows her up the stairs to your partners and entert an office. From behind some enemies approaching storm now that you can safely turn off a cover behind a pillar. Then follows the corridor, also admits there with pesky enemies and break it down a level through the double doors.

Ballert you now through the computer room and then go back right through the door. The struggle in the room is relatively simple. Just go to the left and the enemies all come to expect without really with you on you. Now running at a red head, short leads from a mini quicktime event and shoot as many enemies as possible. Then jump over the barrier and go outside. After a short briefing her sprinting right down the stairs and hid behind the wall to you. Kill the cops and go left behind the white van for cover. Now fight your way from cover to cover and turn the enemies around you. If I do not press ahead with the idea easily, then you will namely killed instantly. CAUTION: After a while comes a gun that fires at you. Seeks and finds the shooter behind the small car in the middle of the road and missed him a ball.

You have almost caught him, but suddenly a rocket, which one of your colleagues larded with a pipe. Follows the murderer of your friend and you fall into another battle, which ended with her a Quick Time Event. And the mission, which is exploding with a train to an end.

Mission 7. Thunder Run

We sit in a tank. Enjoy the beautiful view first, before some enemy tanks drive up from right to disturb your rest. Punished them for it with a few shots from your gun barrel. Remains, however, and are not flanked your opponent. Then, activate the infrared camera and shoot at the tanks in front of you. Then waits. You go back into the tank and explore an area by reconnaissance. Calls for an air strike on and drive straight on in front of the explored area. Rolls over the hill shoveled up and kill the soldiers with machine guns. The car destroyed with the cannon. Everything else destroys it also destroys the missile batteries in front of you and head up to the blue-marked target. Suddenly appear on your screen very many orange bump. This bump will be destroyed by you. So bring you to a suitable distance from the hostile vehicles and chasing them with cannon fire into the air. Slowly you realize where you Request by the cursed marks. More and more enemies!! Infantry is also represented.

Are all the enemy tanks were destroyed by you, you come to a road and follows the allied tanks. Then you gets out and talks to the troubled soldiers under the bridge. Now you walk past him, dives from cover to cover and bring the device to which the other soldier has denied. Runs back and blow the crap! Then it's back in the tank and a condition for sending the machine guns on top. Take turns shooting at enemy soldiers and explosive items such as cars or gas tanks. Then come a few destructive cars that want to blow up your tank. Bring them to explode before, otherwise there are roasted Miller.

Mission 8. Fear No Evil

You are still in the tank. The driver turns the other tanks following one in a narrow side street. Take over the control and follow the tank of your hand now, right before you ride through a store to use an abbreviation. Now fires at the soldiers and drive right to the two tanks and destroyed them with aimed shots from your gun barrel. Then you ride up the stairs and climb to the MG. Defend yourself against the enemies that rise behind you on the walls. Defenses and the Marines who go to the helicopter to deliver the crate. Then you will defend yourself a little bit, but soon captured.

Mission 9. Night Shift

Now you get to a sniper mission. First destroyed the lamps on the right with precise shots of your hand. Considering that the lights are moving the ball and takes time to pursue the goal.

Then you can watch as a helicopter lands on the landing pad. A squad to make the wall. You should move on to the roof, and do so to the right because there appears in a balcony after a short time an enemy soldier. Done and just like the soldiers and attracts more of you.

Abseil from you and follow your friends. Crouch in front of the enemy contact, climbs over the wall and shoot the soldiers monitored. Campo follows a ladder climbing up this now depends on you and turn again to him. You shall now two soldiers off with one shot. Fortunately, both stand side by side and you can shoot through the simple and kill both. Again you are pinned you to the hacking of your companion, who brings you a building. Kill the soldiers there in a duel and then flees with Campo through the right door before you catch the enemy soldiers. Runs in a zigzag and escapes so the most hits, before you jump into the pit and waits until the input goes beyond Campo. Remains close to him again and climb up the next ladder. Kill all the enemies above and shall ensure the thermal point of view to use to make real all your opponents can find.

Campo followed her up the stairs and finds the place where Miller has been arrested. Examine the site and prepare for an attack from the next room. Then you continue with your leader, bringing them to you one of the few allies. Sprints and climbs behind to pursue then right up the ladder to your usual craft in this mission to be: sharp-shooting. So it follows that your team members with the visor and turns off enemies. Sometimes it is enough just to watch the road. Again focus primarily on the statements that you get from your companion. The first enemies come from the right, some are in the building. After a time just have a lot of goals and you will already be required throughout. It's more on the instructions of your counterpart, so you really look at the enemies that you must turn right.

After a long exchange of fire with your target flees a car out of the building. Runs right across the rooftops and chasing a few balls into the sheet metal of the car. Either way the car is built to stop an accident.

Now you must defend yourself and your partner. Kill the two soldiers who rush out on the left side of the road au best done with one shot and the other behind the cars. Meanwhile, your buddy can move towards building that is left of you, what you gleichtut him when he went through the gate. From there you can kill the soldiers much better and safer. Then go into the building as soon as you ask about Campo.

Now places the mines off the top inputs. Below, you just have to put a mine in front of the escalator. Then you snipe all the enemies off the bottom. Following her will be informed that enemies invade the upper floor. Have you laid the mines, coverage is also given to what should go wrong? So there also uses your sniper rifle, but if the enemy should come even close to using their prefer your assault rifle or other weapon for what else you have.

Then goes back to Campo and follows him into the next room. There, you hide behind the door and shoot the enemies that approach on two levels and bombard you with lead.

Have you destroyed these enemies will attack you more enemies when you move to the exit. Outside it the enemy shoots right up to you and runs into the helicopter.

Mission 10. Rock And A Hard Place

You ride with a convoy along a forest path. Is somehow clear that not everything can run smoothly, right? You will of course immediately attacked by enemies. Examined the stones left behind cover and shoot the enemies that have entrenched themselves behind the trees, with lots of lead. Work your forward and shoot the enemies you on the hill.

Are all dead, you run to the left to the corpse of a Russian, which is subsequently taken a closer look at: Russians. And follow your mates and listening to the short briefing. Then after her sprints and is seeking cover behind the rocks before her shot going. Done from there, your first enemies, then jump over the wall to the crates that also provide a useful cover. From there, now you care about the rest of the enemies. CAUTION: Even tanks are to you and your squad in the way. So using the rocket launcher to get rid of tracked vehicles faster than they would like.

Have you followed geballert on the field again - even shorter - Briefing.

Entrenched behind you, then the wall and fired first on those pesky cars and then only to the infantry. So after you work the front and walk with the power to right in order to escape the gun. Cleared up the position under the net.

Then follows the group on the right flank, crossed the ditch behind the wall position and relates to fire from behind cover to the enemy. If the field is cleared, you can face even venture further to get the opponent in front of the gun. Always stays in your team and also makes you even taken on two tanks. Pulls out the rocket launcher and fires a missile at each of these two tanks. Then before you continue working from the right flank.

After a time a jet comes hurtling over your heads. Then head up to now always in the cover, which also use your companions. So take large concrete tubes and car wrecks to you to protect against the rockets.

Thus follows the bridge and grab the stinger behind the car wreck. Take the plane to target and shoot at your permanent Peeper rocket. Then runs back and found two dead comrades

Mission 11. Mission Kaffarov

After a spectacular flight action you land softly on the ground. Stay with your companion and you run a patrol on the road. Switches the standing enemy with a few shots off and then you concentrate on the types of shotguns on the road. The real you could blow away! Therefore, you should run as fast as possible to the box in the middle of the meadow and you bring your right weapons. So that the enemies should not pose a problem. Following her run to the jeep on the road and wait until you can enter.

After a short ride to the enemy you're caught in the trap. Before you expose the scanner, it runs the Quick Time Event and kill the enemy. Wait until your Russian colleague with the door open and the hand of a dead sprint to the switch. The gate will go up the stairs and you can shoot an enemy soldier.

Then clean the parking lot. But it pays to be on the right side to avoid being hit by the missile shooters. Then you you can remove something from the wall to turn off the contactors top right, on a hill can.

Now follow the road and destroy the enemy wave heranprescht from the left. In addition you can also use the offered pipe in order to flank the enemies and thus to fall in the back. Penetrates with more shots into the building one waits until the two Russians and give you the order to go on the roof. So run right down the stairs, routed the soldiers and rises back up the stairs.

Provides fire protection above your companions arrived with the sniper rifle. Following their storming the mansion. Watch out for enemies behind every corner and clean thoroughly before everything. Else is at once a real enemy behind you and you do not even notice. After you've cleaned up and the upper floor, you follow your comrades and clears the rest of the villa. Still useful here is the sniper rifle. You should look over time, even after many grenades. They come, that's for sure.

After you've cleaned the room with the large window façade of opponents you come into a small room. There, you maybe send some of those weapons you use it may.

Now go down the stairs. Your wonderful sniper rifle is again invaluable, because it includes an infrared image. Thus you can enter the dark room and clear the next room, which turned out quickly as shooting or training area. Go carefully around every corner and fire at everything that moves. Remember that the walls have windows and you can shoot enemies thereby.

Runs after the metal stairs and you turn left, because you will be fired from there immediately. Kill the last three soldiers, and your bodies will join you again. Now it goes right through the door next to the soldiers.

You hear helicopter noise. Quickly runs to the helicopter wins the Quick Time Event and the mission is done.

You just have to Blackburn at the motionless body in the Villa sprinting It is time for the grande finale.

Finale Mission: The Great Destroyer

Now finally comes the grand finale of the game: broken skin's bald head and freed yourselves from the chains. Then jumps out the window left in the hallway. Follow your companion.

And? Discovered her likeness. Exactly. What happens now, you've ever played, in the tutorial. So jump on the train and repeat everything you've ever done that before tutorial. Of course you do not get more instructions.

You will of course also taken by surprise again. This time, it can liberate you from the clutches of the man, however.

Is the train "stopped", you shoot your way through by the train and through the channel. You absolutely hidden behind the walls because some shells are flying around your head. Admits the small cavity-free jumps, up the creek and then continues through a narrow passage. Kill the soldiers, who waits on you and climb up the ladder. Kills an enemy soldier and take the second ladder, upwards. Now you're back on the road.

A small chase leads now to an accident. The gun shots are not necessary, but must be shot down. Then you win the battle against Solomon and the mission and the game is over.

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