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Resident Evil Revelations Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for Nintendo 3DS

It's here one of the most anticipated games of 3DS, which was announced by the console and which gradually became known to generate new details to the great expectations that currently. However, it is a unique new installment of one of the world's most famous sagas of videogames, beloved by millions of players and that in this new episode promised a return to origins. What are the origins of Resident Evil? As the adventures of a terror known as survival horror, a term popularized by Capcom's saga and had a long boom in the late 90's and in the past generation, but no current passes through its peak, with gender Star action, either from a first or third person. A terrific atmosphere, a shock, puzzles and riddles, an elaborate story, lack of resources such as ammunition and healing items, a small inventory management, and a number of elements in a surround mixtures thereof and exciting adventures managed to combine terror and fun in a single product.

After several deliveries following a fairly accurate formula is in 2005 with Resident Evil 4 when the saga takes a turn toward radical and decisive action in an excellent title, but a bit away from what defined the first games of the series . With his fifth in 2009 continued this line even more radical way, and now after seeing the trailer for the sixth installment will arrive in November, it is clear that the series can now consider the action, having eliminated nearly every element of survival horror. So this new Resident Evil for Nintendo 3DS, by the statements of its developer is receiving heavy promotion in recent weeks, it seemed a return to some of the hallmarks of the series, as the terror and the elements of adventure, and a whole raft for more fans unhappy with the new direction being taken by the series. We have published numerous advances in recent months, and at no time have come to be entirely clear what was this new Resident Evil, from first impressions with a brief demo, with which we clearly found a very similar game to the first of the series, to more recent in which we find a great weight of the action over other elements.

And now in this analysis, with the game already finished when we can say that we have a great action adventure, the best undoubtedly 3DS, with the best technical section before seen in the notebook, which shows that the console can do much more than we had seen so far. But that notwithstanding and not misleading anyone, I must say clearly that there is a return to origins, much less, something that is not necessarily bad, but we dislike more than one was expecting a game similar to first deliveries of the series. The story of this episode really starts in 2004, built a floating city in the Mediterranean Sea with an advanced and revolutionary technology, solar energy fed exclusively, called Terragrigia. A prosperous place and futuristic Veltro terrorist group decides to attack with a terrible biological weapon, a new virus that is transmitted by water and which has its origin in the former Umbrella Corporation, causing a disaster. The FBC (Federal Bioterrorism) decides that the only way to fix this situation is to destroy the place, similar to what happened in Raccoon City. A year after that is when you start Resident Evil Revelations, with a climate of panic over the possibility of another bioterrorist attack. Jessica and Chris Redfield Sherawat, members of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) are following the trail of the terrorists Veltro, and after losing contact with them will be when we take control of Jill Valentine, an old acquaintance of the series together with Chris.

One argument that has several characters, different locations, including playing time jumps past events, and runs mainly between Resident Evil 4 and 5. A delivery very independent and that has little to do with the main storyline of the series, with little connection to any other game in the series. To clarify this without spoiling plot enter when you finish you think if there are no Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, and its role was replaced by new characters, nothing would have changed the plot, because even though playable yes, the weight the script are not the protagonists. An entertaining story that you itch to keep playing, and no be no wonder that as we have said is completely dispensable in the main plot of the series, perfectly fulfills its mission to an action adventure. With a television style narrative, with many cutscenes, the game is divided into twelve episodes preceding the an "earlier in Resident Evil Revelations," which sums up the argument so far. Can be completed in about ten or twelve hours, depending on the skill of the player and especially the difficulty chosen, and to be commended than playing in your default difficulty, normal, often presents a real challenge, which reminds us the best years of the genre.

The first steps in the boat with Jill, discovering what has happened in that place, facing the new deformed and disturbing creatures, there are no zombies in the Resident Evil-with a stifling atmosphere, and collecting keys and fixing some small puzzle, bring inevitably the memory of the first games of the series. Then we started to take control of other characters, like Chris, now more oriented to action, playing in each episode provided with at least two different characters, which makes development very dynamic and entertaining.

We got a shock, even we miss the boat on its numerous cabins and sound, music and rhythm of the game are undoubtedly those of a horror adventure. Even come from Ecuador overcome a puzzle adventure that could easily have appeared in the old Resident Evil. But at some point, every time the action starts to take more ownership, exploration disappears, development becomes linear and the puzzles are leaving never to return. The action takes it all and that's when we said goodbye to any hint of a return to origins, and is also when we believe, despite being a good action game, shines less. Therefore, a Resident Evil that one has virtually all the relevant puzzle game, there are mini-puzzles that are repeated in order to resolve wiring in half a minute-that a large part of its development is very linear , and 75% dominated the action, do not believe that would be considered a return to origins accurately.

The control has adapted very well to the chances of Nintendo 3DS, and it plays perfectly, whether or not button-Pro Slide the new peripheral that adds an extra button and a second stick and it gets to the West with this game. We've analyzed without this device, and have not had any problems, a title very flexible and allows many configurations to the user. The options most relevant to the adjustment control is to choose whether to shoot in first or third person, something that either way works pretty well, and you can even choose whether you want to aim using the rotation sensor on the console.

Even without the slider Pro feeling that you can play without any problems and you do not need, just try to realize it is a clear improvement. We can walk and move the camera at a time, as we used in any current game desktop, and can even point, shoot and move at a time without any problem, something that is not so easy without this device. But in any case of the two ways to play very well, and it shows that Capcom has thought about all the possibilities for 3DS to offer the best possible control. There is a problem that does not solve any of the two ways, played with or without the slider-Pro, is that the character's movement is a bit slow to change direction and rotates on its axis. No problem in most of the game, in hallways and tight spaces to slow enemies, but later in some places large and numerous hunters attacking, we found a little awkwardness of control.

There is a boss that makes this look very bare, as we made ​​fast to dodge lunges in an instant, and can not control easily. In any case, a movement of the characters are not very agile or fast has always been part of the experience of Resident Evil, and that's what often gets transmitted stress when we face the enemies that threaten us. It is when the game gets more action and less survival, when the defect somewhat subjective comes to light, but we believe it does not spoil the gameplay too. The touch screen console helps make the experience more pleasant, to show the map at all times and quick access to the inventory, being implemented with great success. As already made ​​clear, in this adventure action predominates, and you have full play and have lived the whole experience to realize that, with stages that provide voltage and survival horror moments, mixed with many others, most, they are 100 % action. There are some different situations and even surprising in the saga, as water scenes in which we have to dive, or even moments on rails shooting everything that moves, and knows how to be varied enough not to bore even a moment and take hand in hand with a fast pace until the end.

In previous impressions we discussed what we liked some new enemies, blobs of white meat with zero charisma, missing the zombies, or infected with the last two deliveries. I must say that as we move into the adventure the repertoire of enemies increases, wolves, mutant fish, hunters and many variants of the new creatures, more agile and strong, and fail to fatigue, with occasional final boss put us in real trouble. To address these threats, we will have a full arsenal: pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, rifles, including a sniper, and several models of grenades. We can only carry three weapons at once and the rest will be stored on some trunks. In these same places can better equip the weapons that are scattered throughout the stage, as more power, ammo capacity, reload speed, etc., having to decide how "tuneamos" weapons. The amount of ammunition that are not overwhelming, but not too low, and here comes in a nifty tool that gives us at the beginning of the adventure: the bioescaner Genesis.

We scan the scene from a first person perspective in finding secrets, such as ammunition, or traces of a hand are like a collectible. We can also scan your enemies, or remains of rotting flesh, and as we do this by completing a percentage to reach 100%, we reward them with a healing item, from which we can take a maximum of five and have access direct digital crosshead. For those of us like to explore, and search through every corner of the stage, this apparatus entertains a lot, and will scan every corner of the game, finding plenty of ammunition. But who does not like to be using this device every time you reach a new room, you will have problems of ammunition, and we understand that more than one can bother you, because we think coldly, does not contribute much to the gameplay, and so only be used in a small puzzle, merely to be something very minor.

The game has its own set of achievements or medals, and once you get over, unlock the Assault mode. A cooperative mode for two players, both locally and online, where in 21 scenarios that we have seen earlier in the adventure with a friend, we end up with a lot of enemies to reach the goal. Unlock characters, weapons, and until we can buy all kinds of objects with bonus points that we are getting there. There is a system of experience and pass levels, and thus the enemies also have their own level of experience. This causes for example if we are level 5, and we go on stage with the likes of Level 10, the joint to move forward and we'll have to get a thousand and one bullets in the bodies of monsters so that they fall to the ground.

This causes some tasks have to be repeated several times to level up and to move forward, and we have to spend wisely bonus points to equip your best. To be honest, so we could play this way, two or three hours, does not seem too fun. Sometimes it's really heavy destroy the enemies, which are planted in front of us without any attack made ​​or circumstance that makes us fully to engage and have to move, nor permit the limited scenarios. And when rivals are quick to do cause we have to move quickly, the control is not very agile and proves to be a little awkward. Ultimately, the survival and control of the enemies of this go to a mode that is 100% action, and at least we do not seem really fun and interesting, although we understand that many players will like and itch, extending far life of the game. After finishing the single player campaign, we see that controlling any of the characters almost always have had a colleague next door, a couple, and we believe we could have opted to offer co-op campaign, and would have been quite more interesting than in isolation.

Since the first images and videos when the game was announced, the Resident Evil looked to take advantage of the full potential of 3DS, and has been putting a new benchmark within the catalog of the console, a benchmark. So far only Nintendo's own games as Super Mario or Mario Kart 3D Land 7 had shown far I could go 3DS, being very questionable effort and work of external developers. And Capcom MT Framework game engine, get the colors to 95% of the catalog of the console, a game that looks impressive, either with or without 3D enabled. It is one of those games, and images starting to happen more and more, that puts the player in a tough internal debate: to play or not 3D. With it on, the sense of depth is great, helping a hard-setting, one of the first games in the options has its own regulator-powered 3D worth a try in a very strong, but your view is not supports it, to see how far this effect. Without it, saw teeth disappear and the image quality is impeccable, so it will be up to the player you prefer. Unlike other titles, the frame rate per second is the same with or without 3D-around 30 FPS, and there are just drops in performance, although there are.

To mention some of the technical section downside, streaming video does not show a very high resolution, and despite being well made, are somewhat tarnished by the image quality. It is the game that takes up the time of the console, including multiple languages, and assume that to let all have had to compress the video too, ruining a lot of how they look. The music and sound effects are really good play-essential-helmeted, and with graphics create an atmosphere very good, with moments of great tension.

Is the first game of the series to get audio in Castilian, with a complete language selector that allows any combination of audio and subtitles, and may bring the voices to Japanese. On the work done in our language, we liked a lot, as always with characters and moments more or less success, but touching on almost all times remarkable. Twice so far Capcom games, and this is not expected to be the first and last, as Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City in March that will also feature voices in our language, and it seems we have a new company policy Nippon, which we hope and believe will remain with the sixth installment.

A game that at the same time launch will become a benchmark within the catalog of the console, for different reasons. Technical reference, showing how far technically the console, if not yet a year old, and we believe after seeing some companies blushed and thought it a little time to make certain games. Referring as an adventure, with an exclusive title of a series so popular and beloved in this release featuring a totally original story developed, which introduces a lot of new characters, with as yet no adventure or you can do in the shade catalog of the console. Using all possibilities of control, including the new device, with an exhaustive use of 3D, with both local co-op online, you can not say that Capcom has not conscientiously work in the game, having given everything to offer a great title.

His only black point, and not for all players, is that it is the promised return to the origins than many expected, which may disappoint if expectations are to find a survival horror as the first installments of the saga. At times reminiscent of those games, and we remember how much we liked, but did not take long to bring us back to reality and say loudly that times have changed, and now it takes is a fast-paced action. The more adventure horror game is bright and interesting it seems, and when it focuses on action rather mediocre returns. A shame, because if you had opted for the former in all its development, we could have gone higher, at least when it comes to satisfy most gamers, not commercially.

In the end, it is halfway between the last and the first deliveries of the series, in a peculiar mixture, which may not satisfy those seeking only action, nor to those seeking a survival horror, but I do love it those who simply want to have fun with a good action adventure in 3DS, in one of those games that if you have the console is almost essential to play. Capcom may never return to origins, but we do not complain too much as long as games of this quality offering.

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