Sunday, January 29, 2012

Run Roo Run Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for iPhone

In a portal so crammed with titles such as the App Store, it's pretty hard to find games that really worth it. It is very common to see how we can run face to face with dozens of games that seem interesting gender at first sight, and finally, after just a few seconds installed on your iPhone or iPad, deceptions are discovered to be true. Although this is a virtually irrefutable truth (you only have to surf for a while because of the enormous store of Apple applications and games), it is also, very occasionally, there are games that contradict all the negatives and force us to swallow one by one, the criticisms. Roo Run Run, from the creators of Scribblenauts is one of those games that confirm the above. Launched recently, Roo Run Run entered without making too much noise in the top of App Store sales, dazzling beginning and advanced players thanks to his inspired controls, its duration and sharp sense of humor.

Roo Run Run propose we put ourselves in the shoes of a young mother kangaroo, which have taken her little puppy, Joey. Roo, it's called kangaroo our protagonist must then undertake a long journey from Perth to Sydney, across Australia to rescue his entire brood. To do this, we go ducking, dodging or jumping, the various threats and challenges that we will find. Framed like a classic game platforms and puzzles concerned (Roo Run Run premium on speed, but also mental agility in solving some puzzles and situations in levels), we go through different phases raised in various ways.

Every little micro level or stage, is full of traps or items designed to fall at the slightest error or neglect. These barriers can range from steep walls full of rocks and quicksands, to dangerous metal spikes, through thorny bushes. Our jumps have to be restrained, well-calculated, but also fast enough to avoid delays in our relentless pursuit. Levels will have their starting point and an end, clearly marking the way to go, ideal given the simple control system and the game presents.

Roo Run Run is one of those games platform referred to as "one-touch" because, forgetting for the jump virtual buttons in other applications for IOS style in this game that a simple tap to our kangaroo react accurately and quickly. A touch, and jump to where we want. At first glance it may appear that the gameplay is extremely limited by the basic gameplay, but nothing is further from the truth. Roo Run Run offers a variety of situations incredibly high for the nature of the title.

Although the basic actions such as running, jumping or balance shall be the most common, we find water rivers dodge, slippery mud that will make us go faster, handles on the walls to rely on tires filled with traps or on which prompt us to increase our distance on the jump. In addition, we have special skills and items to use as cannon circus umbrella invest the laws of gravity (essential for overcoming some levels) and camouflage that will make us invisible. The application of the creators of the famous Scribblenauts, is itself a long-lived and full of game content. Taking into account that is credited with over 420 different levels, which play with various types of difficulty, each week, receives about 10 levels for free, making its replayability is extended at regular intervals. One detail that many similar-themed games should take.

Roo Run Run is a model application for IOS. A degree of fun, simple to play (but hard to master), durable and full of good humor. If a refined style and simple game, and a sublime time we add a section carefully adapted for the screen graphic retina, the truth is that we have a real "winner kangaroo." One of the best games ever from the App Store. Roo Run Run costs € 0.79 and is compatible with Game Center.

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