Friday, March 23, 2012

Tales of Graces f Walkthrough | PS3

Tales of Graces f walkthrough, this videos will guide you from the beginning to ending moments of this game. This guide made for PS3. Follow the videos and I hope to help you in resolving Tales of Graces f.

Meeting Crazy Girl on the Flower Adventure

Heading West instead of East & Arrival in Lhant!

Lhant Exploration!

Journey to the Cottage!

Reunion with Lord Aston!

Attack on the Caravan!

Freeing Richard and Training with Bryce!

First Boss Battle & Cliff Diving!

Cliff Ascension & Marking the Tree!

On the Road to the Capital!

The Port to Barona & Arriving at the Capital!

Getting Lost & Exploring the Capital, Barona!

Richard's Secret Location!

The Secret Passage & Entering Barona Catacombs!

More videos coming soon...

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