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Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS3

For players who at least are close to age thirty, without a doubt one of the series that marked his childhood were the knights of the zodiac, softening snacks along with Oliver and Benji and later Dragon Ball. Along with the episodes of the series, merchandising was also one of the most interesting of the series, with plenty of action figures, filled with pieces of armor and even joints in the fingers, something unusual at the time. However, even before the series took the step video games (Nintendo or Game Boy for example), on the European continent we were deprived of all of them until the last generation, we receive deliveries paths PS2. Both deliveries that followed the pattern of the fighting videogame genre 1 vs 1 came in the final years of the console, the latest installment even with the PlayStation 3 in the market in the case of Nippon market. Dimps, the studio responsible for the latter two titles back now to submit a video game based on the famous animated series and does so in an age of maturity in this generation of consoles, but even at that time, the new title seems to live up to expectations, as happened to their predecessors.

It seems that except Naruto, the animated series adaptations of video games are not in a good form, with the overexploited Dragon Ball, the only upgradable One Piece deliveries or deliveries by installments as Bleach Heat the Soul PSP. They would sit and wonder what makes Cyber Connect 2 that appeals or try to adapt and bring new gameplay mechanics and narrative to this type of game, rather than perform a passable job, just having a volume of sufficient sales unconditional supporters of the product.

From a narrative point of view the title remains true to the animated series, with the order of battle as they occurred and major clashes with fighters appropriate. While some animated scenes enliven the narrative, although at no time have an epic that truly make us vibrate.

At the same time, before arriving in every palace and confront (or not) with the final boss or gold gentleman appropriate, we must face a pack of enemies with no artificial intelligence and design work based mainly on the cloning models with a palette of colors or different weapons. The truth is that these battles took place, but the guys wanted to offer Dimps have a title based mainly on massive action, and for that we need cannon fodder.

However, developing leads by twelve screens, divided into two phases: First, the annihilation of hundreds of creatures with no intelligence to make our way to the palace once there timely and face (or not) with the golden knight. The final fight on the other hand completely changes the gameplay, because the sooner pounded controls without conscience, now everything is based on attacking at the right time and at that moment, it comes in complete contrast to the previous type gameplay. These battles can also count several phases such as in the animated series. In which through various animation sequences sets us how the battle develops and where it tips the scales. In general the normal course of shonen, where it seems that evil will always win, but at the last moment the hero takes extraordinary strength and get the victory.

As we moving screens, the heroes can level up and acquire certain skills (mostly passive) or improve your stats with a number of points you acquire. This system is fairly simple customization (only five statistics) and also provide a real innovation or something that is worthy of mention.

In addition to extending the hours is one more game mode called mission divided into different levels challenges us to spend some of the stages in story mode string. This mode will be timed, you can play with a friend in the two-ranked players and will be uploaded to the Internet to compare scores. At the end of the finish is just the same screens again, but the fact of having a friend, you can select the character you want on the roster of 19 fighters for missions structured and gives a little more replayability to the title of Dimps.

To finish we will have a gallery section will also include animations unlocked in story mode, with a photo gallery of action figures and the various armor available. Perhaps the most freakish of the entire game.

As mentioned above, Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle uses the formula of action games that enjoy success in Japan, that is facing a number of enemies the more numerous and better press left and right buttons to see how the number of deaths reaches a few hundred. Sengoku Basara or Samurai Warriors work well on land and title Nippon drink enough of this game system.

Therefore, the way to gold gentleman will be marked by an uncontrolled press a few buttons to create different combos and limited, while we use up to three special attacks, these other, very faithful to the animated series. During the fighting we can also find a variety of colored spheres that once collected will give us bonuses to attack, defense or the cosmos (special attacks). The cosmos, this special energy that gives them super powers to Seiya and his friends are represented by a blue bar will automatically recharged and will serve for different special attacks.

Such action not frantic finish to convince us by different factors such as poor combination of shock, no artificial intelligence or poor mechanical variation. At the end of the day is a bludgeoning of buttons without much mystery and exactly the same for all phases.

Once sent to another neighborhood all buddies will get to the gold gentleman's house in question and the real battle will begin. Although the combat mechanics do not change one iota, it does change the way you deal with this type of fighting. Using a technique similar to bullet time and a way to enhance our blows former is vital to eliminate an enemy that not only is affected by normal shock. Ie the previous combos mean nothing but this type of combat will only cunning, precision and knowledge of enemy movements.

Although the change in these great battles is clear from the start, once we have faced the first three we realize that the strategy to follow is practically modeled in all cases. Find your back, hit in Ex mode (stimulating the cosmos) and dodge the extent of possible enemy attacks. Therefore we can only conclude that this is a combat system that is a little boring after a few hours, where the mechanics to follow are traced on each phase and just change the colors of the minor enemies or attack techniques of the Knights of gold opponents. Nothing new, but also between what we know does not offer anything remarkable.

Besides the models mentioned few minor enemies and change palette to distinguish, in regard to the character models and enemies we are leading a double feeling. On the one hand their animations are very good, very similar to certain movements of the animated series and there is something in them that really is very reminiscent of old cartoons. On the other hand if we stop to analyze the modeled well perceive a sobriety too, hardly important details or expressions worked, being halfway between what could have been and what eventually are.

The scenarios in turn also receive their share of copy and paste where the columns are the most used component destructible. Yes it is true that in the saga of the twelve houses is not that there were a variety of scenarios to highlight in the series, but you can do things in different ways. That is, although we have beaten the game thirty times, just be able to distinguish the screen that leads to the sanctuary of Leo or Taurus because of the resemblance of all scenic elements.

In regard to the sound section, only suitable for very fans. After you've thoroughly tested it is clear that the return of the knights of the zodiac the video game world is not performed by the front door, but rather the opposite. It comes with two systems or combat strategies completely different as we are by confronting minor enemies or the Knights of gold, but both systems endlessly repeated from the beginning to the end of the game. If a repetitive gameplay will include a number of cloned enemies and gameplay that only vary between display screen and the feeling of boredom only serves to increase.

To finish the mission mode also challenges us to get the best of times, but yes same missions as we have enjoyed in the story mode. Once again, over the same. Yet mission thus can provide a higher rate of variety and fun to be able to choose among 19 different wrestlers to enjoy it with two players, but everything is there. Therefore we can only say that the title could have worked harder or have chosen another type of genre more suited to the possibilities or expectations of the fans, since only for dedicated fans will be interesting title for the rest out as a set of the pile.

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