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Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! Review | Nintendo 3DS

The German developer Shin'en has been one of the leading companies in recent years within the Nintendo platforms. He became known first for his sound tools that were used in Gameboy Advance in many games, soon to move to highlight the quality of their productions. If Iridion 3D was the first brilliant, with the arrival of Nintendo DS, the company won full recognition from the fans with Nanostray. Since then there have been many games, the latter being the most prolific years with productions of recognized technical know-how and quality playable, as Art of Balance, Fast Racing League or Jet Rocket, the three for WiiWare. After the premiere in 3DS with Nano Assault (which unfortunately has not yet been published in our country) comes a casual bet all the way, and that leaves us a little disappointed by the high expectations we have always with the company, but continues to be a very entertaining mini golf offer at the right price. Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! is, as its name makes clear, a miniature golf game that can be played with the touchscreen, but can also play with traditional controls. In fact, among the possible combinations, the most convenient and effective we thought was the combination of the two methods, managing the direction of the shot with the Slide Pad and controlling force of the blow with the touch screen as control direction of the shot with the touch screen is too precise and easier to point the Slide Pad, while adjusting the force pulling the stick with the touch screen is much more accurate and satisfying than giving a button at the right time to stop a stick oscillating on the strength bar automatically.

Importantly, when we hit to be attentive to the accuracy of the coup, which is represented as a point of impact to the ball oscillating on it automatically, so we have to make the impact at the right time, although can sometimes be important to love him on one side to the ball, as this gives you rotary motion which varies the movement in rebounding significantly. Discuss the possibility of a mode of control or other is available at any time without any configuration change.

We have 27 holes divided into three glasses, most channels through which we will attempt to make good use of the boards at the edges, trying to dodge obstacles encountered on the track and avoiding as far as possible that our ball defined exit route. Of these twenty-seven holes have three variations organized as extra glasses, which do nothing but add barriers or additional coins that force us to try to chart a different stroke in each case, although the holes as such do not change. As for the game, saying that there is nothing special to note. We simply have to try to hit the ball to one stroke into the safe zone, or if you have to pull back from the original position in question.

In each case have a limited number of strokes set individually for each hole, and if not we'll just get to the next hole with the point penalty that means. On the other hand, we have nine areas of acrobatics, where the goal is not to introduce our ball in the hole, but we have to contrive by many rebounds as possible because every rebound wide bonus for our ball touches all currencies there are scattered throughout the playing area, that since there will be full of obstacles.

In Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! every time you finish a drink received a rating. Getting first place is quite complicated in all circuits and do not know if there is a prize to get it at all, but what I can say is that you require to do a lot of patience and a good memory to remember in each case as more than a hole with greater chance of success. However, what motivates us to keep playing is not so much get the medal for first place, but get money with which to buy more drinks then, acrobatic feats, extra strokes or some merely decorative details. In this sense, the game works very well because the wrong that we do whenever we get a lot of money to keep playing anime. The only downside has been found that available in the store is rather low, and the cups they are still the same holes but with obstacles. Clearly, the development team has refused to engage at any time in excess of game content, we assume that intentions to adapt production to the lowest possible price.

Surely, many fans of the company expected a portent of this title graphic that demonstrated the potential of Nintendo 3DS, aspect that often points to the production of Shin'en. However, Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! have not wanted much less involved in this. In fact, we can say that removing some high quality textures, the game does not stand or artistic or technically in any of the three continental atmospheres have. It is curious to see the deal that made Miis (with the subsequent approval of Nintendo), which will have a full body extremities in conjunction with some animations, render them quite rare to see. Moreover, we find that the nine cups available lack a high level of detail, being what he misses most is the lack of life in the environment, and that removing some firefly and a car through the streets of circuits around there is no soul, and that's a shame especially since permission for the use of Miis.

However, focusing on what's important to play, which is the clarity and visibility of the holes, we have not seen major problems. Maybe comment that it is very difficult to try to understand the trajectory of the ball rebounding, being very intuitive physics of this. Further, the lack of a free camera that allows us to move with ease on the circuit, since in some holes will need to preview the route to think about the shot we want to do and sometimes the possibilities of this camera are not enough. As for the sound, we have a lively electronic music that goes well with the experience, together with effects that reflect quite accurately what happens. Once more. The amount of sound effects is not too much, and we had the feeling, after playing for a couple of long sessions, to be a little tiresome. Luckily we have a set of retro sound effects that can cool the ears, although the player will have to pay for it in-game currency.

In general, Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! turns out to be a game of miniature golf fun to spend a good hour. You can squeeze in order to get the medals or buy all objects, even so many players will miss a game mode that allows you to compete with other players either through online gambling, or StreetPass SpotPass. The circuit design and physics used make a game like we have been right, but not as fun as other games in the genre on other platforms, and the content it offers little known to us. However, it is an ideal game to play on the laptop, first by how well it works control and the other by the type of game that requires session, as required care is not at all constant and makes it ideal for play wherever we can not put the five senses in the game.

As we said before, Shin'en has left us a bit cold by the expectations we had put in the title and miss more work in its contents, but we recognize that for the $9 it costs the game is not bad option, especially bearing in mind the experience ideal for a portable game, and taking into account that not all players in the world are dedicated to this entertainment. We assume that who would really like to enjoy mini golf Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch!, And nevertheless its visual style is ideal for everyone. Devoted to experiences we have to wait for someone to bring us Assault Nano promises to be the most spectacular of Shin'en shooter to date.

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