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FIFA Street Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS3, Xbox 360

FIFA Street becomes more realistic and fun than ever. With the FIFA sweeping saga, undisputed king of sales and unanimously acclaimed by critics, Electronic Arts and rightly has decided to resurrect his football saga street that left a bittersweet taste in his third installment in 2008. Forget about those games, both appeared on GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox, as the title for the current generation of consoles. As is so fashionable in the world of cinema, and quite in the video game world, this is a reboot or restart of the series, which has little to do with the previous three installments. Developed by EA Vancouver, the same responsible for the latest FIFA-football here facing the street from a realistic perspective, without shots or impossible leaps, all movements and actions that fall within the limits of reality, but only a select few of football can carry them out. From the dribbles, feints and cuts easier to watermarks impossible, only suitable for a magician of the ball, we can perform in all kinds of games, four against four, with teams of five, six, and all kinds of fields, exterior, interior and goals of different sizes.

The great success of this game is its control, intuitive, precise and seemingly simple, that even with multiple layers of depth, anyone will be able to have fun from minute one, and also do some tricks without looking at a long list or memorize complicated button combinations. We have common actions such as passing, shooting, go air, go to the hole, sprint, and the defense only one type of entry, putting the foot, no throw to the ground. This at first it's weird if you come from FIFA, and you miss it, but once you take a few hours moves understand the decision, and that playing in fields as small, would be very easy to remove the ball and the parties could become authentic battles of players rolling on the floor.

With the left trigger on the remote activate called urban control of the ball, which is to stand, walk on the ball and move it all around, far from defending and protecting, giving pause the game and then making a pass or dribble out. For example if we are with the left trigger down in front of a defense, if we let go and quickly press the sprint button and the direction toward the opponent, we will make a pipe, if it makes clear, when we are defending left trigger is used to stop close her legs, a very important action during the game.

With RB/R1 we touch the ball, feet first, then if we are with your knees up to get the ball in the back, and we can make flashy passes or dribbles from this position. LB/L1 is known as the modifier of talent, and any pass or shot, if we press this button, it will become a quality action, for example by making passes or shots or heel spur, and with the pass making all kinds of air shipments rabona showy. And by the urban control of the ball, the other button to be taken into account is the right analog stick, with which we will dribbling.

Stepping on the ball, pressing the right-stick, drag the ball-holding the stick up or down-feint with the body, touches the stick forward-, bicycle, spur, spur hat, elastic, roulette and other actions they are a simple movement with the right stick, very simple. Then there are many special tricks, or combinations of RB/R1 LB/L1 with the right stick not more difficult to perform, but to memorize, but that either looking at the instructions, or experiencing, we will be taking place without problems. In this connection, it is a success that they have based all the fun and gameplay dribbling and watermarks, and the simple fact of playing as a team and match with your mates to try to get a goal, it is fun in itself, without need to play so individualistic and based only dribbles.

The rate of play is nimble, quick, but quite realistic, and playing fields so small occasions, dribbles and collisions between players are constant, which is fun. In addition to good playable basis has been wrapped in different types of games, each more entertaining, so it's a game where he and some friends got the pass pump-enabling up to four players locally. To begin to enjoy fast game, we have four types of meetings: Football 5, Master of the pipe, Futsal and King of the track.

The first is the basic, indoor soccer, this is without leave, with five players per team and two three-minute time, winning the most goals mark. Master of the pipe in each pipe or baton-pass the ball under the legs of a rival, are three points, each Dodge Air Dodge simple two and any one point. These points are accumulated in a bank, and do not materialize for us to let us mark that goal, by marking the contrary, we lose everything we had on the bench. Soccer room and talk more in depth, but is a classic game played in teams of 5 sports centers without walls and with faults. And King of the track is one of the most original, since every time you dial a goal, you lose a player, winning the team to run out of players. With small goals and no goalkeepers, at first so very friendly and fun, but soon their shortcomings are as naturally parties always end up tied for players, importing only the outcome.

Although these are quick match predefined modes, we also have the ability to create a custom game. Choose the number of players per team, six-, whether or not faults, with or without goalkeepers, the type of ball-normal, soft or light-or the duration of the game in minutes, number of goals, or points, should play in freestyle, which is to make as many fancy stuff. Of course they have taken into account that a field can not be equal in a game of two against two, or a six to six, or whether or not gatekeepers, so there are all kinds of fields more or less small, you were or not, and with different types of goals.

When we choose equipment to complete the Premier League, French, Bundesliga, Serie A, Spanish League, American League, 20 national teams, and a range of equipment that will be unlocked, like stars Asia, Africa, Europe, and some teams of street soccer stars. But these official teams can only be used in Quick Match, and you can not play with them any kind of league, cup or online match, a decision as uncontroversial and very debatable.

If you want to play something deeper than mere friendly, we will have to dip into the center mode: World Tour. One way that while playing alone, or accompanied by friends locally, use the online features. Start creating ourselves, becoming the team captain, in a simple editor character, not as complete as for example that of FIFA 12. At that moment your character will rise to the EA servers, like the masters created by other players, including your friends. Then you build a team creating new players, or players downloading your friends. Once we have the team finished, it will also rise to the EA servers.

Of course not included or equipment or real football players, and treated almost like a street soccer modality, but is certainly a good start and the starting point, and hope you continue betting on this EA sport. If you like him or you do them regularly, and you become with the game, believe us it will cost you to stop playing in this mode. Technically this is a game that is very difficult to put a catch, as it uses the graphics engine of the FIFA series, and this seems to fit perfectly to the short distances. Some animations spotless, well bound and very fluid, and a frame rate stable as a rock. There are a lot of tracks or fields, depending on the type, whether we are playing with you were or not, with four or six players, and recreation of these is very successful, from the realistic sport halls to more casual in urban courts or in the middle of a bridge in Venice, around the world. With good lighting effects, while sometimes not allow us to follow the action quite well, the scenarios are very pleasing to the eye and varied enough to not get bored.

In the sound section, we have melodies in both the menus and during matches, and the truth is that we are not facing the best music we've heard in a game of EA Sports, an aspect that often look very much in the FIFA series, a shame as this game should have been more careful to play the songs while playing. We do not mean that the music is bad eye, but EA usually aim higher in this. No commentators, and the voices during the game the players put themselves in different languages such as Spanish, being a very curious, which increases the feeling of playing in the street with some friends a pachanga. They ask for the ball, valued watermarks, and are sometimes very nice and fun, do not bother at all.

Although a great idea that started on the right foot, the FIFA Street series had lost a little direction, and has been a success that EA has returned to a fresh start tackling the street soccer and even football, a realistic and very respectful. To those I love football, I have practiced, and sometimes in your life have you taken a practice game with colleagues on the street, sure many of you were, we are sure you will like. It's fun, accessible, yet profound, and its control is very intuitive from the start, a success. It has a complete World Tour mode that you can be hooked to a few hours, and online mode, focus 100% on the team and player that we have created is a gamble, sure some players will not like at all, to unable to compete on the Internet with your favorite club. There have been bad to play leagues and cups, either alone or with friends, and has been a bit lame in terms of game modes, as in regard to gameplay have been right.

It is not perfect, live some absurd situation, impacts between players a little strange, and sometimes too hard to remove the ball, defenders are among sisters of charity to the front, at least until we learn and change the chip over other football games. But to be the starting point to begin with and grow a saga, it seems excellent, and we hope that EA opted to follow this other kind of football, a breath of fresh air in a few years when there were only two choices. Try it, experiment with its gameplay, and you will find a lot of fun, you'll love the football fans, whatever the scenario, the area or number of players, as long as your passion is football.

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