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Cheap Blades of Time | PS3, Xbox 360

Often risky bets in the world of video games. In an industry that is beginning to be too conservative in many respects, and in which a failure on their backs and weigh usually weighs more than a success, the study risks and launches a completely new idea to market, it always has with him. The Russian studio Gaijin Entertainment (maybe you for having given birth to two beady titles of recent years of the kind of console aviation Birds of Prey and Birds of Steel) now presents his own idea and concept of "hack and slash "but in a way that many players considered attractive and fresh. But is it enough? Blades of Time is the sequel to a game virtually unknown to the general public called X-Blade. Following spiritual, Blades of Time inherited some of the mechanics and aspects of it (apart from its female protagonist), but the truth is that hardly any points of contact with that title, and any, the truth is that there are entirely clear. Anyway, the title will reveal its basic argument shortly after startup. Do not expect a great show of argument or complex plot twists. Basically, history will tell us where you take the role proper to Ayumi, a treasure seeker will end up traveling to a strange world called "Dragonland" (we will avoid all the names, we do not know if the problems of translation, but the fact is that have little or no original) after a strange ritual.

Also during this introduction, we meet Zero, a loyal companion that will help us in some parts of the game and will join us in a few bars of the adventure. Little or nothing you can say about the argument that will go beyond ridiculous ranting and uninspired in political schemes existing between the different kingdoms is that, although Gaijin Entertainment has wanted to give his game airs epic production, history is not quite there.

Blades of Time compiles the strengths and weaknesses of most games of its genre. The core playable title Gaijin Entertainment has a number of very interesting developments, and they do stand out from the long list of similar products. At base, we will say that Blades of Time offers the usual movements and antics we expect in the control, but at the time, and like a title shot it were, we are allowed to use firearms. Yes, as you are reading. The mixture is quite shocking at first, since these weapons is not to be anecdotal.

Testable weigh in the fighting, and in some respects, especially when we getting larger caliber weapons, resolve situations in the blink of an eye. But despite these flashes of originality, in most cases, the use of firearms available in Blades of Time will be secondary. The provision of some levels, and the size or shape of attack most enemies do not invite us to use, demanding an instant response to attack or defend. In these dilemmas, and accurate physical attacks with our katanas, will be most effective, safe and easy, using the barrel and the caliber of the day.

In general, control over Ayumi, our protagonist, is correct. So, without further. As in other contemporary games, we ranked the repertoire of movements around the usual light attacks and special powers usual, we can keep improving with the use of the Altars and the souls of enemies to go knocking. It will not take too long for us to be doing the usual acrobatics around the creatures will besiege us, but it will be when we start to encounter large groups of enemies when certain bugs that were visible at first, will make an appearance.

Although Ayumi movement is fluid, we realize that, unlike other games of competition, stringing several hits with katanas Ayumi, cost thing. There will be times when you will believe that lack a final blow, and our character will remain blocked for a fraction of a second between two punch combination and, sparing a fluidity in the combos in bars and upper levels of the game, will be essential. This can be ignore (within limits) if Blades of Time would tell an engine or shock or a series of well-implemented swerving movements, but the truth is that none of the two sections are remarkable, leaving an unpleasant feeling to play. Another added, and the allegedly draws much of its charm and distinction, is the use of "splits" or "time travel".

Blades of Time allows, if necessary and the occasion, back in time a few fractions of a second, ideal when confronted with some enemies or to solve any of the (very few) will find puzzles and platforms in the future of adventure. In theory it sounds quite interesting, but in practice, the system does not clot at all. Moreover, only rarely be used (several clones shoot an enemy stronger than usual in the best case), bringing its practical use is forgotten and fading throughout the game. The playable section, in theory, given that the story and tells us very little atmosphere, should be the most remarkable aspect of a game like Blades of Time. Unfortunately, it is not. Again, and a huge sense of apathy invade the player and the game to the few hours we will end up absorbing the news of an alleged too quickly, forgetting them soon. And that does not benefit at all to the title.

As a curious note, highlighting the multiplayer competitive/cooperative that boasts Blades of Time, we will select different arenas in which to face endless waves of enemies and in which we destroy the defensive positions of the same with a small group of allies under our care. Find game is difficult, perhaps by distribution problems (the game is hard to find in our country), but if you are lucky enough to have a time via the Internet with a friend or contact, it is certain that it will pass well. Not quite there, but so entertaining.

Blades of Time may not perfect on graphics, or anything, but given the level of some of the exponents of the genre, and quality that has some of its graphic detail, the truth is that it looks pretty good overall. The change in artistic direction he has set a great time, and after leaving the style "cartoon" and encourage the first X-Blades Gaijin Entertainment has decided to cut a more realistic and plausible, earning a lot with the transition. Now the modeled scenarios and characters enjoy more consistency, especially in the enemy, whose appearance highlighted at various points in the adventure. Good textures, occasional decent lighting element and little else, resulting in a section right and worked as enough to blend. At the sound, and discounting his uninspired soundtrack. Perhaps not quite polished (notice some lip sync) but given the fact to translate, it's a nice touch by Konami.

Blades of Time has left us cold. Gaijin Entertainment seems to have put enough passion and dedication to detail or offer when the game, leaving orphans too certain sections of title in the end, are very important. Discounting its uninspired story, the playable section does not pass the approved fair, with some basic flaws in the mechanics very important to make this game somewhat frustrating at times. Even the changes introduced (the use of weapons or time travel) are enough to brighten or improve the bottom line, so we end up with some interesting game play for its history and control. Technically correct, with some other interesting detail, Blades of Time is a game that seems to have missed an extra time of post-production and maturation. Whatever the case, and although the majority of players do not see anything interesting in the title, Gaijin Entertainment's intentions are quite laudable, and perhaps, in the event that we are a true fan of the genre, Blades of Time to seem interesting. Otherwise, we repeat, there are much better options to consider.

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