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Twisted Metal Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS3

Chaotic action, music sugarcane, much twisted metal and black humor. The new Twisted Metal has everything that appeals to fans of this long saga that debuted on PS for more than 15 years improved, extended thanks to the graphics and network play. It is a series known in North America but almost always been in second place in Europe, where players did not connect so well with these cars rusted, murderers and air clown movie series B. Eat Sleep Play and Sony have worked this time for trying that this time the overall success more starting at least with better promotion, but is it enough to attract new players? Twisted Metal is a destruction derby organized by Calypso, which carries the spectacle of combat vehicles a step beyond what is ethically permissible. Its participants are not candid souls, we all crave the victory for his wish is granted by this diabolical kind. Namely: Sweet Tooth, a serial murderer who seeks a victim who fled to finalize pending work; Mr. Grimm, a criminal who wants to change the past that led him astray, and Dollface, a model to recover beauty after an accident and the subsequent attempts to solve the wounds of his face. Story mode tells the adventures through video clips and brief talks before races, starting with Sweet Tooth, considered the main character or at least the icon of the saga. It is possible to choose initial character, so we should end this argument to the next character in order.

The main single player mode has a simple development: go beating about tests performed on the maps to unlock new vehicles and weapons, the character and find videos get to the cruel end-Calypso has a wicked sense of humor. If this is your first Twisted Metal, the game is responsible for submitting to these peculiar competitors and motivation even a very slight, but find that the gameplay has a difficulty curve a bit steep: it's time to learn the management and strategies in the tutorials.

Twisted Metal has various configurations of buttons and check that all is not accessible from minute one without a time of learning. For example with our preferred choice, which uses the right stick to accelerate, with L1 and R1 are guided through the menu at the bottom of the weapons available, the run R2. With personalized L2 use the weapon before the race, a rifle, guns or revolvers that carries our pilot, the directional pad while running more attacks, like lightning freezer, throw mines, we aim to back or activate a temporary shield. With the buttons we stop, we changed the type of special weapon, change camera, etc... other movements such as the jump is performed by pressing L1 and R1, while the turbo runs R3-clicking the right stick, and even using the sensor movements for greater momentum. In short: many functions and some games will dominate the situation, but must be seen as an action game, not driving. In fact, the driving itself is very simple, easy to control, but knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each car takes time and practice. Knowing the power of weapons and unique motion is our favorite cars only discovered playing lot.

Another aspect that is vital to consider are the vehicles. Before departure from the story we choose usually up to three, each with a graph showing the speed, strength and offensive power. They are fairly balanced, if we want a "tank" we know that acceleration is sacrificed, and it shows. Instead the most nimble handling give us everything we could want, but instead must be very aware of the health of the stage picking up objects, using the recovery trucks or visiting the garage to switch to one of the two vehicles selected for the game . Our favorites are balanced, though you should not rule out the type of competition to the more pointers in one aspect, there is not disposable and that is a good achievement for David Jaffe and his team.

The story mode is basically a multiplayer enemies controlled by an artificial intelligence something slicker, arcade style, which seems bent more hassling than fight to survive or compete against other robots. Special tests such as boss fights or deputy, as the confrontation against Juggernaut, a powerful truck armed to the teeth that will rival periodically releasing the track and you can not get close unless the front or opens its gates. Another challenge is a mad dash in which we come and go on a road to be the first to activate some explosives that lead all participants through a series of gates or checkpoints, although still not really a game of speed here is something about the idea of racing. But many times our objective is simply to kill all our enemies. How? On the stage there are all kinds of items strewn with missiles, mines destructive adhesive and material that serves to damage any opponent that comes close enough to be targeted. Get ready to throw a hail of bullets, explosives, and also receive the same coin, because the aggression of the opponents is not far behind.

With each chapter from the story we find a different map that always has something new to offer. Some are large and full of destructible obstacles like small houses, or labyrinthine cities. In one inspired by New York in addition to eliminating enemies we must find within a "safe areas" outside, after a while, lose health, causing the action to move to different neighborhoods every so often. Then there is Black Rock Stadium where the path changes dynamically and is full of traps. The boss fights are in the classical manner, with strategies that you learn. The first of the story, which was unveiled in trailers, corresponds Grimm, two huge cars that force us to use the jump, and as one falls, the other becomes more furious.

Although we take a few hours over this story mode, its duration is based more on the difficulty that the number of competitions: we will repeat many tests over and over again to refine our technique and be more cautious. It is true that each game can last 20 or more minutes, and each story has different tests for each character, ie it is not repeating the same thing three times, as happened in previous Twisted Metal, but depending on the skill of player, complete the three stories is a great incentive. It is proper alignment of maps and modes to play streaming video yarn, but not the strong point of the game. Everything turns on the fun of beating human opponents, either local or network-online or in LAN. It is to be considered to be one of the few games of this generation does not forget the multiplayer split screen, in addition to four users. This restart or reincarnation of the series that is based primarily on Twisted Metal: Black began as a project for digital distribution only to online oriented, hence this is the heart of Twisted Metal, 2012.

With network play you discover the real fun of the competition, which unfortunately is not without some errors that we have suffered in connection to start the game, Eat Sleep Play is releasing patches to fix this, but apparently not working is finished. Sometimes it logs on the servers, and we must try several times connection manually, and others within the game, get us out. David Jaffe has said he is aware of these problems but at least it has not yet been solved completely, which does not mean that when there is no impediment, is a title frenzy like few others. Choose modes ranked or not, unlocked vehicles, weapons and skills, customize your cars, trucks, motorcycles and helicopter to find your way to play more aggressively. Chat before jumping into action and destroys your opponents in different ways for-all or team choosing to be a member of a gang of characters related to the three playable characters in the story Preacher followers, the Holy Men .

The online multiplayer for up to 16 players includes how nuclear weapon, which I talked about in our progress, and is based on capturing the leader of a rival team to send as a human sacrifice in a nuclear missile to be hit on a statue of the enemy . The other modes are more traditional and without surprises Deathmath could not miss the solo-all-against-all, team, survival, checkpoint races, similar to that previously described in the story mode, hunting to find a specific player from the opposing team, and last man standing with a number of lives that we save for being the last to die. It is true that there are a waste of imagination, but are as funny as expected. If you are passionate about games and competitive and you have many action games in first person, perhaps Twisted Metal is the change we seek.

The game is not pretty, but it's an artistic decision and not a defect as such. Sometimes it feels that the aim is just to feel provocative of bother. Even the interface is not very elegant, the menu of the game online, with drops of blood, seems an amateur game. Give this style to the game is part of the philosophy of Twisted Metal, as the distortion of the video footage to the Grindhouse. Or like or not like. In more technical aspects, one must admit that it looks much better in motion than in screenshots, since the developer has balanced a level of detail justito fluid with an engine that benefits from a generous motion blur, similar to that used in the Motorstorm series . Even with a high level of destruction, constant explosions and bursts of weapons, most of the time remains fluid at 30 frames per second, showing that Eat Sleep Play has prevailed and no gameplay glitches above visually ornaments. The end result is certainly not one of the most attractive games console, but if you like this personality dark, violent, blood splatter on the screen to run over pedestrians-and-dirty locations are very decadent, almost post -apocalyptic, you've passed one of the first barriers of this saga: it enters the eye.

There are eight scenarios with variations in total over 30 different maps inspired by real locations but under a gloomy appearance or degenerate. American deserts, Los Angeles, industrial, ruined cities, or an amusement park that would make Mickey Mouse mourn are some of these sands that can be seen at ground level or on board the helicopter, one of the novelties of this release. Saving large buildings, almost all that is the size of our vehicle is liable to be destroyed. It's fun to find a rival or an item and go straight through almost anything that puts us ahead to get there: trees, lampposts, concrete walls, houses, traffic neutral... be a rogue anti-hero never been so much fun.

The soundtrack mixes some graduates and other original items. In the first we have to Iggy Pop, Rob Zombie and his better-known song "Dragula", Sepultura, White Zombie, Judas Priest or Airbourne to name just some of the most popular. All acclimate to perfection the style of the gameplay and graphics thanks to the hard and aggressive strummery letters. We even liked the song written by Hip Hop Gamer, a famous video game analyst and singer-sounding in the credits. A narrator constantly tells us the weapons collected, our health or some actions, such as when Juggernaut is going to release more we have enemies or charged with a rival.

If the goal of David Jaffe was to restore the series to improve anything that could potentially be enhanced without changing course or compromise the gameplay by engaging in more players, has achieved its purpose. This Twisted Metal is irreverent, surprising even that has not been censored many of the stupid things we see during the game, as the option to run over people who are terrified burning. It keeps all the carefree fun of the saga of the 90 benefited from a more explicit graphics and multiplayer, although it has some imperfections that limit a little what could have been, there's no connection problems have been corrected in the month that has been available in the U.S. and the single-player modes are limited. Clearly that has been thought to play together.

Twisted Metal is the best vehicular combat game available today, is pure fun and hooliganism end. Costs into it, but as more and more games you play you find that stale gameplay that is so lacking in these times. It's not perfect and still not be accessible to all players, but who can deny a claim without further anarchic games that crush everything that moves to the rhythm of death metal.

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