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Lumines Electronic Symphony Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS Vita

The initial catalog of PS Vita has a lot of games, many of high quality power or exploit the unique features of the console. But if we had to choose one game to go in a trip, probably that would be one of the more modest-looking all Lumines: Electronic Symphony, a new edition of this pupil of Tetris that caused a furor in the early years of PSP with two titles. Somewhat later it jumped to home consoles such as PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, but without much impact. Electronic Symphony with the saga returns to where best moves: the portable and makes keeping all the addition of one of the best puzzles of recent times. Do not know the secret formula addictive Lumines? Q Entertainment gave its a few years ago and is very simple. It's a puzzle game with pieces falling from the top with slightly different rules to those of Alexei Pazhitnov known title. For starters, the pieces have only one way, 2x2-square-but may be composed of elements up to two colors-three if you have special effects. Our goal is to form four or more adjacent colors in the bottom of the screen, and when we succeed, disappear with the passage of the vertical bar. For example, you can eliminate blocks of 2x3 colors or more, depending on the situation by adding more points. And the falling pieces are not completely solid, if need be "broken" to leave no gaps, unlike Tetris. Broadly speaking these are the rules of Lumines, really easy to learn but difficult to master. Never really master it, and that is the grace of this and other puzzles: you can always improve your decisions, your records, your reflexes.

Lumines has always been characterized also by the chosen music and graphics, so the game called skins, furs or appearances. It is not only to accompany our games in good music, it is important in the pace of play and design of each piece. Although the basics are the same for parts-only two-color, with every appearance is a specific design theme with sounds, affecting the background animation, colors and even the shape of the chips. In a way, this also affects the difficulty: a simple appearance with square pieces are more comfortable to the eye than the washers on screens making it quicker to recognize homogeneous groups.

The game has little new PS Vita. For example, now our avatar-a small image on the left side of the screen has different skills. There are many avatars to unlock, like appearances, and with a little touch to activate the touch screen when the percentage improvements shown is 100%, which can result in converting the next piece in a chain block, create a square number single color or change colors. There are many custom upgrades and each avatar has its ability to duel mode ad-hoc, with tricks like randomize the rotation of the opponent's piece or increase the speed of the fall. When you know to take advantage of these improvements notes benefits in your scores, although these are temporary and skills to get them again you should get bonus or accelerate this process by touching the touch panel Vita. Other touch features also let you move or rotate the pieces by touching them, but do not go beyond the story, for practical purposes we will only use those on the avatar and the interface, because buttons are much faster.

Among the pieces of side effects, we have more news, as a random block that changes the colors of the pieces mantera accumulated random. On more than one occasion weep with joy at getting this card capable of creating the longed timely 2x2 formations between all that was coming dangerously mountain top, and instantly see half screen cleaned in seconds. It could also have negative effects if you were carefully preparing a column to be eliminated in a chain, but these occasions are rare. Instead chain blocks affect all adjacent colored blocks, except those found in a diagonal position. Advance planning such strategies is an advanced strategy and our experience in Lumines is difficult to control the situation so as to prepare these formations, but no doubt that with practice you get to keep order in this chaos of chips.

The more you play, you unlock more content and get more experience, your level up. When you start the game, you connect to PlayStation Network and load a list of your friends with the game and its levels can compare who is the more hooked to this drug is legal Lumines. Of course, you have detailed records of your accomplishments and network boards, and even a "block world", an option that shows a block comprising two million pieces that gamers around the world should be disposed of by adding together each day volatilized blocks in those 24 hours to get extra experience.

The main mode of play is called Travel and is just a game when you end eternal defeated, droop from exhaustion or the battery runs Vita, whichever comes first. With it, we review different appearances one after another accumulating score. The hours fly by. Once we feel comfortable with the gameplay

Electronic Symphony charts have more definition than in PSP. This is just plain great improvement over previous versions visual notebook, which anyway is no small feat considering that makes everything more comfortable to the eye after hours of hallucinogenic items. Now engine is used to recreate three-dimensional chips instead of 2D images, barely noticeable difference but it is true that the volume can be seen in the perspective between the blocks at each end and the light effects affect these polygons. Adds a psychedelic animated backgrounds and have a game that is a treat for the eyes thanks to OLED the PS Vita screen, but really is far from exploiting the possibilities of the machine. It is definitely nice and very clean style.

Instead the music itself is a strength, with more than three dozen tracks from artists than anything you're fan of the "electronic symphony" will ring you: Underworld, Pet Shop Boys, Safri Duo, BT, Amon Tobin, Goldfrapp, The Go! Team, Air, Aphex Twin and The Chemical Brothers with two songs, one "Hey Boy Hey Girl", a hymn of techno music in the late 90's, and one of his latest album, the Further Dissolve. It also adds a handful of original songs created for the occasion. Sure will miss Daft Punk, The Crystal Method or another of your favorite DJ, but at least the chosen selection could not be better because they are close to the trance music that does not clash in a game where you're going to think much and quickly. Soon shall cast you turn on the console with the game, the sound, forgetting the other tasks you have pending. Pure addiction and stimulation for your senses.

Lumines: Electronic Symphony is easily the best in the series and forced purchases of initial catalog of the notebook. Do not be compounded by the failure to exploit the technical potential of your console or duties of an original touch. If puzzles are your thing, the bottom with Lumines will last weeks, months, maybe years. Funny how few, perfect for portable play and make a difference with the catalog of home consoles. A demonstration is available on PlayStation Store, so you can check if your gameplay is what you want, and we assure you that once you try it, you can not stop thinking about anything other than turn pieces and look for patterns of colors.

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