Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flight Control Rocket Review | iPhone

Flight Control Rocket came to the App Store in the boom of the applications. Firemint was able to give birth to an application fun, addictive and full of details that made the iPhone and the iPad, the new focus for players worldwide. Millions of users around the globe were aware of the power of attraction that treasured the game, and they were dazzled by its playability based on reflection and planning. Flight Control in the original, embody an air traffic controller who must juggle to coordinate the various flights and planes that came to his door, avoiding the clash or interfere with their careers. Purely tactile control and graphics, simple and well kept, managed, in conjunction with a difficulty curve really interesting, the application will mark a before and after in the Apple platforms. Now, shortly after, Firemint and Electronic Arts, we have a completely new and improved sequel, although it builds on the gameplay seen in previous delivery, reinforced with a futuristic look quite attractive.

Flight Control Rocket is proposing to leave the skies of Earth, forget planes and explore the universe as space controllers. So we will keep a watch on planes landing and departing from our airport and we will control a huge mothership that receives huge amounts of ships and flying saucers of various kinds. Discounting the spatial ambience that boasts the Rocket Flight Control is perhaps the biggest change over the previous game, as we will control a static track a moving handle. The mother spacecraft will be the container for different smaller ships, which will be plying the screen waiting for our permission to land. Again, as in the original Flight Control, we will mark the route to be followed by these small ships automata, carefully directing and determining the direction and trajectory avoiding collisions.

Each ship will have its own color and parameter behavior, and as such, should land on the runway or hangar indicated color (ie, the green pier in the green, red runway in red....) The new release incorporates a variety of ships, which as we have set, enjoy a special behavior. There will be some who simply wander through space in search for a course, others will be organized in a single file, some that if the play is divided into several larger ones and that will be releasing small ships or missiles that we must address if we want ending in the cold starry space. In turn, and every so often, a ship of similar size and appearance our will to offer more extra ships, which have to be very careful. These massive behemoths space, we also offer valuable coins or credits, which will help us continue to unlock new objects or items without losing progress.

Flight Control Rocket is a simple game, but very accessible. We explain. At first, after the tutorial concise and well run, we get the controls simpler gameplay mechanics, how to guide our finger trajectories of ships and others. Gradually, as the game progresses (and it does not matter the way we play, as they all have in common this), we realize that if we master the excellence, follow a series of strategies and tricks that will test our reflexes if we are not losing ships or lives (have three hearts or attempts). Rocket Flight Control also introduces a number of RPG elements, under the name of bots. These bots are some funny androids and robots that will serve as power-ups or bonuses, and can be purchased at the store to wisely invest our precious (and difficult to win) coins. Each robot has its own special ability, ranging from an increase in collection coins for every level successfully, more life-serving continuations autopilots for some types of ship of a certain color. It is the most important innovation in the gameplay, since a good portion of bots can completely change the future of the game and allow more leeway to make mistakes without too many consequences.

A graphic level, discounting the Retina screen support the new iPad, Flight Control Rocket, provides us with a casual style, with bright colors and visual atmosphere influenced by science fiction retro. The music, strong sense of vintage tunes will delight us with a certain air to the fifties, which fits well with the overall application. Nice touch. Flight Control Rocket is a sequel more than justified. While the gameplay remains intact to a greater or lesser extent, the changes provide some added freshness and renewal, something that is joined by the new visuals and visual. Addictive and durable (their two game modes are practically infinite) and compatibility with scores and achievements of Game Center, Flight Control Rocket is a major achievement that will keep you glued for hours before our iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The costing $ 0.99 this game (which also is a Universal application) are a safe investment from which you will never regret it.

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