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Touch My Katamari Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS Vita

One of the most successful follies PlayStation 2 was Katamari Damacy. A game with graphics that would shrink more than one but kept inside the original gameplay, Japanese humor and an unforgettable soundtrack. Its creator, Keita Takahashi announced that after the second game, We Love Katamari, there would be no more deliveries, but the fact is that the series was adapted to multiple systems such as PSP, Nintendo DS, iPhone, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The march of Takahashi of Namco Bandai after creating the equally delusional Noby Noby Boy has not prevented the follow katamari rolling desks, playgrounds or cities, and has been one of the stakes of the company's launch of PS Vita,the other game is Ridge Racer. With both analog controls of the laptop, Touch My Katamari by Katamari is the first order in these devices can be controlled as originally devised for the DualShock: with the levers. This release does not deviate much from the goal of ever: roll a katamari ball-by-the scenarios to be adhering objects that are smaller than the sphere, so that the diameter gradually increase and trap and increasingly larger objects. If you have not ever played a previous delivery it may seem the foolishness of the century, but it is a very addictive thanks to the mechanical design of the scenarios in which you can "steal" virtually all exploring the place. When the timer starts counting the last seconds and still left a few centimeters or meters depending on the size, the voltage will have nothing to envy that you can live with more traditional approaches.

The starting argument is that this time the King of the Cosmos is no longer the benchmark for the population, has no style of dress, has lost its "beautiful" figure, just do not impress, and why every time mark plus package. To remedy this, send the young prince to collect material to create more stars in the sky and thus impress those who once were fans of his royal figure. In parallel, tells another story, about a young slacker addicted to video games, television surprised to see the King in a deplorable state, decides to go to work to change your life. The pity is that the game is not translated, and if you have trouble with English you will miss the absurd plot and gags that made Katamari Damacy so legendary. Looking at the gameplay does not affect-well, perhaps to meet the objective of each mission, but is a disadvantage for the players.

Which control is like home is a good step forward for example with respect to Me & My Katamari for PSP that had to change the settings to be playable. But the title Touch My Katamari-touch-my katamari is not accidental, as one might imagine, because as more novelty is the ability to control the game with the display and otherwise distort what until now had always been a sphere. In the first case, simply swipe your finger over the image to direct the steps of the little Prince and his katamari. Accustomed and pleased by Vita sticks, we prefer classical control is another standard also available on a stick controls movement and other camera-so I always touch control available in this case is optional.

The other major use of the screen or touch panel rear katamari is distorted so that you can become a kind of roller-kibble instead a horizontal or vertical disc. Initially there fingers away from its natural position to change its shape, but if you think, saves you time well spent as the stage area: scattered among many small objects, with a katamari rolled past the dozens of items you bring. Sure, change is easier for large obstacles prevent you from moving, having to change so frequently. In the end, it becomes interesting but not decisive as to revolutionize the gameplay, at least if your goal is to pass the tests without more, do not forget that the replay and get high scores is an important issue, and here you may use either check how the differences.

But not all good news in the game. Let us arrange a dozen scenarios only does a disservice to the variety, although this will be expanded with downloadable content, which does not mean that in the base game is a short list. There really is deeper than it seems, as we unlock more modes, there are hidden objects to collect and a cousin hidden in each scenario, we change the appearance of the Prince and the King, who occasionally makes requests, we got candy, are the currency game-to buy more music, there are functions with Near and online leaderboards. In short, the duration depends more on the replay to take better records than what it takes to see the credits.

Mention that in the dozen scenarios are not all the usual targets, collect pieces indiscriminately at the specified time. Some of them have tasks such as creating the largest ball with a number of objects where you have to be careful not to hit the unnecessary-small-sized and go to the more bulky than can adhere. In other scenarios have to get a lot of food but not exceed a few calories or attract cows and larger bears are. These small shifts in strategy and gameplay that add difficulty to what is normally shoot regardless.

The feeling with Touch My Katamari is always good, but a few hours we have covered everything offered at least superficially. Touch My Katamari is great fun, but as happens to the King of the Cosmos, time is unforgiving and has lost some of the magic of old. First, to keep almost all unchanged after many years affects originality. Of course still look like any other game you can imagine, the catalog of Vita or off-except precisely to previous Katamari games. Saving Katamari is the laptop more comfortable to play and twist that involves altering the area, the rest we know too well. Logically, if you have not touched the series, is highly recommended and will surprise you all from the start, otherwise it is impossible to think of it as a short delivery that adapts previous installments to the small screen without further attention.

The graphics Touch My Katamari Katamari Damacy are pure. The modeled are sketchy and hardly any textures, and when they appear, show pixels without any blur. But before you put the fuss, thought to be the design of the series and would remain so even in a PlayStation 4 or more powerful PC you can imagine. Not counting the sharpness of the screen Vita, no other advance over other systems, we have even seen some characters recycled from old releases and some sudden appearance of pop-up objects. But it is clear that a Katamari you can not see under the same magnifying glass to Uncharted: Golden Abyss. It's a different style also has an explanation: a vast amount of objects on the screen and gradually found that the scale of the scenery is great. Regarding the touch interface, it is curious, because this time we chose to talk with fans rotating one of the items bearing the King in his head, while in the other we have the individuals that make customization tasks. Far is that two-dimensional map of We Love Katamari.

The soundtrack follows the usual style: Japanese pop, electronic music and even jazz. An amalgam is not as memorable as the first deliveries but maintains that Japanese personality that we like in the series. A shame that Namco Bandai has not been encouraged to turn the talks, which are few in history who has the game as it is a bit annoying to hear constantly scratch every word we said the King.

No major developments in the saving playable distortion-ball in the end does not change dramatically the way people play, and a shorter duration than expected, Touch My Katamari is a fun title thanks to the ideas that worked ago eight years are still fresh and different. After all this time, we have not been able to classify the genre or the series: puzzles? Simulator dung beetle? The game we love. But the point is that if you already have another Katamari in your collection, you will find few changes and the feeling of expansion we've had since the second game still does nothing but increase. Assesses whether your loyalty to the King is strong enough to follow their desires, they are crazy, or you settle replayed his early adventures.

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