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Big Win Soccer Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for iPhone

The mixture of genres is something that usually works if done with good hit upon. It is not easy, because if both are disparate or different design, the result can be quite difficult to digest. In recent platforms or players with a high rate, as well as play and leisure habits well defined (as the present devices iOS) is quite common to see some more leading developers and publishers, decided to go for these applications. Big Win Soccer is one of these games keep advocating gender type as playable football field to a completely different cards. Big Win Soccer leaves the standard pattern of the football simulator. Here, the players do not control directly, or have an active interface with which to shoot or score goals using virtual joystick or button on the touch screen of your iPhone or iPad. In the wake of sports management simulators and spicing through the prism of card games, Big Win Soccer brings us to control a football team based on the strategy and to some extent, chance. So far, applications had swum football between two very distinct and clear ways: arcade simulators and management titles. Perhaps there was the odd rare bird, like those games where we were shooting fouls or did serve as goalkeeper, but mostly the result was quite homogeneous. With Big Win Soccer we find an interesting premise and alternative, which unfortunately does not stop working as it should.

The application, from the first minute, be revealed as a game accessible and friendly to all audiences. The interface is very clear and simple, and appearance and casual. Those seeking a thoughtful strategy game or something more serious, better to stay away or download the app from the App Store. Big Win Soccer, at the very beginning, invites us to know our team, we configure it as we please and we open the first "on" virtual card with which you play. And, after editing and changing the name, emblem or colors to our club, we begin to look one by one the players we have, their qualities and characteristics and start planning what cards to use and which not. The first envelope, completely random, will give us the odd virtual board called "Big Impact" which are special abilities that will give us moments or unique qualities in the course of each game.

There is great variety, from "Nerves of Steel" to "Free of injury" or "Clarity of free-kicks." Once we decided to develop our team and we picked up three cards of the named "Big Impact", will start the match against another player via online. From here we invite you, if you do not have a data rate buoyant in your iOS device, as consumption data for the connection can be huge given the online application. The game can be solved immediately or watch it live, with two periods of 45 seconds, where we will see from an overhead perspective to our friendly and active players. The parties are resolved automatically, valuing the cards used, our players and fans who have accumulated.

The level of fans is a constant. As we get parties or used and achieved victories in tournaments and bulky free games, our fans increase. This guarantees new levels that progress in terms of reputation, and turn over notes and coins to invest in envelopes and letters. The envelopes and letters, little by little, eventually becoming constant reinforcements, so we'll have to spend much of the budget as we receive it. There are different "expansions", highlighting the bronze, silver and gold, and star players from each special or able to unbalance a game soon. Learn to create a competent deck, will be key to success.

Big Win Soccer gameplay offers nothing more. Graphically it is nice, do not deny, but discounting the party meetings nothing is more remarkable. The customization options can be interesting, but do not believe that beyond the first twenty minutes, we assume something especially difficult or addictive, unless we start playing games abruptly hoping to get results and money to buy more on . In fact, like most games of this style, despite being free, is well designed so that if we want to move quickly, we have to pay real money. In the hands of the player will do, of course, but we believe that we need if you know your options well dosed.

This app, explores gender football, but with emphasis on strategy and the letters as a basis, resulting in an original game but unpolished and somewhat neglected at the level playable. The approach continues to seem to curious and very interesting, but the few available options for the configuration (best would be a more active role of event cards) and the lack of competition, will take their toll. Even so, taking into account their free application, it may be an option to consider when looking for a game of football strategy and accessible to all audiences and with some degree of addictiveness in the early stages.

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