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Inazuma Eleven 2 Firestorm Review | Nintendo DS

The first Inazuma Eleven arrived in Europe in January 2011, and became a bestseller all, one of the best selling games of the year. And seeing the quality of its second part, we suspect that had a similar fate, so we bet that sooner or later end up getting different deliveries to Europe. Become the Oliver and Benji for the youth of today with its animated series, this whole phenomenon began as a game, a very peculiar and unique blend of football role and works like a charm, so probably their creators in the second part did not dare to touch the formula too. A new story, apparently much more fantastic, 500 new players to collect, making a total 1,500-a four-player multiplayer mode, and ultimately an adventure that we felt even longer and more complete than the first. If you go to the point and not amuse you too clocking players and playing a thousand and one games, you may take about 20 hours, but its duration is very variable, much as you want to dip into its proposal. The story begins a few days after the end of the first game, Raimon Institute has won the tournament against all odds, Football Frontier, the national championship, after what they have taken a well deserved vacation. Although clear their captain, the passionate Mark Evans has not stopped a single day of training. A week later, the team has to return to training, but that same day, a strange and unexpected event occurs. A shower of black balls Raimon destroys the Institute, and behind these is the Gemini Storm, a team of aliens Alius Academy. Its purpose is to kill all the institutes in Japan, then moving on to destroy all mankind, unless they get beat a team playing football, something that apparently seems impossible, given his incredible techniques.

The indefatigable Mark Evans never gives up, and will aim to create a team to beat them, traveling throughout Japan to recruit the best players, like Shawn Froste Eternal Blizzard and technique, in addition to a new coach, Lina Schiller, a beautiful woman , as smart as enigmatic. Axel Blaze will begin to behave in a strange way to events taking place, and live a story with a few plot twists surprising, as we often get used in Level-5 games. Also this is a very Japanese title, as will tour some of the most famous cities of the country Nippon, Tokyo, Hokkaido, Nara or Kyoto, and then different locations in each of these areas.

A playable level, who will enjoy the first part you know what you find here, a game very similar, with small additions and improvements, but keeps one by one his identity, and that "bites" and vitiates much as that. For non probable the first Inazuma Eleven, never too late to re-enlist in the series, and indeed this is well understood then without having played the first. A role-playing game, with exploration of villages with NPC to talk to, stores where you buy items, a group of players that you level of experience, and an element always present and very important, which provides many overtime, the acquisition of new players. With that analogy, it could be something like a Pokemon, only recruit players here, and the battles are replaced by entertaining football.

The burden of argument is quite strong, there are many dialogues, colorful animated scenes, and actually a bit difficult to start with a slow pace at first given the large number of talks and text boxes. But this also ensures that you admire the players and the other characters, nicely shaped, and the story manages to engage, in addition to your gaming system. The overall tone is rather juvenile or child, promoting values ​​such as effort, and never give up the friendship, which may take a little back to some adults. But leaving aside prejudices, and drifting, this is a lovely game, that those who get their thirties ages remember the years of our childhood, when enjoyed with fervor of Oliver and Benji.

When moving through the game with the main character, Mark Evans, we can choose to use only the touch screen or digital crosshead and buttons. The scenarios are polygonal, allowing us to move the camera slightly to the left and right, creating an isometric perspective, while all the characters are sprites, creating an RPG flavor to the 16-bit was lovely. And despite not possibly be the cutting edge of Nintendo DS, the good performance of Level-5 with artistic design supersedes any technical deficiency. To qualify for the polygonal shaped the characters, and the most spectacular scenes, we have to play the games.

In matches forgetting to the crosshead and buttons, we will use them only the touch screen, but with the cross we have to move the camera, a must. If a traditional RPG random battles when we explore the scenarios, here random parties, calls pachangas. 4 vs 4 matches, three players and a goalkeeper, that to win we have to meet certain requirements, which can be simply put the first goal, or steal the ball to the opposing team. To move the players slide the stylus on them, indicating the direction you want them to lead. If we have the ball, playing to another will make a pass. When we pass an opponent, whether or not we hold the ball, there are battles.

If we take the ball, we can choose to make a dodge, dodge, or exceed, the first option less effective, but allow more control, and the second being the opposite. When we ran into an opponent with the ball can make a charge with the body or dig into ground level with a bias. That these actions are successful or not will depend on the value points of battle, which appear at the top of the screen compared between both players, and will indicate the likelihood of success. When shooting on goal, but we can choose a single shot or a petroleum jelly is not easy to surprise the goalie. For them we have the supertechnique, the most spectacular moves of the game. Shots of fire, combined, and not only in offensive actions, too defensive to steal the ball or the goalkeeper, with powerful stops before the most difficult shots.

Each player can learn a maximum of six supertechnique, and this can be done by leveling up or by some notebooks, which are single use and can be achieved in different ways, such as in shops or chests. Even later in the game some players may supertechnique teach others. As a novelty in this installment, players can also deploy special abilities, which appear to learn certain supertechnique, and may be related to the speed or the ability to stop shots. Also new is improved supertechnique because if you can successfully perform a certain number of times, will grow stronger, becoming an advanced supertechnique. It should be clarified for those who do not know, that players have two types of point-energy point EP-and PT-point technique. Must be measured very well when we use the supertechnique, because they consume PT, one of the strategic elements. Furthermore, these do not recover at the end of matches, and to restore them or use an object or we go to a recovery point by point of passion that allows us to recover the PE and PT.

Following developments in games, now we can make long shots by pressing an icon of T. These can be done far from the goal, and if we do a supertechnique which permits it, who knows if we can not score a goal from midfield. Now not only the goalkeepers may intercept shots, also the players. If after a shot a defender is near the range of the shot and press the B icon, you can stop the shot or at least reduce its power, so you have to choose well from where we throw away, having also supertechnique to these actions.

And no one will dispute pachangas of 4 vs 4, 11 vs 11 matches also with all of the law, with its faults, and even offsides penalties. With two times, these parties are making a comparison with an RPG to use, such as fighting against bosses, viviéndose here the most exciting moments. Before each game, players can choose, different strategies, choose the key player of the match, or even change the role of the characters, one of the innovations, affecting their personality and their skills and supertechnique. Apart from the fun they are, we always wanting to play games and pachangas, to gain experience for players. Of course, as the only negative point is to admit that the difficulty of the game in general is a little low, intended for a young audience.

Our operations center is the Inazuma Caravan, which will help us move all over Japan, and perform other actions. For example if you speak to Mr. Veteran, the driver of the vehicle, we can play against any of the teams we have already defeated. There are squares connected parties called extra string, and if we are winning and unlocking sections, we will receive bonus items. Also in the caravan can browse and sign players to have a maximum of 100, and is sometimes more or less difficult to recruit, having to find them and convince them in place in different ways, eg beating in a game. To get to players, we also have the contact map, a series of interconnected squares we unlocked using points of friendship.

There are many other details that comment in a very complete game and full of possibilities, and the grace that lies not going to spend just the story but staying clocking a team player and make him better, marking us our own challenges . We can also play games with other friends via local connection, with matches up to four players, or trade players. The penalty is that it offers the opportunity to play matches over the Internet, a feature we expect to see in future installments, and the Wi-Fi only serves to download players or objects. As you know the game comes in two editions to the shops, a classic saga of Pokémon that mimics Inazuma Eleven now, however we are faced with two titles that keep many similarities. In each version is unique players that do not appear in the other game, about 150 in each version, and to complete the collection of players, the players will require exchange of the two versions. Some characters of each issue have special abilities unique to their version, and have different teams competing, some unique to each version, or will be more involved with the story, for example Firestorm Prominence team we face the Torch, and in Eternal Blizzard Diamond Dust Gazelle.

There is a love triangle between Mark and two daughters, Silvia and Nelly, if you follow the series already know too well. Depending on the version, (fire or blizzard) Mark is more concerned with Nelly or Silvia, respectively. And finally the soundtrack of the opening, a song sung in Castilian, are different. Also in Eternal Blizzard gives more importance to Shawn Froste, the executor of this technique, and Firestorm Axel Blaze, the charismatic star striker Raimon, which met in the previous game. As you can see are not radical differences between versions rather subtle, since the story itself is the same.

On the technical side we have said that this is a game pointer, even in Nintendo DS, but that does not stop very nice and pleasing to the eye. Locations all over Japan are varied, and the various actions of the parties, recreated with polygonal graphics are sufficiently result, and get to capture the spectacular shots, stops or dribbles. Music as in all the productions of Level-5 is very careful, with melodies that come to perfection, and good sound work round it a good dub, something that has accustomed us very well with their Nintendo games important.

If you enjoyed as the first part, we have no doubt that you will do with this second. Very continuity, some aspects have been refined and added some new features that make it even better and even seems longer and full of content. A mixture of football role and unique, that if like both ingredients, you will love and vitiate much. His only black point can be in a difficulty a bit low, or perhaps a shade too childish for some part of the public, but it's not a problem in itself, since the game is clear to whom it is addressed. I hope this year also the third installment for Nintendo DS, and not take much to get its debut on Nintendo 3DS. One of the most entertaining and original titles for any of the two laptops, and we recommend you give him a chance if you have not already done so.

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