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Dynasty Warriors Next Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS Vita

The most successful franchise Koei has not missed an appointment at the launch of PS Vita, so with the new laptop we have a new release. We speak, of course, Dynasty Warriors, veteran strategic mass action series loosely based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms which debuted in PSOne back in 1997 as a fighting game Soul Blade inspired something. It was not until the sequel on the PlayStation 2 when really she enjoyed fame in the West and sit the basis of gender by which we know today, the mass struggles. Dynasty Warriors has been criticized, as always, your little evolution in many ways. A few graphical enhancements including systems with the jump, a very conservative gameplay based on button mashing and a character design has changed little in over a decade. In the eyes of most of the players, each sequel brings minimal cosmetic changes and this causes the hose easy to "more of the same"-but as we say, success still keeps alive the series each year. Dynasty Warriors Next Omega Force has been able to afford a few developments in the mechanics that are linked to the special characteristics of PS Vita getting that this is one of the newest deliveries within the Dynasty Warriors. Changes will also feel good.

Now the special attacks and other specific events take advantage of the touch screen. An example of ambush situations where multiple enemies rush toward you in slow motion. We play these rivals, or perform cuts and turn the console-type augmented reality, the better to see the soldiers. Musou movements, depending on the character controlled at the time, can go across the screen from side to side with a finger to make our hero that cut sword to rival mass in seconds to shake the console with pace to enhance impacts by the motion sensor. For other situations stray bullets and even used the back panel. We also have duels, in which we come face to face with an enemy harder than usual to be overcome to make sweeps in different directions on the screen with a camera closer to the action.

All very spectacular but unrealistic as is tradition. Leonidas and the Spartans would be proud to have us in their ranks, the army of Xerxes would not have lasted ten minutes. Is it fun to use this control? At least as much as pounding buttons. In this case, adds variety of situations, and by that time slows down while using the screen, no complaint with inaccuracies of control as it could have if we hiciesen switch from one configuration to another on the fly. What other games is an unnecessary intrusion, here becomes a new ingredient that certainly enhances the experience, although not to the point of completely revamp the gameplay. Actually most of the time we will continue with the standard control, but is now dotted with these types of events that soften the monotony.

During the rest of the game, while we fight, news of Vita are less dramatic but equally useful, such as sending subordinates to enemy bases or own from the map to the tasks of assault or defense. For the basic action, however the game is controlled much like any other console, with simple two-button combos, square and triangle, and another to launch opponents into the air to chain combos. With the second stick in the console we ensure that the camera does not play tricks on us, or at least will be the least-the aggressiveness of the basic enemies almost never gets in trouble-something very important in a title that we will be surrounded almost all the time. It is both a strength and weakness of Next, and the rest of Dynasty Warriors: the gameplay is extremely simple, it is easy to control, but falls easily repeated even with the changes introduced.

Dynasty Warriors Next has several modes of play. The main campaign is typical of the master franchise territories consisting of a China in transition by the wars of kingdoms and the end of the Han dynasty to dominate Pick-long zone that is connected to another point-set to your character weapons and equipment, and jumps into action dominating base map accompanied by acolytes or meet your goals sorted following historical events to unlock new weapons or uniforms. The argument, if you're not familiar with the background that has, perhaps sound like Chinese-pun intended-and unfortunately the game is not translated, as it comes in English and the vocals, does not help much to follow the thread of events and even tutorials. There is an encyclopedia of characters and the story of the Three Kingdoms to help a bit to understand the historical background that you can read it easier, but also in English. In the worst cases, if not mastered the language, you can forget entirely the argument because the game is still fun and do not need many reasons to hand slaps and punches.

Another important option is conquest mode, where you can play with an official printed by us or one of the protagonists of the story but without the restrictions imposed by real events. Is to meet targets and dominate territories with a bit more freedom than in the campaign, versus mode option to compete against other players. Mode change coalition can join three other players in co-op, but only in ad-hoc. The network functions, which can be activated during the campaign mode or conquest, offer data downloaded from other users-really is fighting its ghosts and not against them directly, and improvements such as bonuses or fill indicator Break. In addition to several mini-unlocked, which we also use the characteristics of Vita, we have no choice typical augmented reality consisting of shooting with the camera of the console to the character you want superimposed on the actual background.

Dynasty Warriors games that do not show up mainly in graphics-not exploit the power of any console that have passed-but I need a bare minimum because the gameplay is tied directly to the number of enemies on screen, its artificial intelligence, the overall fluency, and the sacrifice made on stage not so serious as to leave the fund as a ridiculous level. PS Vita amply meets this requirement and thanks to him, we can enjoy a delivery that has little to envy of the last games played on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 but precisely in those scenarios. Still no dawn in the visual, but comparing with the domestic credit, it seems a great achievement for a laptop that gets so many characters to move solidly and with the usual clarity of the screen, which lets you see every last rival squad enemy from far away it is. Yes, the battlefield is very soulless, and if your eyes stray see action appearance of characters or vegetation, but are assumable defects. We prefer no slowdowns in this type of game more trees in the set.

As for the sound, we find occasional strummery not hit much with the historical setting, while not bad, and the dialogues and voices in English. The best: the sound of the din and clash of swords constantly around us. Although not too far from the development of other Dynasty Warriors, Next has unveiled a touch control that works acceptably and a very large of enemies on screen graphics without major cuts. If you like the series, there should be no impediment to get this laptop delivery, which is handled superbly with the buttons on the system. Style action hack 'slash like that as more direct competition now has only a Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, aimed at a more technical and precise combat. On the other hand, it is clear that if you love the Dynasty Warriors, this release will not change your overall opinion of the series. A good game, in short, fun and many hours of fighting, which carries the strengths and weaknesses, something tempered by news from the characteristics of Vita, we know too well in this series, now in pocket size.

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