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Smash 'N' Survive Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS3

What about the good ideas? They seem exhausted at alarming rates. And with good intentions? They just diluted between promises. What happened to that generation of games offered proposals fun, entertaining? Did you miss the innocence of the game? Smash 'N' Survive might well have responded positively to many of the questions previously raised, and that his approach could not be more direct, simple and translucent. One must observe that the title boasts. Unfortunately, the end result has finished speaking for itself. And although the foundational premises of the game may well have been laudable in principle, the fact is that the title that we have finished butting, leave much to be desired. Before entering the field, would be nice to make a healthy exercise in perspective. If you do memory, we are sure many of you will remember games and franchises such as Twisted Metal and Destruction Derby. In those titles, violence, destruction and driving more violent were the tonic note playable. They were fun games and franchises, with few aspirations beyond pure entertainment. All we had to choose a car, stay tuned, eliminate our opponents or stay safely on the track for as long as possible. For years, with mixed results, dozens of titles tried to follow the trail of oil and gunpowder that left those precedents. With the advent of new fashion trends in simulators and video games, a passion for the games was over almost vanishing. The arcade driving and reflexes, such as Burnout or Crazy Taxy himself took to the streets virtual, and other titles, despite some moments of clarity, nothing more was heard.

Now, following the legacy of those innocent and simple games, appears the first work of Indian development studio Version 2 Games, Smash 'N' Survive. Distributed under the aegis digital platform Sony PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3, Smash 'N' Survive try to offer the same sensations as those legendary action driving title. And do not get it. Soon after starting the game, we will meet face to face with an uninspired menu, complex to understand and short on details, it's over "enjoy" a repetitive and insistent music we end up hammering the head before we can choose a game option in particular.

Game options, which by the way, they just give us a limited multiplayer, repetitive campaign missions and a succession of uninteresting, since they are merely variations (at best) levels and objectives achieved in the solo campaign. Smash 'N' Survive try playing various genres and modes of play with different rules. These will range from the typical tests that survive the onslaught of different cars and AI controlled vehicles, others where speed takes precedence over all things, through the typical missions where you must go through the usual checkpoints before that time runs out.

In turn, and for that to offer some variety, Smash 'N' Survive missions also include some stunts and defense objectives, which will act as escort for a particular vehicle. Although at first glance the variety of missions and game modes seems interesting, soon we will realize that they seem to be repeated infinitely, and that we are not talking about a title particularly long (just a dozen missions) . If a false sense of diversity we add an insufferable playable control, typical of the early and prehistoric 3D driving games, the truth is that we have too many incentives to continue to enjoy the title.

And is that the physical control and vehicle polishing demonstrate how little is the playable section, taking a car to skid to the first exchange, and are very difficult to straighten once we struck up combat or motorized assail our opponents. Not to mention pressing the turbo button. If we do, under our responsibility, we'll see how our car seems to overturn any change in trajectory. This extends to most cars present, as though it is true that we can find a parquet of armored and armed to the teeth fairly complete (forty of them, ranging from monster trucks to station wagons, sports or buggy) the differences will be minimal playable, sharing the same endemic problems in handling and driving.

Despite the different missions, playable leitmotiv is to destroy and survive. Something that it emphasizes game title, but not always easy to fulfill. Sometimes we will see how our car is stripped out (literally) when it hit a small element of the stage, giving us strange antics of nonexistent dents and realism, and leaving us to scrap soon after starting the particular mission. Unfortunately, this is normal, since due to poor control, take control of the situation in extreme situations will be very difficult, given that the weapons in most vehicles are unsightly (the odd flamethrower), we often see forced to beat a random and unsystematic. Following the thread of the stage, saying that the variety of locations, but enough, it seems bland in terms of design and distribution. We explain.

Smash 'N' Survive has a graphical section very, very fair. Whether we think, at times, a PlayStation 2 game with the occasional vitaminized result texture. And if the vehicles seem matchboxes with little or no hint of originality beyond the glitzy metallic appendages and nothing inspired transposing into their body (the customization of the vehicle range is fair to a fault), the scenarios are the same tonic. We find simple circuits with an oval, which run until tired (and go crazy), industrial wasteland, scrap cemeteries in the countryside and rural roads with trees that look like a fun mortar of pixels of different shades of green. And when we say fun, we are speaking ironically.

Sound, better not talk. We strongly recommend that if you decide appeals and play the game, you should essay to do clearing any trace of sound, since Smash 'N' Survive offers one of the most repetitive soundtrack and heavy. The main melody, a kind of infinite loop in heavy metal framed more brilliant, will accompany you at all times. If you can avoid it, again, better. The game is compatible with the network of Achievements and Trophies for PlayStation 3, and this, though of course, give us some memorable moments in relation to the pathetic and sympathetic translation into English of most of them.

Smash 'N' Survive any section does not survive. Overall a mediocre game, ill-posed, careless and rough play. Try to camouflage their shortcomings with a pretense of complexity based on a lot of tracks and cars, and takes refuge in a multiplayer (split screen and online) that deep, it is no big deal. Considering its price (about 12 euros) and its just life, despite how attractive an idea may seem laudable resume and classic as it appeared to raise at first (destroy and survive a supposedly interesting battles between armed cars to the exhaust pipe), the fact is that we are facing a very unwise choice. Instead, horrible.

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