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Angry Birds Space Review | Unlockables, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Walkthroughs, Guide for iPhone, iPad, PC

Today, with the boom in mobile applications and games for smartphones and tablets, it is normal to find franchises or franchise enjoying unprecedented popularity in recent years, and are, almost unquestionable, children of a new form to understand the game. Angry Birds, Rovio success, we confirmed at the time, the entry into the era of apps. The formula playable (throwing birds against structures inhabited by pigs that had stolen the eggs of those birds) proved to be a simplicity and accessibility bombproof, adding an important basis on which platforms such as Apple, sustained over time to attract players of all types and consolidate your iOS devices like real tactile consoles and media players. After several deliveries, reviews and sequelae of dubious quality, Rovio brings us back to the birds but with one important exception: this time, the adventure will travel into space. Angry Birds is all a mass phenomenon. Very few users, players are veterans or newcomers, have escaped their advantages and necessities playable.

Angry Birds Space is the latest installment of the franchise to land on the App Store, offering a formula similar playable, but seasoned and combined with a new space background and a series of changes in the mechanics that will appeal to more than one. The user who has played any of the sequels and the franchise's previous titles, you will notice the similar distribution and similar start to run the application on your iPhone or iPad. Once again, we have a nice (but brief) introduction animation that will put us in position and give us the perfect excuse to understand space travel of our birds into space. Within seconds, less than whether we are impatient, and we have the first screen in front of our eyes, and when we will be aware of the change, visual and playable, to this delivery. This time, the gravitational attraction and gravity fields associated with each planet or planetoid, are the real stars. Now, every time we release a brave bird to destroy the position or structure on which to take refuge everlasting green pigs, we calculate the exact trajectory of our trip, trying to discern clearly the possible way forward, taking advantage of size and the gravitational field of each asteroid, planet or satellite. We launched our bird directly from pigs or try to do a somersault following a particular orbit? Thousands of possibilities at each level.

The puzzles will be there, and although the first screens will be relatively simple and can get the three stars without too much difficulty, we shall see as playable formula presents new challenges. Later, we find that there will be levels where you will not find any planet or asteroid, and where we throw the birds directly to the vacuum of space. Thus, not only have to calculate the force or the trajectory of the shot with the slingshot, also we will have to dodge obstacles and landing near pig structures in the best way possible to guarantee to its demolition. If we have new levels (perhaps less than it should), new gameplay mechanics and some other increased difficulty resulting from the change of atmosphere (there are some golden eggs quite hard to come). What about birds? A lime and sand. The birds mostly remain exactly the same, except the purple bird, which makes its debut special. That is, the yellow and speed, the standard red, blue and its division into three smaller birds...

Few changes to what you would expect from a sequel so different from the above, although undoubtedly already raised tenor of the gameplay, it seems that still works like a charm. As for the technical section, Angry Birds Space, maintains its humorous and lighthearted tone, again offering a fun and visually appealing aesthetic to which the change of location, it is pretty good. Now we have planets in various shapes and colors, new scenarios and a physics engine and animation that looks more powerful and deeper than ever with the added gameplay derived from gravity and the trajectory of our rabid birds. Rovio is worth noting that, once again, has been to translate the application, although no details have any influence on the final title (not to read too), does not seem to get given the low level of text found in the game. The music, as usual, correct and charismatic.

It is business as usual (destroy structures and kill birds that inhabit all the pigs inside) but improved. The formula is playable virtually identical, with little change beyond the introduction of the gravitational forces of the planets (which is no small, eye) or the brand new setting, but the truth is that still works. Rovio may be squeezing the most of your goose that lays the golden eggs, and that its decisions to pay for a few extra levels is not entirely correct (Angry Birds Space brings 60 new levels, which can be passed with not too much effort, by the way), but still just as fun. If you ever engaged in these friendly but warring birds, do not think too much: Angry Birds Space is the expected delivery. Angry Birds Space costs $0.99 in the iPhone version, and $4 in adapting to the iPad.

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