Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to Unlock Secret Endings, Alternate Costumes in Silent Hill: Downpour | PS3, Xbox 360

Great place to find out Secret Endings, Alternate Costumes in Silent Hill: Downpour for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Unlockables Alternate Costumes

Thief Outfit

Complete the "Stolen Goods" side quest in Pearls Creek apartment. Return back to where the thief was hanging. Check the floor for his outfit.

Unlockables Secret Ending

The game has two secret endings that can be obtained by completing the game under certain conditions.

Secret Ending 1
Complete the game once and during your second playthrough complete the "Digging Up the Past" side-quest before completing the game.

Secret Ending 2
Die during the final encounter.

Unlockables Jukebox Silent Hill 1 theme music

When you reach the diner in the first portion of the game, look for the cash register behind the bar area. Take the coins out of it and place them in the jukebox in the corner of the room and the theme from the very first Silent Hill will play.

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