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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS3, Xbox 360

More characters, moves and fighting for fans of Naruto in a spectacular title that captures the spirit ever in the series. Fans of manga and video games can again enjoy Naruto with the next installment in the series of adaptations of the popular console with Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, a title which has among its most outstanding merits for the fans is the shape of a long list of characters as you tour some of the milestones of the adventures of this world of ninjas. The general line that follows this title is to refine its general formulation and, therefore, is revealed as a title that brings several new continuity in design without becoming a product innovator or essentially fresh in the line they have drawn their predecessors. This is also a sign of product maturity, to the same extent that other franchises have been consolidated, although it should also consider the case of Naruto is somewhat unique in the extent to which products have been created very different according to their origin, as several studies have been carried out adaptations of various kinds. In this case, we have the new release signed by CyberConnect2 and published by Namco Bandai.

This time the game offers, yes, a gaming experience for a player who is away from that seen in other securities to bet on specific stories for their characters to unlock as we progress through the title. Thus, the title focuses on the combat action, removing elements of adventure or exploration, one of the most deeply revised this release. The chapters focus very specifically, how could it be otherwise in the adventures of Naruto and his partner and rival Sasuke.

Fans of the series will be in this game with a lot of animation sequences and new schemes that have been created specifically for the occasion, with the direct and close collaboration of those responsible for the television adaptation of the pages of original manga. This allows us to explore other areas that were not previously covered, and also do it with a quality level that we can not say that it is very usual in the sector. Of course, on the other hand, the story told has made some sacrifices in depth reach, so that a player who does not know in advance the facts are telling not fully understand everything that happens because the narrative ellipsis that pepper the narrative of history.

That does not mean that history is well told, because the truth is that it works well most of the time and, after all, not that the world of Naruto with a depth argument count that allows classifying it as a complex. However, it is true that within the universe that creates some things stay in the air when they do appear in the series narrated normally, so we understand that in some cases has been applied in situations that the scissors would have been better not to miss.

In any case, that has more than 60 minutes of video that have been made by Pierrot, the animation studio responsible for the television series, is a good example of the careful production that has been made for the occasion. These videos, along with the development of the characters' stories, we will discover many new characters on the reality of com Zabuza and Haku. All with the blessing of the parents of the child.

The focus of the game is combat, particularly benefiting a large number of characters available to the user, covering the entire series since its very beginnings to current chapters. This is achieved by a staff of 72 different characters, giving it a strategic advantage over their predecessors and can be an important selling point for users who already have a recent delivery decide not know whether to acquire this.

The battles are very dynamic and agile, which is characteristic of the series, although Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations we find the inclusion of a measuring rod to be completed before it can execute romantic movements of the characters. This provides an additional strategic factor, although not decisively affect the overall development of the fighting. Equally important is the inclusion of Awakening Mode, which is nothing but a move in desperation we can use when we are in the past and can give us the opportunity to turn the tables on a battle that has made us uphill.

All this is done without the game losing its essential mentality of being a very accessible and straightforward title that can be enjoyed by the novice player almost from the first minute thanks to a very simplified control system. That makes the special moves, combos and other strategies can be easily made ​​by combining a few buttons and analog stick movements. That does not mean you do not have depth, of course, but certainly is far from the fighting games just technical surprisingly attracting the attention of more specialized players in the genre. Many users find that, overall, not too many special attacks per character and it always remains a factor of variety and strategy to the fight. In fact, although his staff is very broad, the attacks are not anywhere near as many, but this is something that is more common than we would like in the genre (especially when it comes to adaptations of popular series) and not is a specific defect in this series or this delivery.

As in other fighting titles that are in line with the simplicity that makes it possible to obtain reasonably positive results simply mashing the buttons to the extent that our opponent is not competent. Of course, the player who knows the title will have a big advantage when it comes to slaughter those enemies, but players will do well if they have this in mind when addressing the items online. The machacabot is a recurring type of player gender, of course, but in this kind of games can be more annoying to users who are taken online games more seriously. When we play online tournaments can set different for four or eight players and enjoy a good range of options to customize the fight, in addition to using ranges to search rivals, which undoubtedly will alleviate most of the situations described above.

A rather unique gameplay is that the title is "compatible" with the Naruto Trading Card (a card game that can remind us classics like Magic: The Gathering). These cards are purchased separately, but consumers are made with the special edition of the game will be a deck for beginners. All these letters include the top an alphanumeric code can use, at a time, to unlock additional items in the game as pictures to our profile and other small details that are appreciated. The "compatibility" with the cards (which are a completely separate board game) is derived from the ability to assign attributes to the character cards before the start of combat, customizing the features of our fighter. This is especially interesting when fighting online, then multiplies the possibilities of play.

Visually, the game features look good, solid, which conveys the aesthetics of manga and animation series. In addition, including an hour of video material created specifically for the game certainly speaks in favor of the general results obtained. The scenarios are as weak, without this meaning that they are bad, but are not the same level as the characters and their animations. The overall result, however, is very positive and superior sound. Not surprisingly this issue has good compositions. In any case, we choose to put the original Japanese voices, a detail that surely will delight fans of the series.

With gameplay that focuses on a fundamental simplicity, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations is a fighting game accessible, flexible and fun. Those who love the genre you will miss the simplicity and lack of depth, the fans of the series, however, praise his great staff and faithful representation of the spirit of the fighting. As usual in these productions, the end has given priority to the quality of the video game adaptation of the values above strict gameplay. The overall result therefore makes sense to get the player to vary substantially depending on whether you tip the scales one way or another in their perception of the game but in both cases will continue meeting with a good entertainment that will give many hours of play while touring all the stories, unlock secrets and play online.

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