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Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for Nintendo 3DS

The final showdown of Super Mario Land 2 left us in a unique situation: that mysterious personage, total nemesis Mario, who beat us was charming to his unpleasant way. And soon it became clear that Nintendo had seen the potential that existed in this new enemy for plumber header, so that relatively soon we heard from a Super Mario Land 3, a game that eventually became the Wario Land we all know . Of course, as to preserve the name of the laptop saga of Mario in the subtitle was a good strategy to be carried out also in Super Mario World 2. In both cases, these products were successful and subsequent deliveries and Mario fell off for the title and concentrated in Wario and Yoshi, respectively. This Wario Land remained the fundamental keys of the series, enemies and platforms, although the usurious character of Wario provided a greater focus on getting coins, introducing a series of collectible treasures and new powers to use different skills based on much more linked to hit the enemies that jump on them. In fact, the first major change to note a player to enter this Wario title is that the basic technique for eliminating enemies is to give them a swipe with his shoulder. This involved a system of control which, in fact, is substantially different from what I was asking the series, so not surprising that there was some degree of misunderstanding or even annoyance. Wario made it clear he was not a skin, a simple alternative aspect of Mario.

Wario in this title, is licking his wounds from his loss to Mario and decides to prosecute pirates, as has been known, have become a wonderful and valuable statue of Princess Peach. These pirates have hidden in their secret island, Kitchen Island. The outcome of the whole story is tragic that point the player will definitely take a great affection for the ugly of Wario.

With the different powers I could get to advance through the game, Wario becomes a healthy alternative to Mario. Wario can jump, hitting blocks with your head, and smash enemies, but there are other great skills like hitting the ass (when he takes his helmet of bull) and crush blocks that are under their feet or spraying enemies. These powers are summarized in three: the old bull, which allows for more scope in its basic beat with his shoulder and hit the ground with her ass and even use their horns to hook up to the ceiling jet helmet, with the which can be powered through the air for short periods of time and the dragon, with which we can destroy enemies in a fiery. To this we must use its ground state and the mini Wario, which would be the Mario without even a mushroom.

The game returned to opt for the map, a feature that has remained central to the series (even when games have apparently been completely linear) and has yielded only to the core worlds. However, even fairly recent deliveries have returned to this structure of roads, more or less linear. Each of the eight major areas of Kitchen Island is comprised of five levels, the last, also presents a final boss. We must be attentive to the presence of alternative doors where we can use coins to pay for access to these features and treasures, but can be difficult to find. The exploration factor is exploited a lot in this release, more if we take into account the technical limitations that were in the veteran Game Boy.

Therefore, hidden treasures and doors between alternatives to reach additional areas of Sherbet Land, we find a title that turns out to be very replayable and addictive. It has the additional element that in certain circumstances also remains some difficulty almost classical. Super Mario Land 2 was an extremely easy game: fun in abundance, yes, but very easy in all its challenges. Wario Land This represented a major challenge, but most likely will not assume anything especially complicated for the players. As usual for many years in deliveries from the Mario universe the matter is not to die many times to overcome a phase, but often want to live in those phases.

Technically, the game presented an impressive technical aspect with large characters and even exceeded a technical monster was once like its predecessor, the already mentioned several times Super Mario Land 2. It becomes, in fact, one of the best exponents visual console thanks to the good level of character detail and variety of enemies.

Some environments, though, were not very attractive in its styling, but in this sense is always chosen to keep clean and clear funds that do not hamper in any vision in a monochrome display, which also must be taken into account. However, the fact is that while the game starts in an environment of beaches that does not give much play, suddenly opening an imaginary in which he can shine and show us that, indeed, made a superb work in this area . Also play music by some exotic touches bet that differ from the classic tunes of Super Mario, without thereby be given a break with the traditional style of the series.

Fun and different, Wario Land taught us that there were far more likely to play a "Mario" with Mario himself thanks to the fact that not only got Wario curdle a character who was perceived as interesting and potential in his debut the previous installment of the series of platforms for the laptop, but here also managed to provide it with a distinctive powers and abilities that modified aspects playable without alienating the traditional line. He reinvented the Wario series and became the great hero-antihero, we might say of the platforms on the portable Nintendo. Began to add delivery and even traveled to Mario, who has only recently regained the post of honor in the platforms of the company's laptops. With its arrival on the Virtual Console not only relive great memories: the title is still fresh, fun and played with precision and smoothness of a current title. It shows us as well, which is not older games: Wario and his adventure is foundational in that select group.

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