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Mighty Switch Force! Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for Nintendo 3DS

WayForward is one of the companies that are excelling in the digital distribution landscape in recent years, not so much by the success they have achieved and the quality of their games, which seems to dazzle any player that test. If, Shantae Risky's Revenge showed off playable art and has been with the series "Mighty" with which it has consolidated into a catalog of DSiWare. Now they plan to expand the public 3DS continuing this series and say that we have released a new portable wonder, making clear the artistic and conceptual know-how of the company. Switch to Mighty Force! took control of Patricia Wagon, a cyber police call the "Criminal Galactic Squad 'to stop the' Hooligan Sisters', a dangerous blonde recently escaped and are causing havoc around 'Planet Land'. Our duty as a police officer will go to the incidents reported (the screens of the game) and walk across the stage in search of the terrible females who patiently wait to be trapped in different "hiding".

As Patricia, we move, jump and shoot the different threats and take advantage of special helmet that causes changes in the scene, moving some blocks in the background or foreground position in which the blocks interact not only with our beloved police but with enemies. These blocks can use them to open new paths, walkways create jumping on them, or even to eliminate enemies. But beware, because if we move from background to foreground a block and we are in this position, Patricia will be crushed against the screen missing one of the three hearts of those who have! Once we found all the sisters, will pick a ship, so we can play in the next incident. Although it sounds simple, the game system offers many possibilities and the design team has produced some really fun levels, in which you should take some ingenuity and precision in the use of the jump, and the weapons and the ability to change the position of the blocks. Just in case anyone thinks, this is not purely an action game, but one that combines puzzle, with plataformeo and action, which has a more leisurely pace of the game where exploration is important, making the user spend more time looking for the right way or how to get to where you want hitting shots.

This is not bad, much less, in fact it seems ideal for playing games on a handheld, especially considering that the game has a proper speed. It helps the abundance of 'Ugly Dog Rabid', a robotic dog as dull as its name suggests and makes the save point, so if you lose a life reappear very close to where we were, unless we lose three and have to start from zero level (there are records of heart to restore life). Overall the game is varied and very entertaining, and at no time have felt that it lacks something, we can say it works great, and in short, that we love it. As mentioned, Mighty Switch Force! We think it's great, however it is a game cortito, with only sixteen game screen, each of which can be completed within 2 to 5 minutes. Does not look much and say that a very skilled player to do great things in the first game could be completed in just over an hour, however, in our experience (being regular players with considerable experience in the genre) have seen that some stages require many attempts to be overcome, and that there is a possibility to get stars if we overcome the phases in a given time, so we have spent over 4 hours of play and we still have to make. We could say that is something, but we should mention that we are talking about a game that costs only 6 €, and we believe that for that price the value is more than deserved. That does not mean that we have not left wanting more, and indeed, we are looking WayForward second part brings us to continue enjoying Mighty Switch Force!, As it remains cool to the end and we are sure they still have much to offer.

It is true that we miss some features, as might have been a storyline developed or the possibility of sharing time with friends or a ranking, using the social characteristics of the 3DS, because as it stands now we can only compete on the same console and having only a record time for each level, which is insufficient to give it a competitive nature. Similarly, we would have liked a cooperative mode that the game design is great potential. That if we should not judge the final product for the extras on a personal level we would like, but for what it offers, and have found it wonderful. We love games in two dimensions when the art team can do their work, and WayForward's one of those companies since its inception has specialized in a clear and simple but at the same time very elegant and attractive. So you enjoy Mighty Switch Force!, With a selection of colors that we love and character design cute and cuddly, which makes us enjoy the smallest details whether funny or sexy, considering that everything moves very smoothly and charm. We want to highlight to the 'Hooligan Sisters', that we felt seductive and fun in equal measure, with some animation with some suggestion that we love. It is true that many repeat graphics elements present throughout the game, reusing elements making tweaks here and there in the colors, but we assure you that never stopped liking. We would have liked more variety, yes, but again, we have to judge the game for what it offers not so we would have liked.

After so much praise can not say anything but Mighty Switch Force!, As soon as you like because of their gender, is a game that you can not escape. The good work of art, the stunning soundtrack and gameplay merge spun to perfection, the only downside being the lack of content make it more replayable. During the 4 or 5 hours on average that offers are going to enjoy the beautiful, and surely you will stay with you wanting more when you've completed. It's that touch of classic and modern, sexy and fun that presentation, that rate constants and challenging game that makes us think again and again on how to achieve the objectives, then invite us to excel and beat the time proposed. It is also the best chance we have to see improvements in a 2D game in stereoscopic 3D 3DS, and the truth is that the result is wonderful, with some improvement in the perception of definite improvement in graphics and spectacular. With this new Mighty, WayForward has been re-positioned as the benchmark in digital downloads of Nintendo and the production of 2D games. Without doubt, a touch of ingenuity, skill, short sessions of play and the visual appeal and sound, is a game we can recommend to everyone, both common and novel. Surely all who try it have to love the charms of Patricia and 'Hooligan Sisters', and remember that price is only 6 € making it a great opportunity.

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