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Star Wars: The Old Republic Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PC

BioWare has done it. Get ready to enjoy some of the best MMOs we've seen to date with a promising future ahead. After a lengthy period of development over there is an eternal fact, Star Wars: The Old Republic is finally among us. Electronic Arts and BioWare risking a lot with this project, which aim to unseat World of Warcraft in his impregnable throne, or at least make you shiver. Not surprisingly, according to rumors it could be the most expensive video game history, and that point could have cost over $ 135 million (105 million euros). There are few doubts that have arisen over its development. Along with the great expectations that have risen, too many voices have spoken out against him, accusing him of being a mere copy of Blizzard's MMO and predicting a dismal failure. Despite all this, its launch has not been able to produce at a better time, with World of Warcraft through lower their hours after seven-year reign, something not achieved its latest update to remedy. But we're here to talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic, and we can tell right away that this is a great game with a very promising future ahead, if it does not revolutionize the genre, manages to take a step forward in terms of narrative concerns, offering much more than a game where you just go up levels, as unfortunately often happens.

We are 300 years after the events in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, one of the most beloved titles BioWare and where the study has already demonstrated his mastery of this popular universe. That game had a sequel developed by Obsidian, so that we are dealing with can be considered as the long-awaited third installment and desired that never came. In fact, there are few hints that we are, something that the fans enjoy so much and help them understand a lot better plot development. Of course, this does not mean that otherwise we will not fully enjoy. This is possible thanks to the Codex, a sort of virtual encyclopedia that will collect all data about the characters we meet, monsters, planets, etc.. The story gives rise to the game, to put it very briefly, is that after a long period of peace and truce, the Sith return and return to attack, so that conflicts between the Empire and the Republic happen again. However, this simply serves as a backdrop to contextualize the situation in which we move, because depending on the class you choose, we will experience a completely different story than the rest.

As we have seen, the plot development of these is sensational, as we are accustomed in BioWare. In our case, we have deepened especially in the Jedi Knight and have been enjoying with unexpected plot twists truly memorable moments thought to be unthinkable today in a game with these features and a compelling story that goes from less to more and that has got us squarely in the skin of our character, with a truly epic final stretch. Although this is just the tip of the iceberg, as each planet has its own main plot, which happen to be a small story arcs that will give much more meaning to our journey through different worlds and they get a lot of give coherence to global . It has lots of care and commitment to faithfully recreate the time period in the history of Star Wars, so we remind you that we are in the Old Republic, so do not expect to see planets like Endor Ewoks and famous who live there, and not yet been discovered.

In terms of performance, BioWare fairly well optimized graphics engine, so a mid-range equipment we can make it work without problems. Moreover, despite the uncertainty generated during the first days at the long queues of waiting, we are probably at the best release we've ever seen in a MMO. The tails are practically solved, the game runs smoothly, no lag, we have only been bugs and none of them affect the gameplay, and so on. Quite an achievement to which we can only congratulate and applaud BioWare to what has been achieved in this regard. As for the interface, this works like a charm, it is clearly and effectively, but it is annoying that is not configurable. In a game like this is very important that the player is comfortable with the information you see the screen, and not allow us to retouch and customize it to put the bars where best for us is something that hopefully will change in the future.

Where do we can not do anything but give our praises, is in the sound section. Simply impeccable and 10. The work has been done in this area is unprecedented. Absolutely all the game dialogue are bent at an outstanding level. In English, but also outstanding. With all the dialects of every race and level of performance by the superb voice acting. No doubt a daunting task worthy of admiration at the sheer number of lines of dialogue that make up the game. As for sound effects, find everything you would expect from a game of Star Wars lightsabers, blasters shooting, explosions, etc.. And if the dubbing and sound effects are so high level, we can not forget his wonderful score. It will hear tunes from the soundtrack of the films, remixes, new songs and even occasional Knights of the Old Republic that will sound at times and we put the willies. Hardly will want to play music off, and that's saying a title in this genre.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is here to stay for long and epic adventures galactic us live in this wonderful world of science fiction. It revolutionizes the genre in virtually any way. Of course, despite maintaining a very conservative game play, gives a giant leap in terms of narrative refers in this genre, and almost everything he does he does well and with much success. However, minor defects are noted, understandable given the other hand has not even a month old, and still has many things to include for further improvement. Although only open to those who know English at the moment. There is no turning back, the cards are laid on the table and will be the users to decide whether this title finally achieved success target or whether by contrast becomes one of the most notorious failures in the history of videogames. Just have to wait, see how it evolves, the course gives BioWare the project, take our blasters and lightsabers, and meanwhile, enjoy a galaxy far, far away.

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