Saturday, January 28, 2012

LostWinds Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for iPhone

The fervor with which we are seeing conversions and deliveries games consoles and other platforms in IOS devices is due to a background of renewed interest in Apple devices. Both the iPhone, like iPhone, and iPod touch have become multi-functional products and away from other consumer electronic products limited functionality, and increased focus in the field of gaming. Among the games on these platforms more iOS succeed are those which are more simple, direct and daring, but not simple or boring. One of the latest titles to make the jump after passing through Wii (via digital distribution), is LostWinds, an original proposal that has been earned on merit almost forced download.

From the first moment you launch the application, we will realize the care level of detail and the exquisite artwork that holds the game. Although we can consider it as such, LostWinds is a game quite different from what is usually a classic platform title, and that has to be bad, quite the contrary. In the game, embody the young Toku, who alone can remove Mistrails (the world where the adventure takes place) a millennia old curse sent by bullets, the villain of the game. With the help of the wind spirit, Enril, we can jump farther, push and manipulate our enemies, to control water or fire at will and glide through the air like a leaf swaying in the current.

As an almost direct translation of the title to land on Wii a few years ago, LostWinds inherits the same control system and main playable mechanics, only adapted to the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. It may seem difficult to solve this ballot style (LostWinds control was designed to run on the Wii Remote), but the truth is that Frontier (the studio developer), has managed to carry an efficient system that can make the most without any kind of physical control. With our finger mark the way forward by Toku, who will move as marques. As we move or jump levels during the course of our adventure, both the power of fire, like the wind, also respond to the lines that tell them the finger, so that accuracy against our enemies will be greater .

LostWinds is a varied game, full of dreamlike and beautiful levels, inspired by Asian aesthetics and the pre-Columbian, which also takes costumes, settings and enemies. The same will be walking through a beautiful forest full of trees like the cherry blossoms, struggling with huge and gloomy catacombs and underground temples. Without a doubt, a success at the conceptual and design. LostWinds animations are nothing short of superb, with a delicacy rarely seen in the IOS system, and demonstrating the craft work almost dripping with other sections of the game. If we were to choose one of the most impressive games on the Apple platform at the technical level (especially for the compendium of all sections), the Frontier game is one of them.

LostWinds is a delicious experience that every player should try. Given that many did not prove its first foray into the desktop consoles with Nintendo, and the price is unbeatable (2.99 euros), the opportunity to play now on the screen of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPhone, it is one of those that you must not miss. Although the main story is quite short (an experienced player could spend the game in a couple of afternoons at the most), the fact is that it leaves a taste unique and original. One of the best applications for iOS you must try.

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