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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Preview, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Review, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS3/Xbox 360/PC

Ghost Recon Future Soldier finally goes on sale on May 24, a game that has become too hard to get after numerous delays and an announcement that was long ago. In the first week of January we went to Paris invited by Ubisoft to test an advanced version of the game already, enjoying various levels proposing different situations, and have served to make us a pretty good idea of what they offer this action title in the third person. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, one of the best games of the early days of Xbox 360, got a loyal following, and after missing a bit with his second delivery, Future Soldier's announcement was taken as his spiritual successor, and hope to continue enjoying the great action tactics proposed Advanced Warfighter. Now having been able to thoroughly test Future Soldier, we must warn those who expected a new Advanced Warfighter, or something very similar, this is not exactly true. Future Soldier has a very definite personality and being more accessible and if we want more "casual" than previous Ghost Recon, less judicious in the tactical component, and a little more dramatic, intense and frantic.

The first thing they showed us the impressive menu setup weapons, something so careful, colorful and complex that we do not remember having seen in any other title. Publicized at E3 by using them Kinect, this time we could not see it in operation to the peripheral from Microsoft, but we did see how it will be tinkering with a remote. With up to 20 million possible combinations, a detailed modeling of the currently selected weapon is displayed, indicating its different parts, up to ten different. Pressing a button, the gun is "removed" before our eyes in real time with a really flashy effect, separating the different parts, allowing us to select and change them easily. And what is more curious, any time we can test changes to the weapon in a couple of seconds, because choosing the appropriate option appear in a range and can shoot at a target. Therefore, no changes will blind you will not know what this will we until we are on a mission, but can be configured to our liking weapons and test them right then. This option did not try us, just us taught by Ubisoft, and it was after this show when we were put in front of the screen with a command and could completely immersed in the game. The story of Ghost Recon Future Soldier distintasdurará will run in eight locations around ten hours, and that may be played cooperatively among four players. To accomplish dangerous missions successfully, we will have available up to 50 different weapons, and the most advanced and exciting technology.

The first mission we played was set in an unspecified South American country, and we had to escort a city the progress of a man, who under certain circumstances an army of soldiers wanted to kill. The first level was the third-person action without complexes, which can be found in game as popular as the series Gears of War or Uncharted, using a cover system and controls similar to those of the series, Epic Games, both for example how to run is identical, following our progress with a handheld camera effect. Miscellaneous details caught our eye from the beginning, and that all civilians have urban battles, a feature that other shooters prefer not to create controversy omitted, but here is maintained and we believe correctly, giving the feeling of being places really alive. Another thing we liked is that there will be destructible cover, for example we were behind some rock ledges and enemies managed to destroy them and leave us exposed, were obliged to move and change position. The bullets pass through certain materials and surfaces such as wood, and if we know that there is an enemy behind a sheet of this material, we can shoot through wood and giving, which gives a lot of play and is very attractive. Also in this first mission learned to use a sort of grenade that when we launched about a group of enemies allow us to visualize and locate its position at all times, which is tremendously useful, seeing them up behind the hedges. In this first mission or stealth tactics were conspicuous by their absence, but was merely an example of a title that will offer different ways of understanding and addressing the action.

For example the second mission in an African country was stealth, in fact if we were caught and gave the alarm the game was over. We had to surprise the enemy through a village in various ways, either in the back killing them in cold blood with a knife, an execution that is done by pressing a single button. Or what is very interesting, coordinated attacks with teammates, one of the most important elements of the gameplay. Throughout the game we will be accompanied by three other characters, and we find out before we make enemies by pressing a button, up to four at a time. The Marquis is the last enemy that you belong, and the time you make the shot, your teammates will end up with their "prey." It is very dramatic when you shoot and you see four rivals fall at once, and if you are careful enough, you can clean large areas of enemies without sounding the alarm. The next mission was set in Pakistan, through the streets of a city, moving between cars, avoiding not to hurt the many civilians who crossed our path. Here we had a sniper rifle, and was very fun and exciting to go killing enemies taking cover behind the vehicles, making spectacular shots through the glass of car windows. A frenetic level where I first had to rescue from death a classmate, approaching to its position and by curing. Luckily if we who fall in battle, also the machine will come to help.

After we play a scene "on rails", firing a machine gun from a helicopter, the typical time for example can not fail in the series Call of Duty and now in almost any shooter. This level is not much to explain, we will automatically moving and we just have to worry about shooting. A phase that passed through mountainous terrain along a road that skirted a cliff, killing both enemies on foot or with vehicles. A sequence that usually happens as always are very spectacular, very simple but playable. But by the end we expect the level more interesting, complex, open and showing all the possibilities of this game, Ghost Recon mission over all we played. In a very large open map, nothing linear compared to the previous, we had to storm an enemy base how we wanted, without leading the game by the hand and telling us how we had to. This is where we had to make extensive use of UAV, a fighter drone that can almost be considered a bigger player. A sort of mini drone remotely manage, and allows us to advance the field of battle and discover enemies that lie ahead, among other things. Not only can go flying, something dangerous in certain circumstances, they can see and swing but you can even transform into an oncoming vehicle at ground level.

We were moving through a forest finishing with several groups of soldiers to reach the base we had to attack to collect valuable information. At this point, the enemies were many, spread over a wide territory. Making and implementing them in unison with our three partners, we could be cleaning up different areas, but almost always end up discovering. We killed many times, and had to repeat the mission until six or seven times, be challenging. When we got to clean the place, and when it seemed we had already done the hard part, an armored vehicle jumped on stage and had really bad to defeat him. In the same mission we had used stealth, tactics and strategy to destroy the enemies, used different gadgets like the UAV drone, and had undergone an intense and frantic shooting. An example of how in a single mission can mix various styles of action. Besides being able to play the campaign cooperatively with up to four players, there will also competitive multiplayer, although this could not prove it, but we do have some data on how it is. Three kinds of character-shooter, engineer and explorer, ten different maps, four game modes for up to 16 players, and of course, the essential acquisition of experience and higher levels, configuring and developing the character as well as improving the arsenal .

Technically this is a game not dazzling or the cutting edge in their respective consoles, and feels that if he had gone for a while, like when he was two years ago, they would have been more surprising. That does not mean that your graphics meet to spare, having some elements to be highlighted, such as lighting, very realistic and attractive, or the fact that certain elements of the stage are destroyed, giving no other evidence that sense of action that we are fighting against a backdrop of immutable and indestructible. In short, Ghost Recon Future Soldier seems one of the most interesting proposals in the competitive genre of third person action. It has become more accessible to all audiences, while maintaining a certain dose of complexity caused by the futuristic tools of war that we handle. The elements of strategy and tactics orders have been greatly reduced and simplified regarding Advanced Warfighter, and that we get upset a little lovers of that. Instead we have a proposal most spectacular, varied, and we have to wait and see how different types of mixture containing-tactical action, stealth, direct, film-, to know what prevails in its development, and if able to please all types of players. With a release date and finally scheduled for May 24 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and PC later, Future Soldier appears to have enough personality and distinguishing features to gain a foothold in the market.

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