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Aralon: Sword and Shadow Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for iPhone

Too often, we tend to look at any of Apple IOS devices, such as machines more or less complete, of exquisite design, but with little or no potential to play video games when complex, interesting or "traditional." Put simply this is translated as "there is life beyond Angry Birds or Cut the Rope". Such a statement, released somewhat lightly by many users, has become a mantra that is repeated constantly. Occasionally, there is a degree or find a new application, which seems to settle that question. This games seem to mark a different path to follow, asserting the importance of Apple digital platform as a method for distributing games of reputed quality, or viability of compatible devices with the same as machines and trained more than enough to the game. Something too many users, often overlook. One of these titles is Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD, a game that plunges us into the kind of role with huge production values and gameplay so complete, that will make many of the most skeptical players to rethink their critical arguments. Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD is a complete role-playing game for iPhone and iPad comes from the hand of the creators of interesting Ravensword: The Fallen King, the renowned Mark Jones, head of the art section of the first games of the series The Elder Scrolls. Sword and Shadow, which has been available since early 2011, offers a long adventure, and worked with a complete history, which will invite us to travel across continents, fighting more varied enemies, and take the most varied missions.

One of the main features of Aralon: Sword and Shadow is that it considers itself a first class game. That is, do not choose to provide mechanical reduced or presumed to be adapted to touch screens. What do we mean by this? Well we will not get any playable limited basis or oversimplified. In the application, we will have a game system wide and full of detail, something that will please fans of the genre of role. Playable base is very similar to that seen in some deliveries of that The Elder Scrolls saga, with the ability to play first or third person, and with lots of shortcuts or shortcuts that allow us to attack, heal or use magic spells . Sword and Shadow in the beginning, like any RPG, invites us to choose any of the three available races (human, elf and troll), and customize to our liking, choosing from the physical to the basic equipment, such as clothing or armor. Also, as they send the royalties, we have to frame it within a class or a particular job, as a warrior, ranger, rogue or mage. Obviously, each will have its own tree of skills and characteristics to enhance and unlock, so that the variety and replayability is guaranteed. Once we have created our avatar in particular, Sword and Shadow will push us to explore its vast and rich world. Running away from the previously mentioned "mechanical devices with touch screen," invites the player to perform missions and orders from the NPC like a desktop computer or game in question.

So, given this approach, we could say that there are no differences with other classic games console or computer. Most of the game will be roaming the 3D title, accepting missions, shooting down enemies, leveling up and unlocking skills. Sword and Shadow has one of the most sought gameplay elements fans of the title role, the so-called "crafting" or the ability to improve and create our own objects, weapons and armor, depending on the time and experience to invest in them. In turn, the collection component shall also appeared in some of the missions of the game, forcing us to collect various components scattered throughout its large and rich geography. As you can imagine, Aralon: Sword and Shadow is that it lends to free exploration of the player, you can choose what to do at all times. Also, thanks to the mounts (where we have horses, a species of giant chocobo, dragons and other creatures that saddle), displacement by the enormous landscapes and cities that make up the game (which have their own cycle system worked day and night in real time), will be more pleasant and comfortable yet. And if not, we can always get to fish or relax in the countryside.

In the fighting, Aralon: Sword and Shadow is also a very practical and focused game in action. The touch screen of your iPhone, iPhone or iPod touch will respond well to orders due to the correct distribution of the game interface (we will have a sort of digital cross and buttons located on the left and right of the screen respectively and the skills menu below), it is true that it takes some practice, especially during the first hours of play. There will be times you will be surrounded by orcs and creatures attacks fast and effective, and cost us focus on exactly one of them, casting spells or broadswords in the air if not set well with our goal. Technically, despite having some time, is an ode to the power treasure technical devices like the iPad or iPhone. Aralon: Sword and Shadow presents from huge cities full of buildings, houses or colossal constructions, dramatic fells and plains filled with forests and mountains. The characters, creatures, allies or enemies that we find in the title (as well as our character) also have a more than detailed, having little to envy level of textures or modeled some of the most famous games of the genre seen in consoles like Xbox or Wii. Aralon: Sword and Shadow is one of those big games for iPhone or iPad, that outside of certain circles not over highlight and seem lost in the immensity of the App Store. Offers more than 30 hours of gameplay, a classic role playing system and complete, and a lot of possibilities dressed with an engine that still remained intact in terms of technical quality. Its price may seem excessive ($6.99) and is completely in English, but despite those two handicaps, fully deserved the punishment. One of the best (and least known) games from the App Store.

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