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SSX Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS3, Xbox 360

Dramatic, intense and fun: SSX claim its place at the top of the mountain. The snowboard had its period of greatest glory in games during the previous generation, when it seemed that every console should have its saga. GameCube had its representative in 1080 ° Avalanche, direct descendant of the original Nintendo 64, and Xbox enjoyed Amped. For PlayStation 2 was Electronic Arts SSX who opted for the saga that would eventually multiplatform. The phones also had his own, and even today there have been a few more games in the genre, we are far from these annual installments. With this SSX Electronic Arts seeks to give a fresh start to the series, held in SSX Blur for Wii so far its last representative. Of course, their main rivals have disappeared and others have failed to materialize with sufficient intensity, such as Shaun White Skateboarding, Ubisoft (and also its sequel was released only on Wii). Furthermore, the fact is that iPhone have appeared in the last two years at least a dozen games that have been addressed, one way or another, the snowboarding, but in most cases have been much smaller games. Therefore, the fact is that Electronic Arts has a good chance to capture public attention PlayStation 3, this new delivery platforms, as they carry since 2008 (release of that game Shaun White) without taking a high production of this sport at the mouth, and to a lesser extent the Xbox 360, because if Stoked (2009) was the last contribution.

Given this background, it is clear that SSX has no direct competitors right now in the market, not only because there are no games that tackle the gender perspective as sharply as the arcade title in hand, but simply because there is no many rivals. This could have meant a less than helpful in developing some circumstances, but the overall feel conveys SSX is that the developer has remained true to the series and have also pursued their own objectives without complacency.

As happened in previous releases (the series bet forcefully by the radical and dramatic in its second delivery), the fact that SSX seek to offer an experience as arcade, radical even in the spectacular vision of the sport, tracing the barrier among the players who enjoy the series and do not feel very attracted to it. We understand, therefore, that this game is not intended as a simulation experience, but seeks a conception far from the realistic to give priority to a spectacular and extreme of the universe that comes from down at full speed on a table in mountains snowfall.

This proposal also allows you to take us around the world, visiting places extreme as nine fatal falls, which are, neither more nor less-nine world most dangerous mountains. Normally you'd climb, but we must recognize that descend at full speed, ice ride rails, jumps and spins impossible and do it in such contexts as spectacular as it is enjoyable.

In fact, the game has some history (light, but well enough drawn to our attention) and is based precisely on these nine great mountains go spread throughout the world. Griff says will be the first to do, so our goal is to stop them in a healthy competition. The advantage of taking this worldwide competition is that the environments within which is to go systematically snowy environments, gives us many joys. Where other games in the genre tend not to give much room for creativity in the scenario and atmosphere here has made ​​a great effort in making it clear that we are following locations from China to Antarctica.

It is also possible, once again, by design arcade, little or no realistic. This is how we believe ourselves to descend into the heart of Patagonia on the remains of a crashed plane, or in Alaska you can tour the ice formed on a roller coaster, to name a few. It is important to overcome these scenarios at full speed and, moreover, do so many tricks and jumps as possible.

The control is very expected, proposing to combine the analog stick movements for different poses and movements, of course, combine to form combos magnificent as we sailed through the air in mid-leap. Players can choose between a check supported by the use of buttons, very traditional and customary in previous releases, or new control that gives more weight to the double lever. The latter seems much more accurate and reliable, but we believe that players more accustomed to the system veteran appreciate having that option still present.

Within the paths we find two main types of challenges. This forces us to choose to be, above all, the fastest, or by making as many stunts as possible. If it comes to stunts jumps have to look more impressive to have room to perform combos, but if you goal is to reach as soon as possible, this route may not be the right one. And, here's the important thing, the scenarios in which we play are not exactly linear and show a lot of alternative routes, secret passages and terrible cliffs.

Great fun is also the concept of survival that is introduced into some challenges. There is something very cool, as in other representatives of the genre we have seen similar deadly avalanches and dangers, but the fatal events of these great mountains exploit the technical potential of the consoles to get a very impressive sense that everything is falling apart (or above, depending on the situation). These events put aside, at least to a large extent, all this to be quick tricks or just for the pleasure of being to get in lathes survival with predictable elements such as avalanches, of course, but also a lack of oxygen, temperatures absolutely extreme, landslides... Actually we wonder why have not introduced many more events of this kind, which has been one of the most attractive of the game.

SSX done extensive work for social connection through RiderNet, the equivalent of the snow to Autolog Need for Speed. Basically, the system keeps us in touch with friends who are also playing the title tells us what they do, what kinds of achievements and challenges add up, and challenges us to overcome their records. This type of social integration has been very successful in racing games, so we introduce in this title seemed a logical step. Of course, its appeal lies in how many of our contacts also play with the title, but we are few incentives to return to regular play, beat colleagues, etc..

Of course, not everything is social. There are global events in which we compete, both at organized games with friends or with opponents from around the world. These are small challenges that we intend to make a drop at a given time, exceed a score, and so on. As we do, we can also see other players facing the same challenge, but we're not really interacting with them. Therefore, the online multiplayer away from a traditional design with direct matches between multiple users. That takes away something sexy, but always we have the option to set a challenge and invite our friends.

In the technical field, the game stands out for its graphics. They are not the most impressive of the generation, that's true, but they are very solid and the size of the scenarios we cover up for the fact that not much space to show off as many other genres. The characters, for example, are attractive and we can see some interactive comic about them, helping to form an attractive appearance with a good presentation.

The sound bet for taking melodies that are divided mainly between subjects of electronic music and another rock. The combination is good, and gives a strong general environmental well settled for some current and popular names like The Qemists or Foster the People. Interestingly, however, is that the game is able to create their own mixes with the topics covered, which also applies to our music if we choose to compose your own musical accompaniment. In this case, the results are variable.

With its arcade style, SSX is a snowboarding game that stays true to its tradition of showmanship and crazy almost without limits. That makes the game remains a reasonably unique commitment also benefits from the years of rest which has taken the series and, indeed, gender in its multiple variants. So as the title gets to shine on the one hand, its merits are obvious enough, on the other, comes at a time when there are no distractions for users who are looking for a game in this segment. This generation has generally been less prolix in the world of snowboards, but we must also insist that it does not have struggled in this game. In fact, a great delivery that will appeal to veterans of the series.

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