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Army Corps of Hell Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS Vita

If we had been wondering what game, or genre, Square Enix could have prepared for the launch of PS Vita, would probably never successful. A new Kingdom Hearts, anything related to Final Fantasy or role, but not a bloody game of RTS and Army Corps of Hell that has been compared since its release and rightly with Overlord Patapon Pikmin or a three-dimensional, developed by Entersphere not in vain as we tell you our impressions, the founder of the study is Motoi Okamoto, who worked in Pikmin 2 - and wrapped in a banda sound very aggressive, looking quite out of style sleeve and youth is associated with the company. Which, on the other hand, has also been a good surprise to give more variety to the catalog of the laptop while waiting for the main sagas Square Enix we do not doubt that eventually arrive. The game introduces us to a man hell that comes to dominate the entire Underworld, getting a horde of goblins under his command to deal with other demons and monsters who are also struggling to maintain his reign. The illustrations are quite nice with a very elegant given that shows demons and a host of unsightly creatures physically. The dialogues have their grace, though the story is perhaps less in this adventure.

The gameplay is based more on our military to control our evil spirit, though he does appear in combat and has a vitality bar. If we must make use of their skills is because we really are in a predicament. The group of goblins or demons begins with several dozen but as we move forward in the game your number will be increased gradually to 100, and the more we have to our service, we create more damage and can withstand lower. Not all goblins are equal in ability, because their differences are what add variety of attacks.

Available classes are soldiers, lancers and magicians. The first, which are the ones that started the early rounds, jump on rivals and when we have many active push of a button to create a devastating attack called destruction capable of killing rivals at once, but it takes a few seconds to activate movement. The Lancers used as the name suggests a spear and reach more distant rivals, although we should point out very well since our attack right in a straight line. The magicians in turn can harm the protected creatures, but we must charge your magic. With a button had to sort each type of class, and all will be needed depending on the type of demon that we face or setting traps. It is also possible to arrange training to improve our attacks, speed or defense. You'll feel like a Roman centurion willing to wipe all Hell with little or no practice in similar games in that sense is very accessible.

The game maps are divided into different stages. When you begin a stage play into a kind of small-sized floating island where the enemies appear, each with a distinct personality or attacks so you know how to recognize attacks you or if you need one unit or another. When you finish with all you can throw your hosts to their bodies and get jewelry for alchemy, and opens a path that connects the island to another, and so pave the way to go to another fight. A note heads, big and little hard enough, we can not go for them in suicide plan. As is more than likely that our goblins fall unconscious, we can recover if we close them before they die. If they die for good, like when they get electrocuted or burned, there remains a possibility not to reduce drastically our battalion through cages is scattered in some parts of the map in exchange for jewelry. We come, we select the class type you want for each new member and ready, we will recover again the maximum number of minions allowed at that time.

Thanks to our good will and powers of alchemy, we can create items, weapons and armor to boost the army, with new swords that such power the attack of the concrete class-in this case to the soldiers, for magicians is interesting because it adds new spells. Among such objects are cures for raising our demon king when it dies, and consist of a rhythm minigame where you touch the touchpad like a drum to return to the life or state of not-so dead is what you are. To us at least we have found difficult, and then she did it with little vitality. Just as the touch control is rarely used in this game-turn-objects, buttons are few and simple to learn, and also the second stick is perfect for guiding as we turn our sights surrounding enemies, some of which hide weaknesses in the back. With R launch attacks with L went into training, and performed a moving X to dodge that is useful in tight situations. Square, triangle and circle alternates between the groups.

Although not officially said, we suspect that many Army Corps of Hell was designed for PSP. His graphic section is one of the most discrete PS Vita and although it benefits from the machine to deal with and move fluidly around the small group of imps, in general the atmosphere is fairly quiet. The textures are not up to what we have seen in Vita and almost no three-dimensional background adorn our limited area of combat. These are our reviews on the technical side, in the artistic, but to highlight the design principle of monsters that also have a variety, or the vision of the underworld, very quickly we'll need a more varied color palette, always seem to play on the same stage in which only change the order of the waves of enemies. Given that repetition also affects the development playable-just rivals, opens new road, fights more demons and so constantly-we have it is a game designed for fast games and spaced for a session of medium or long term . In over an hour of play continued all these defects come to light, so we recommend playing in small doses.

The sound section is one of the strengths of Army Corps of Hell but just becoming a double-edged sword. As the graphics or the gameplay, just to become monotonous, or perhaps its quality is very high and does the job of adding adrenaline to your body. Do you like heavy metal? To us yes, but the resounding music played constantly in games and even during the menu has come to deplete rapidly. In a way, is another element that makes us want to easily change the title after many minutes. And for the record: it is an excellent sound track and a whole collection of death metal with powerful sound that is as easy as they dazzle you hate them with all your soul, the question would be if you can listen for so long this kind of music . Luckily, you can reduce the volume independently of the sound effects if you do not like it.

In general the idea of Army Corps of Hell is not bad, but not well exploited, being below what might have been a little more attention or development time. There is a strategic part in choosing the membership of each class before starting the game, other role-playing to improve equipment, and handles well. If in addition the included music is to your liking, you will spend big. But you can not hide the fact that in some respects not up to scratch, and we do not refer only to technicians who can forgive even be a launch game, is that feeling soon becomes repetitive. It's entertaining in its concept of portable, overcome stage and pick up later, but it is complicated binge.

The only point that could have served to give some fresh air into the gameplay was a multiplayer mode. And it has up to four players. It is essentially the same but working with other players and with a bit of competitiveness can steal another player-soldiers, so do not put anything new on the table, but can give more good atmosphere to the game.

Army Corps of Hell is a good game but with flaws. As a concept is not bad and belongs to a rare genre on consoles, and even more portable, but the sense of repetition of situations are very evident in the long term. If you like this type of security and also looking for something different than usual on home consoles, the new Square Enix is for you. It has a strong personality that compensates for some shortcomings pimp.

Not perfect, in fact the only really memorable, and so remember the game in a few months is the soundtrack by United, but not a bad beginning of what could be the start of a new series that with a more robust graphics engine and above all diversity of locations, enemies, more doses of strategy and network play would become noteworthy.

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