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Journey Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS3

How to analyze a game like Journey? Thatgamecompany is a studio known for his plays Zen, do not follow the standard genre. flOw caused quite a stir but success was limited, also was very early launch with a brand new PlayStation 3. Success came with Flower unanimous critical part of players, a good achievement for just the second title of the small study. Journey shows that "the gaming company" is more than a ball point, and there are still developers who care to offer something different, new, original. If you like the "kill your opponents, get more experience, jump on the enemy or make the longest combo" you have hundreds, thousands of options and great quality. If you belong to the public that wants more than that scheme, which believes that we are still in the Middle Ages in the industry, that there is still much to discover new forms of narrative, there is room for enjoyment, too far from rational motives to you is Journey. Journey looks more flOwer game, but from the beginning we want to make clear that thatgamecompany has not strayed too far from its main idea: to offer experiences even at the cost of breaking rules embedded in the game of life. We commented in our impressions, there are many similarities with Team ICO games about the importance of the setting and the music-and there are a couple of winks at Journey inevitably reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus, but the games Fumito Ueda gameplay based on ideas of gender as platforms or puzzles. Thatgamecompany skips you have any preconceived rule even at the risk of consciously reducing the number of potential players or even dislike to its users. Journey enchant us does not mean it for everyone.

The final version of the last genius of Jenova Chen is near which showed the beta last year, although we have expanded the range of feelings we had with him. The goal is simple, get to a distant mountain that we see from the beginning. This week's title game begins in a desert, and as we move found ruins of a civilization, prints on walls and tapestries animated sequences that tell a story in a very insinuating no one talks in the game, and there are texts -. We recommend you play several times, which certainly will, to better understand the message you want to convey the story and see new aspects in the first game that go unnoticed. Do not expect neither moralizing nor a comprehensive text, is primarily a walk to enjoy.

Are tiny character in Journey to the immensity of the environment. Until Uncharted 3 had few games you really feel the fatigue hiciesen, scale and beauty of a sea of sand. Naughty Dog's game was the subject albeit briefly, while Journey is much of the route, a relaxing trip at all levels: Playable, visual and sound. That's what I want to convey their creators. Forget your worries for a moment, relax and enjoy the ride for the sake of exploring a fantasy world as you've never seen before. Journey is videogames what Fantasy Disney animation, shows that the medium can also be an art form of fusing image, sound and interaction with the sole purpose of moving, scare or amaze. Say goodbye to life markers, maps or interface, all that in video games does nothing but remind you disconnect the player and you are watching a screen in your living room

Surely mugged many doubts, this trip takes place only under a menacing sun? Is it an open world game? How is the gameplay basa? Is it difficult? Journey as we said, is a game that sells you a zen experience most calm, although the range of feelings is greater than would be sensed by the images or the beta: stress, exhaustion, joy. The same is true of the scenes we visited, most set in the desert but not all, not always on sand. However we do not say anything about it to keep the mystery of where the journey will take us, but that the locations, colors and game situations are varied, including an unexpected ingredient that breaks the peace of the development. And it's not an open world, although it leaves much freedom in all dimensions, you will also think vertically, but always within limits, visible or not. In such a desert sandstorm pushes you to the main route, which does not mean it is one of the games with a wider horizon we have ever seen, full of real dunes, with volume.

Our character is very easy to control. With the left stick walks, with the right control the camera, which also drive with motion sensors. With a button-if we can jump in the time-and with another kind of give a shout or chant as a musical note. Simple as that, and should be so to enjoy the ride in comfort. Walker begins his adventure walking to very soon find the first piece of scarf with a bright picture. From there, we jump, hover for a moment almost proportional to the size of the scarf.

Later we will find more white portions are added inches to the scarf, and thus more time flying and practical for a relaxing travel long distances or to reach inaccessible places. Every time you jump, some or all of the scarf pattern is consumed, and need to find more floating rags to recharge this ability. It makes no stressful situation, there are always these rags in places in need. Perhaps the comparison is not easy to imagine without a graphic example, but there are stretches where the pace of the gameplay is clearly seeking a sense of fluidity of parkour that a skilled player in Mirror's Edge jumps and slides get linking non-stop one second . In certain sections of Journey you just go with the flow similar to the flower petal, hence the connection to the last game of the study.

When we find large groups of rags, singing used to transform some fabrics or carpets also actively attracts all nearby pieces and take a big leap vertically. Because of jumps, vertical flight of the protagonist, we will get to new locations to move forward. You can not categorize Journey game platforms because such tests are always very simple, or puzzles, the difficulties are minimal. "Almost" nothing of this game is a challenge, the feeling is the same as a walk in the morning, enjoying the journey itself, only that here in a dream world, magical. From here one of those peculiarities of Journey that takes him away from your other games or the work of Team ICO: no killing. You're not going to fall off a cliff with no bottom, no one beheaded and you will see a display of "game over". Reach the end of the journey is a matter of time, difficulty, and hence, the only possible criticism that can be attributed to the draft thatgamecompany: its duration.

Technically there is little to note except the extension of the dunes, but at no fault, say, or tearing sawtooth-take you out of the experience. As said Fumito Ueda, whose goal with The Last Guardian was that the player forget any failure or poor texture graphic to enter more in the atmosphere, Journey completely makes you forget you're at a video game. And it's funny because in this world there are many things without much explanation, unreal, and others-even the gameplay, we discover along the way, but all maintain coherence and meaning. How do you know that at some point you have to release a pile of rags? How do you discover that you must avoid certain dangers? Intuition. Thatgamecompany is leaving clues to understand easily, do not need that forced and typical tutorial discusses what you should do. Everything flows in a natural and intelligent.

Music is the third leg of Journey. Impressive. One of the best soundtracks for a video game created and redefining it as "music dynamics" that so often we'd heard so promotional games-and that they were not achieved. This is like having a philharmonic orchestra at your disposal that never ceases to play-well, yes, there is a moment in silence that adapts to what happens on the fly. Much of it is very sad, but there are stretches of terror, epic and joy. There are few sound effects, footsteps or the noise removing wind storms, but somehow the "voice" of our masked hero is another tool that changes your registry, start the game very sharp but more severe late -. If you have a good sound you will enjoy it like never before.

Journey reminds us, relatively speaking playable on Portal 2. A game that moves away from the stream, and in this case even more than the Valve game, and you just receive unanimous applause of all players, regardless of age, your personal taste or experience as a gamer. You can recommend it to a child or a grandparent, you will lose the fiber so if you are the expert in first-person shooting or just turn on the console gaming exercise. You play Journey. And finally if you do not fill as expected, we doubt that this trip will not influence the way you see video games as more than brain-action. It's good to have that kind to a certain audience, but do not think about time to please other sensitivities?

It is true that we would have liked a longer trip, do not deny. Probably never have enough. But thatgamecompany has gotten to know just right to travel at any time to repeat signs Journey of decay or surprise. This achieved immediately after the end we are already counting the minutes to re-start the journey through a magical world, where time stands still as we move slowly but surely towards a hill that defies our willpower and a lot of prejudice.

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