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Microsoft Flight Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PC

Flight Simulator renamed in free delivery and perfect for beginners in the genre, but somewhat disappointing for regular fans. The genre of flight simulators has never been particularly popular with the public, mainly due to its enormous complexity and compelling need to have a joystick to play decently. However, it has always enjoyed a very loyal fans sector enjoyed the skies and learn all the complex mechanics necessary to feel real pilots. Because of this, Microsoft has decided to expand the genre by trying to reach more people. This has taken his veteran Flight Simulator franchise (one of the most beloved by the regulars of the genre), has changed the name, has been simplified and has launched a new delivery is governed by the free business model as fashion is lately. Unfortunately, the title is not up to the outstanding level that has always kept the series. The first thing to say about Microsoft Flight, is that unlike other games of pure simulation, allowed to play quite well with the keyboard and mouse combo, so if you do not have a pad or a joystick, will not have major problem playing, but will lack the confidence and precision do provide these peripherals. As many have guessed, this is mainly due to a very important simplification in the controls.

Once we enter the game and after watching an introductory video, we have to overcome a tutorial mission where we will teach to fly, to control the gas to gain speed and height, interface information, and finally to land. The most likely make it through the first, and not to use much more than two keys, and control of the plane is quite simple and will not give us any problems. Not that I now have arcade controls, but it is much easier for all to keep the vehicle more stable in air.

After completing this mission and make a couple more, and we have learned almost all the mechanics of the game in just 20 or 30 minutes. Here the exhilaration and satisfaction that is achieved in other securities at the time we launch our first simply does not exist. It's all very automated to make this as simple as picking up enough speed tilting the joystick and fly. We can make all kinds of manual checks before takeoff if we want, but you can press a button and be carried out automatically, in order to please both the purists and the new.

In terms of landings is similar, basically we have to align with the runway, take the proper height, slow enough to get the landing gear, the nose up a bit so the wheels touch the ground at the same time and stop once we are on the ground. If we do not like so much simplification in the options menu you can uncheck multiple boxes are designed to activate the driving aids, such as improved stability in flight or automatically regulate the optimum level of fuel. In fact, if you do not disable them, we have enough problems to perform more complicated maneuvers, as the title search stabilize, preventing us from making the most daring stunts.

When we fly, we must also take into account some factors affecting the control of our aircraft. One of them is the wind itself, so it will never be worth knowing in which direction and how hard blows, something that tells us constantly. Of course, weather conditions will also have an impact in both the pilot and in the very visibility that we (they can choose them from the menu before you enter the map, as well as season and time of day). Finally, it is also important to consider the weight you carry, because if we transport a heavy load or more than one passenger lift will cost us more.

As the cameras have become the indispensable subjective view from the cockpit, one from behind the plane, another free, an aerial and a flyover. When riding the cabin will be recommended for those who want access to all controls, while for those who prefer a smoother driving and less demanding, from behind the camera will be your best option.

Entering what is the content that provides Microsoft Flight, we find four main activities. On the one hand we have the missions, where we will have to meet targets generally tend to be fairly guided. On the other hand, we have challenges. In them we pose different challenges, such as picking up some icons around the map, go through some hoops or make a perfect landing under various conditions. Depending on how you do get a bronze trophy, silver or gold and receive a more or less of experience. In addition, make these challenges and take your trophies will reward us with new designs for our aircraft and most difficult trials. Usually removed the silver trophy is a simple task, but the gold will make us sweat blood and we ask enough skill with the controls.

We also have Aerosecret, marks that are hidden throughout the map which you can search. To find your location, we will have internet searches, tracks, and a detector. Find them all may take some time. Moreover, not all are always available, as there are some that are activated during specific days. Finally, we work. At each airport will find a list of orders we can accept. Its development is very similar to a conventional mission and more are unlocked as stand level. They have to carry different loads, taxi drivers do (here we must be careful that our customers are safe, not dizzy, etc.) or giving tours. One thing to mention is that in the missions and the work we do travel fast towards our goals and to avoid us spend several minutes watching idly as we go from one place to another.

Apart from these four activities, we can also enjoy a free flight mode for the simple pleasure of exploring and sightseeing. Furthermore, if we wish, we can enjoy all in the company of others accessing your multiplayer. The social component is fairly well integrated into the game, with lists of friends and very complete statistics of all our progress and failures, so we can compare ourselves with other players.

In general, if we choose to be free players, the feeling that makes Microsoft Flight is to be playing a demo, because its content is very limited, both in number of tasks to perform as the terrain, so if we want to expand the experience will be playing checkout and purchased for $19 expansion pack Hawaii, with which unlock a lot of islands, missions, airports and more. As expected, we also find payment aircraft for 8 or 15 euros. The micropayment system is under which support this kind of games, so we're sure you will soon get more content like this.

One of the great pleasures of playing a flight simulator, flying is often the scenic beauty as we show what we are good drivers. However, Microsoft Flight does not reach that level of detail you would expect today, resulting in a very discreet at the technical level and find that despite showing beautiful landscapes, its graphical limitations prevent it.

Although we have all settings at maximum, the level of resolution of the textures is dreadful. Although when we are near land can be seen more or less well, which we rise a bit we'll see how everything loses detail and resolution dramatically, giving the impression on many occasions to be flying a badly drawn Skin as strangely relief is also lost. The ocean also ends meet, because when we are at some point making look like plastic and loses its animations. At least the places we visit are varied, with forests, cities, volcanoes, mountains, etc.. The weather effects are not bad at all recreated, and the feeling will pass through clouds. To highlight particular viewing distance, coming up where you can see on the horizon, but as I say, everything has a pretty mediocre resolution.

The planes themselves meanwhile are recreated with great detail and we can put a few drawbacks, but not suffer any physical damage no matter how bulky they are to suffer accidents. And in this sense the physics leave something to be desired, as does for example we stamp on a building we will see how we fall to the ground and bounced jumping up in a completely unnatural and artificial, without suffering damage or the building or our vehicle.

Regarding the sound section of the title, greatly appreciated as we avoid having to be looking better subtitle and plunge us into action. The soundtrack for its part has few issues, but there are perfectly suited to the spirit of the game and its setting, even more than just repeating the account. Finally, with regard to these sound effects are clear and fairly realistic, so hear the sounds of each plane will be different and will be very achieved.

Microsoft Flight is emerging as a good game especially intended for those who want to try to start in the genre and start learning to drive. However, the most common and purists will find quite disappointed to see one of their most beloved franchises has lost much of playable depth that characterized both good times and how they passed. Its irregular technical aspect does not help too much, leaving him as the main attraction that is free, or at least relatively, due to limited content if we decide not to pay.

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