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Mario Party 9 Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for Wii

Mario brings new boards to cooperate with our friends. Nintendo and Mario, synonymous with video games, video games have for years been offering to play alone or in company, and since Nintendo 64 plumber mark almost every year brings a new game of Mario Party series, designed to play with family or friends with a high level of board game where not only skill in the minigames is important, but also the chance. In the version that comes this time the board has lost some relevance with less emphasis on events that happened in the table, that we found a hit for players both novice and those more experienced. Read on to find out why Mario Party 9 we liked it, and also know what multiplayer Wii game we recommend in case you are interested in buying one. For those who do not yet have clear, Mario Party is a game in which players progress through a game board similar to what would be a Parcheesi. Players will move through the squares on the board using dice as in the above table game. According to the boxes in which our hero falls, we get benefits or harm that will help or hinder the progress of the game. On this occasion, differing from previous Mario Party, the four participants of the game go together in the same vehicle, just alternate the position of commander, who is in charge of throwing the dice and decide the possible routes, while obtain favors or suffer the inconveniences with which it crosses.

This difference of moving group has favored believe that the dynamism of the game, as each other's actions directly influence the other players either for good or ill of them, it may be that the roll out against the commander. To give a touch strategy have several kinds of dice, the normal from 1 to 6, 0 or 1, 1 to 3, 4 to 6, 1 to 10, and the die slowly that practically allows to choose between 1 and 6 the number that suits us. These dice are going to receive as the boxes in which we fall and we can only collect two.

The goal of the game is reaching the end of the board having collected the largest number of stars scattered around the board find, and also mini-games are won. Once the route is a count which also give bonuses more and more stars who accumulates is named the Super Star. But be careful, because each board has its difficulties and pitfalls that may come to take away the stars that we have to force our stars to rivals, etc.. so can not won the game for up to the screen star counts, which can reach a player who does not like losing.

Mario Party is not composed only of the board game experience, but is mixed and complemented by a series of minigames that test our skills with exercises in precision, visual acuity, retention and logic, including a few random tests where the decides everything. Something that we love and Mario Party 9 sets of other games in the genre, is that it has strengthened a bit more the number of tests focused on the skills of precision, symbol of the Mario games.

Adjusted jumps, obstacle courses, picking up coins before the others, dodge enemy ... certainly seems a success because they are still playing simple exercises that even a novice can enjoy and which raise the tension of the game easily, although no doubt these tests are usually won by those most skilled with the command unbalancing the game a little for gamers. To balance the differences between casual gamers and many of the tests require memory skills and logic, but not often enough and the regulars usually have the upper hand.

To give more variety we have evidence that we face a common enemy where skill and coordination are important, two against two, or in which one of the participants will face each other, although the rate of play is smaller than the typical for-all. Of course, whether working or not, every game is competition trying to do my best to get more points and get a greater number of stars at the end of it, which is really fun.

As mentioned the main mode is the Party, to play the different boards with our friends, but we can play alone with the single player mode where it presents a very simple story boards and one to one as we are overcoming them. To overcome them we need to collect more stars than one of Bowser minions, which participates in the game. This game mode is quite fun to play but when we lose a couple of times on the same board as a matter of chance, where one can despair. While Mario Party 9 is a title geared primarily to the board game, we have several ways to take advantage if we do not like or do not have time for games main mode, which usually last between half an hour or an hour. Of course we can play in free mode, which allows us to play all the minigames (except the bosses, not accessible until you have passed the boards on which they are), but here we find the lack tables of scores, a standard always be grateful to get more out.

Other game modes include a selection of minigames with special conditions or where the victory in the mini-games allows us to achieve success before the others. A total of six modes that can last from five minutes to half an hour and offer several different game boards where the results of the minigames influence on the order of movement, taking into account the time of these, and so on. It is certainly an excellent complement for those groups looking for shorter games or some variety after a few games, and in some cases does yield leaderboard on the console (without the possibility of competing on the Internet).

Ending the game modes count, should be mentioned that in the extras category 4 games are completely independent: Hexapuzle, a game of intelligence in line with titles like Puyo Puyo or Tetris, with sets of three colored balls falling from above and be bonded in groups of six of the same color to destroy them. The aim is to destroy some balls marked with a star and keep the balls accumulate at the top, otherwise the game would end; Football Goomba, where four characters face in a kind of game like the sport that you name (but in might actually called something else).

With a very simple control (move the character, pass, kick and snatch the ball) the goal is to shoot to the side that touches us trying to overthrow the seven Goombas that await there. The team that first gets it, wins, Bowling Goomba, where you simulate a game of bowling except that instead of shooting targets at the end of the track, we have a line of goombas in motion that can break down completely just doing good use of the firing angle and bouncing on the side walls that prevent the shell off the track. Earn the most points achieved in 5 rounds, finally and for a single player, we have the Spotlight, which offers us a selection of ten mini-games where the camera closely follows your character, making it very difficult mini-games, being in some cases close to what desperate trouble.

These extra modes mentioned above are independent games with more content and game development might have been considered separately. They are a very good incentive to play alone especially being our favorite Hexapuzle with which we have passed some very good times, while those with more time to play with friends, Football Bowling Goomba Goomba and undoubtedly will become the alternative tests spins.

Mario Party 9 of itself is a very fun game to throw a few games against the computer or with friends, however, to encourage us to play, as we go throwing games party accumulate points, which are used to unlock content additional or even an extra game board. Among the awards that we can buy are the expert difficulty mode, a level of artificial intelligence that makes things quite difficult, new vehicles that travel the boards, play songs that can be heard at any time, records the creators of the game, and constellations, as we can see a sky with stars forming the figures purchased. Actually, all these incentives may only board and the extra difficulty level are really interesting and we miss that we encourage more unlockables, though in one way or another always good to have prizes for taking the time to play, so thanks inclusion.

The truth is that, as is this Mario Party 9, does not require large incentives to play, because not only is fun and equally varied, but we soaked in the world of Mario games with excellent technical performance where artistic and miss nothing. In this sense we believe that the development team has done a great job bringing the world of Mario to the board, and it all makes sense, being always very nice to see and hear, even when we're playing in a high definition TV, nemesis of our beloved Wii. Although we should not be surprising, since previous Mario Party 8, Wii Party and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games fell short in this regard as well, showing that the technical limitations are not a problem when the game develops thinking the possibilities of the machine. The art direction and staging is excellent then, and all you fans mourn the 1080 is the presence of jagged edges.

We reached the end of our analysis convinced that Mario Party 9 is another excellent opportunity to play with family or friends. This is an ideal opportunity to play with people who have little experience with video games, even if we play with people who have never touched a console I recommend first Wii Party. In contrast, if you are a group seeking more skill challenges, maybe Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, or "Rayman Rabbids" will be better option. Mario Party 9 is its position between those gaming experiences, and offers several ways among which the game boards, with which it you will spend big on items from thirty minutes to an hour.

Compared to the previous titles in the series, this will surely become our favorite because of the simpler boards and progress whole team, with that sense of cooperation and competition simultaneously performed so well that we love. The collection of mini games and the Mario flavor given off place it among our favorites, so we believe that the work done by ND Cube and Nintendo has been very successful. The only major complaint I've seen is the lack of online leaderboards, or even the possibility of online play (something that fans have long been claiming) that would favor a lot to the replayability of these games.

If anyone had doubts about the future of the Mario Party series, you can now rest easy. Do not forget the sad news of the disappearance of Hudson Soft as a trademark (which originally came up with the Mario Party series), but we believe that Nintendo will continue to honor his memory with games in the series so well conducted as this Mario Party 9, a title that will delight fans of the Mario universe highly recommended for group play.

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