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Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for PS Vita

Virtua Tennis 4 reduces its size but not quality. Virtua Tennis is an institution for sports games since the launch of the arcade original Sega in 1999 and its subsequent sequels. The saga PSP supported from the beginning with two games quite remarkable: Virtua Tennis World Tour Virtua Tennis 2005 and 3 in 2007, so it was a matter of time to see the best players from Sega on the small screen. And not long in coming, PS Vita has already launched with Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition, which is simply Virtua Tennis 4 in the usual portable version to take advantage of new system capabilities. One of the first things that attract attention is the graphical fidelity achieved compared to the domestic versions. Normally we talked about many games "almost equal" or minimum cuts, if FIFA Football, for example. Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition apparently suffered no letdown, either in modeling, texturing, or animation stage. And all with sharp graphics at the native resolution of Vita that let you see every detail of the track. It is without doubt one of the games that the graphics impressed us most of the first batch of the catalog along with Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Sweetest runs at about 60 frames per second except during cutscenes, which drops to 30 but showing the excellent modeling of the players. The effect achieved is to be the same as a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 in high definition screen.

As for the gameplay, with the standard control-buttons and levers, is as solid as Virtua Tennis 4. In addition to the shock normal, cut and balloon, includes the latest addition to the series, the supergolpes, a feature that triggers a nearly unstoppable shot when a bar fill specific to each player depending on their personality or style of play. This means that Rafael Nadal filled their bar when best defends itself-has-solid defense, while other players do when using varied attacks. These categories can be for example groundstrokes, sharp downturn, powerful punches, good service, tactical or Federer full profile. At all times we see the recharge of the bars for each player, so it adds a strategic component to know when to use it or decide to save it. To us think it helps further differentiate each player and got only about one per set-not abused him, but we also understand that some purists do not fit the simulation novelty but after all not forget that the true spirit of the saga is in the arcade gameplay. This supergolpe was detailed in our review of Virtua Tennis 4 which we recommend you read it here works the same way.

Virtua Tennis 4 was consistent with the motion sensors Move, Kinect and Motion Plus. Sega has built-in PS Vita touch controls to move to our place playing tennis on the screen, if you also carry out a concrete gesture to return the ball, hit it in one way or another. The game is so characteristic that precision that has made the series great, but give it a try, the more you use, the easier you think. We stayed anyway with classical control. Can also be used for menus, which is more practical.

In the case of World Championship game features the usual process of evolution of a player to create with the editor in the traditional style with the camera or the laptop. In it, we played on a board representing days and we moving us with tickets, which allow us to randomly skip a certain number of boxes. Thus, we choose among three options-tickets-obtained evidence fall on training, tournaments, exhibition games, signings, advertising commitments or hotels-what makes us relax. Sometimes there are forks to choose different paths, but in any case, all roads lead through four continents to reach the tournament final. Among the mini-games are a whole series of tests such as picking up chicks surreal track and bring them to safe places or return balls with large fans making the noise from the sides. Perhaps in real life are not very typical training, but will improve our player statistics and help us become familiar with the control of the game, besides being a good respite for standard games.

A novelty of this mode to PS Vita is now active in the network game while we are on the board. In many boxes to find players to human players, which we can stand, but note that in this case did not play against that person, which could not be connected, but his tennis controlled by artificial intelligence. As you'll find these rivals for the board, it is likely that its level is very similar to yours, ensuring that no major differences overwhelming in favor of one or the other.

Although the game has a generous staff of real players, the game has not officially licensed tournaments, so other options faster and straightforward to play are arcade, with four championships in locations with different terrain. Display lets you choose among all 30 track we unlock, level of artificial intelligence, the number of sets and set-default is two games. Training is defined by itself, and mini-games is a selection of the world championship trials as clay pigeon shooting, poker, tennis explosive, wall, or bowling, among others.

Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition also includes a series of mini-games created especially for PS Vita, who use the system functions. One of the most curious is broken RV, which played from a first person perspective and turning the console see the entire track around us. With the buttons and the stick play as usual, moving around the track and hitting, but from this subjective view. Although this is not just a display mode and a mere curiosity, we must say that you can play without problems despite the new perspective. Another option is using augmented reality VT Camera for capturing the player chosen on the merits of the cameras recording of Vita, selecting animations and other parameters of the virtual player chosen.

There is also a versus mode for two players on the same system called "Touch vs". In this case the camera takes an aerial position with the touch screen and each player controls his tennis. It's like the classic Pong touch version. As a bonus to offer fun for two players in a single PS Vita is curious, though it is to have the same depth as the actual multiplayer, but here at least touch control works well and there is no advantage to a player-both use the same game system.

The last of the mini-games exclusive to this version moves the boat, which uses motion sensors. Not much different from other mini-games in which we place our aim by throwing balls at a target, but this time after the network we have a huge boat that leans toward the sides. To achieve all targets is necessary to tilt the console. The matter is complicated when the ship itself begins to move.

In addition to the My Club section to manage statistics and appearance of our players, we have the essential multiplayer modes and online, for two, three and four players for doubles. The games include online ranked match-that affect our world ranking-game player-to create a room that does not take into account ratings, and even a set of predefined messages to express our happiness or unhappiness. While waiting for another player to connect your chance to play arcade mode, and although generally works well, we advise that occasionally displayed lag-lag-if your opponent is far away or on another continent, something which takes away much precision, missing shots that normally be right fools. On the other hand, we would have liked some sort of connection to the PlayStation 3 version which essentially are treated the same game.

The graphics up to scratch and very satisfactory. Virtua Tennis 4 may not excelled in home console but served too well, and now does the same but with much merit in this notebook. As for the sound, it is also very similar to other systems. The role, above the menu-sounding music, they take the sound effects who set like you're watching a game on television. Players shout with a great effort and recognize his voice perfectly, the results are sung and the public reacts credible to what happens in court, as when we came to a ball that seemed lost. The audience of the runway in Paris even treated Nadal well!Not that this is nothing new to our ears, but what to do, it does well.

PS Vita is an adaptation to small developments, yes, but it is a great adaptation. All the fun intact as long as we use the button controls, and offers many hours for a player in career mode. And if you decide to go for eternal glory, you have the multiplayer. The other extras specific to the unique touch screen mini revolutionize not seen in Virtua Tennis 4, but can be entertaining, especially the gameplay for two people on one console.

As always in these cases, if you already have the home version you will not find anything new except portability. If you lack it, is one of two launch sports games and a conversion Vita very careful, that has nothing to envy the older consoles. The courts already have the track King of PS Vita.

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