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Street Fighter X Tekken Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PS Vita

The two most famous fighting games join forces in a game for any fan of the genre. If there is anything we can thank the fans of the Capcom fighting games, is the fact that it has revived the genre with Street Fighter IV, especially in two-dimensional aspect, which was a bit forgotten in the benefits brought by the titles 3D. Before this revival was only a matter of time that ended up going to develop crossovers with other sagas or series, just as they did formerly. So we could enjoy the great Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 3. While some still pining for a new installment of Capcom vs. SNK or to see Ryu and company take the cake with the fighters of Mortal Kombat, most of us have dreamed of the time when Street Fighter (the series that popularized the genre to extremes unexpected with his second and fourth), and Tekken (one of the most beloved series, charismatic and deeply playable there), will face his characters in a single game. Luckily for all, last year finally announced Street Fighter X Tekken. Not content with making a single game, this historic event deserved special treatment and the development of two different titles, one based on two-dimensional fighting style of Street Fighter and another inspired by the three-dimensional type of game that characterizes Tekken.

The first to reach this enormous project was Street Fighter X Tekken, the title developed by Capcom Street Fighter taking as a base, and the result was simply spectacular. The street fighters and the Iron Fist Tournament clash in which almost certainly will be the fighting game of the year and one of the best of the entire generation. As we have said, Street Fighter X Tekken part of the gameplay of Street Fighter IV, which presents us with a degree in two dimensions based on a set of six buttons: weak punch, punch medium punch strong, weak kick, kick medium and strong kick. Suffice to defend then hit the stick backward or backward and down if we want to block low attacks. Weak punch and kick with weak grips and if we can make the opponent hit himself in the moment that we do, lock the fuck. This also means that we find two different types of characters, those inputs with freight movements (eg pressing a while back and then forward over the corresponding button) and those in their technical inputs required we usually do quarter moon, half moon or full turns with the stick, but also may require us other simple movements or complex depending on the fighter. Although, of course, this only applies to characters from Street Fighter.

The characters in Tekken, though still maintaining a set of six buttons, have inputs at their techniques quite similar to those to be introduced in their original games, being in most identical, so that when we their commanders will notice an attempt to emulate the classic four-button system of Tekken. Because of this, fans of the series that are not very familiar with Street Fighter know enough run movements in and not become as strangers to handle as you would expect at first. It certainly has been a great success by Capcom and a whole detail when maintaining the essence of these characters, we can say that its implementation in the game has been impeccable and commendable. Obviously there are hundreds of movements that have, but the most important and characteristic.

Respect for Tekken has shown the team led by Yoshinori Ono has not just been there. This saga is well known for a system based on combo juggles through (throwing the opponent into the air and hit him until he can defend before it hits the ground), so have decided to include it, adapt quite naturally to the gameplay. As expected, the characters in Tekken have enough tools to perform juggles more than Street Fighter, so that this is offset to some extent the lack of ranged attacks with regard to the latter and in the process is terminated to maintain the essence of its combat system.

The template of characters is well selected, with the most legendary and iconic fighters of each series, although there is always someone who misses such as Honda or Dragunov. The list is as follows: Chun-Li, Cammy, Zangief, Rufus, Ryu, Ken, Balrog, Vega, Guile, Abel, Juri, M.Bison, Dhalsim Akuma, Sagat, Rolento, Ibuki, Poison, Hugo, King, Marduk , Kazuya, Nina, Bob, Julia, Asuka, Lili, Hwoarang, Steve, Paul, Law, Yoshimitsu, Raven, Heihachi, Kuma, Ogre, Jin and Xiaoyu. PlayStation 3 also added to Cole, Toro, Kuro, Mega Man and Pac-Man. Cole, the protagonist of inFamous we felt a very labored, with virtually all movement and combos as in its games, while Toro and Kuro as we have seen quite dispensable characters, little use and are there to make the grace rather than to enrich the template. Mega Man and Pac-Man we were unable to prove, as will a week after the launch.

What it is included for both is the possibility of Super Arts, which come to be the final special moves of each character. These attacks we spent two segments of the cross bar gauge, which is equivalent to the classic energy bar. It should be noted that the inputs of these movements are much more simple than those of Street Fighter IV. For example, to do the Shinku Hadoken of Ryu sufficient to perform a Hadoken but pressing all three punch buttons simultaneously instead of one. Yes, the timing when combos and movement is still very demanding, so the gameplay will not be easy to master as much as some inputs are provided.

There is another way to Super Arts, but no cost Gauge Cross. Each character has a move that can be loaded keeping the button pressed their input, if we get it we will maximize free, although he advised that it is not easy to get a Super Art strain in this way. We may also spend a segment to run a predefined small combos, which initially help the novice to defend, but we recommend these combos manually to avoid wasting energy. This bar can also be used to make EX moves, with which we promote our special attacks, like a Hadoken or Shoryuken, to follow the examples of Ryu.

Compared to controls, we return to the same dilemma as always. The controls for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 does not end up to be as reliable and comfortable than they should to play a game of this nature, since they hinder rather the realization of many combos, so if you are going to raise the level title competitive, it will be essential to a good Arcade Stick. As usual in Capcom crossovers, this time is dispensed using a fighting style 1 vs 1 and is strongly committed to the fight in 2 vs 2 teams. This is not merely circumstantial, as there are a lot of cooperative action between our characters that we must learn to master if we lift us to victory.

If you press punch and kick half half at a time, change of character at any time of the battle, although this type of relay will have to make careful, as the fighter who is defenseless among a few seconds and be attackable. There is also another way of doing this without risking any damage. This can make a launcher, a movement with which we can launch our opponent into the air to relieve us our partner and continue the combo while the contrary is in the air. To do this you can press punch hard and strong kick or run a Cross Rush. The latter consists in a simple four-punch combo that performs basic strokes loose chaining followed by stronger ones. They are made with weak punch, punch medium punch and punch strong strong or the same but with the kicks.

Following the movement of relief, we find the Cancel Switch. Using a segment of the cross bar may terminate our combo gauge when to end to bring up our partner and we can continue hitting him, allowing us to introduce an entire combo from the start and increase much more the amount of damage. If we have the whole energy bar, we can make an Assault Cross. The first is to call upon our colleague to stay a while simultaneously sticking with us, while the latter is a special double between the two characters and also allow us to make a release. As a bonus, the damage you do with an Art Cross can not be regenerated.

Finally, there is a resource as a desperate measure called Pandora. When a character is less than 25% of life may be sacrificed to enhance her partner, Cross Bar Gauge quite whole and increasing his attack. Of course, if you miss the effect of Pandora before finishing off his opponent loses the round, making it a very risky bet and you need to know to use head.

This whole system makes clear the intention of Capcom to facilitate entry to the novice and casual players, thanks to various grants, while providing deep gameplay that requires us not only learn to manage more than one character, but to learn to use them together effectively. That said, it should be noted a couple of peculiarities of development of the fighting. The most important is the fact that if one of the two characters in one team is KO, automatically loses the round. This adds a strategic component to fighting, because we have to constantly keep an eye on our health bars to keep a combo that put us to kill the jerk. In addition, when the characters are able to regenerate in reserve a certain amount of life change so frequently and do many combos sets will be essential to hold as much as possible.

Here we go with one of the elements that generate conflicting opinions. Each character has three holes to equip three different Gems. There are two distinct types. On the one hand we have the Assist Gems, which serve primarily to help novices allowing them to have a simpler controls or activating several auto block. Of course, to all benefits other than this will also bring negative effects such as reduced damage or defense.

Moreover, we have the Boost Gems, we will give various bonuses in combat, provided they meet certain requirements, such as receiving several special moves, hit with 5 basic attacks or make a launcher, among others. According to the Gem equipped, will give more attack, more defense, more speed, life, increased regeneration of Cross Gauge, etc.. Of course, you can also get a slight penalty if the effect is very high.

This system lets you configure our fighters to adapt to our style of play, and thus gain an advantage in our game. There are a large number of Gems, ranging from level 1 to 3. The default that are included on the disc are pretty basic and do not allow too interesting configurations, and here comes in the controversial system.

If we expand our catalog of Gems, we will perform checkout and purchase as downloadable content. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to enter or on the PlayStation Store or Xbox Live Marketplace to see what extras offered by Gems, so that we can not tell if they are balanced with respect to normal or against are unbalanced. To be the second case, they end up giving more advantage to those who pay, which would be charged at a stroke all offering competitive play, so you'll have to see how all this works.

This issue would be something we do not worry too much if given the option to play with or without Gems (as two separate categories), especially in ranked matches online, something that has not been done, so you have to use them yes or yes. It is especially frustrating not to have included the possibility of playing without them when Capcom itself and add options to their portable fighting game face not against people using touch controls, so it might well have done something similar. There is also the possibility that not everyone like, so its inclusion content would have achieved all over the world.

In addition, your editing system does not seem entirely comfortable, as the configurations we have to put Gems character by character, something that may turn out to be quite tedious if we like to drive many of them. Perhaps the ideal would be to allow us to make about 10 different configurations before the fight and choose which one we want for each character.

As for the ways that we have available we have a fairly classic selection. In the first instance we will be very apt Arcade mode, one of the best I remember in years. It will tell us the story of various couples are predefined template characters in the game. All of them revolve around the appearance of a mysterious box in Antarctica that contains great power. The motivations of each of the wrestlers will be different from simple greed and lust for power by Bison to wondering what might be inside of Asuka.

The basic scheme will be to see an introductory video done with static illustrations, overcome several battles (including the characters have the odd conversation that develops minimally their relationship and personality), a fight with your partner rival, a fight against Bison and Juri Jin and Xiaoyu or the power of Pandora unleashed permanently and tough final battle against Ogre or Akuma. After that, we attended a final video sequence generated with computer graphics that maintains all the style of movie trailers that have been showing so far. The vast majority of these endings leave us very good taste and others point to a clear and imminent then we assume to be held in Tekken X Street Fighter.

Arguably not be a great wonder, but the stories are entertaining, enjoyable and fun, and includes a lot of memorable moments for all who are fans of these sagas. If we choose a partner who does not have to be predefined introductory video, but conversations and an epilogue written. We can also play co-op with a friend, which always adds to the fun.

Continuing with the case, we find the essential and regulatory Versus offline with many options to customize our game (time, number of rounds, etc). We play up to four players, either with the usual tag or a system with four fighters simultaneously. In the latter the life bar of the wrestlers from each team is shared, so if we do not hit each other and our partner, our life will go down. This forces us to play as a team to cover our backs and get each corner of our opponents. Not the most technical of the game because of the chaos that usually have on-screen and reduced movements team like the Cross Cancel, but it's fun to tease and especially recommended for when be left with at least three friends as they are Peak and laughter guaranteed.

The online mode comes with everything you would expect. Basically we ranked matches, which go by confronting random opponents for points and raise our overall score and Games Unlimited. In the latter go into a room with more players where we're fighting. The winner stays in the ring until it is defeated. In this way we can play games with four players simultaneously. However, in the Unlimited entries will not win points. Finally, we have included a great online training mode, so you can practice with our friends all kinds of movements, whether individual or cooperative. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to play online, so I can not confirm that the online infrastructure is free of lag, but it's still something that can not be checked until you exit the game and the servers are full.

We also have an offline training mode to practice fully configurable to your liking. Finally, it includes the Challenge mode. Here you can access a complete tutorial that quickly teaches all the basic mechanics of the game so we can start to defend ourselves. In this way we can also test consisting of repeating the sequence of movements that we are asked. Are of increasing difficulty and there are 20 per character. This will come from pearls to acquire some pretty interesting combos. There are too complicated, especially when compared with that typically include other games, though the latter will make us sweat blood. Finally, we have included 20 missions that we pose different challenges. To overcome them we must end our rivals meet several objectives. In our performance we will be given a score of bronze, silver or gold, so even if we wished had been included more of these missions, the challenge is served, as they are not exactly easy, and if we get in the 20 the gold range we can take a long time.

Also added an editor to customize our title and sentence to the online profile, our Gems and colors of the characters, in order to differentiate from the rest. As you can see, in general the title is still well stocked, although removing the four-player simultaneous online training and are kept quite classic. In addition, you are missing a way where we could compete in battle simple 1 vs 1 of the lifetime. We also have liked a way Gallery with pictures and videos of the finals.

The graphic style of this Street Fighter X Tekken is quite similar to that we have enjoyed in Street Fighter IV, using three-dimensional characters with a cartoon aesthetic and personality quite clear. Everything looks very colorful and the characters show large, recognizable, well shaped, full of detail and with some animations simply great. Special mention to the adaptation of Tekken characters to the unique visual style of this series, which look better than ever thanks to the enormous expressiveness with which they have been given, at all times reflect your mood, pain, etc..

The scenarios may seem to us somewhat limited in their number, but are full of details that makes them have much life. Furthermore, all find a wealth of references to the games of both companies. He even allowed the luxury of including in one of them a sign that leave Yoshinori Ono (producer of Street Fighter) Blanka disguised as Katsuhiro Harada (Tekken producer) disguised as Kuma. Yes, its resolution may be somewhat higher and the moving parts may be more detailed, such as the public and the background characters who come are quite simple. There are also a few others that is not entirely inspired, but overall quite meet note. What do we really liked is how these are changing as they are going the rounds. A note also that there are some with different floors.

As for the sound, we have a soundtrack with issues of somewhat irregular, although at times they come on stage the classic themes of both franchises raises many integers. In any case, is well suited to the fighting, but has room for improvement. Perhaps the ideal would have been to introduce only classics. With regard to dubbing, we again have the always welcome option to change the voices of the characters from English to Japanese. By default will put the language they speak normally, so for example Asuka Japanese and Lily talk in English, unless we change it.

Street Fighter X Tekken becomes a real treat for fans of either of the two sagas and for fans of fighting games in general. Deep, technical, strong and incredibly good integration of gameplay mechanics of both series, quite a feat. A huge work that seeks to bring something new from a traditional basis, but nevertheless is overshadowed by the Gem system, which if not handled carefully Capcom may end up blowing up their game online at a competitive level. But what no doubt is that at last we face the crossover dream for so many years. If you really like the genre do not miss it. Finally it's time to decide on the ring which of the two series is the best.

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