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Prince of Persia Classic Review, Cheats, Secret, Cheat Codes, FAQ, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Guide for iPhone

Original Prince of Persia is one of those games you should play if you really love video games and looking for experiences and feelings beyond simple entertainment routine in front of the screen. Although time does not pass in vain for almost any game, let alone those who take up more than twenty years on their backs, it's always good to remember the foundations and the adventures of many of the sagas of which currently enjoy in our consoles and portable devices. Now, Prince of Persia, which was released for the Apple II, and returns to Apple platforms more than two decades later, arrives with renewed vigor in an interesting and complete remake. Prince of Persia was a revolution back in 1989. Its creator, Jordan Mechner, developed a complex game, fraught with danger and adventure, where encarnĂ¡bamos a young prince, having to rescue the daughter of the Sultan of the clutches of the evil vizier Jaffar who has taken the absence of the king of all Persia to start a real revolution in the country and calm their thirst for power. Following the argument, basic and as mere pretext for our adventure, the current update of the classic we show the evolution of complex adaptations script or other installments of the saga, but rather take what little history view of the classic game and we invite play and get down to work after their small and friendly introduction. In a way, it will be like going back to the past, where the argument is unveiled in plain text and quasi-static scenes.

Prince of Persia Classic, with all of the law, a review with better graphics and some other minor change to the gameplay, the original title. Not the first time we see an approximation of the first delivery Ubisoft, and in turn, this Prince of Persia Classic for which you are talking about is a review of the game adapted to IOS that was in his day on digital platforms Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 back in 2007, just with the relaunch of the series in the new generation. Broadly speaking, the mechanics of the game playable for 1989 has not been touched, and continue using the skills of the prince to jump and navigate platforms and traps.

Explain the basic gameplay of Prince of Persia at this point should be little more than repetitive and repetitive, but as we are aware that a vast majority of readers who strive to relive past experiences and qualifications in the current platforms, I'll explain best. Prince of Persia Classic is a platform game adventure in two dimensions, where we have to avoid and overcome the various pitfalls and setbacks over as quickly as possible in pursuit of that and captive princess. In Prince of Persia Classic side-scrolling no proper, since at any moment, the camera will focus on our character and the scene around him. Little by little, we will by scrolling through the dungeons, corridors and rooms of the mammoth fortress with only the help of our ability. Like the original, and although Prince of Persia we offer levels or phases defined as such, if we'll see the familiar stopwatch, which will give us an hour of play as deadline to bring our princess.

And be careful, that the difficulty will remain just as hard. While it is true that we have some grants introduced by the continuous revisions of the series (control points, a kind of magical butterfly that will guide us to the exit of the particular area in which we are fighting or a guided and assisted), we will fighting in environments plagued by hazards such as falling tiles vacuum, walls full of spikes or dangerous Arab mercenaries eager to brawl. The control has been perfectly adapted to the iPhone's touch screen. Given the need to control the original was, and how difficult it is to move to a device that lacks physical buttons or spreaders digital or analog, we can only praise the work done by Ubisoft and Gameloft. In this version, we have distributed several buttons on the screen, highlighting a sort of digital motion stick (with which the prince and head speed) and a number of basic options (jump, grab or bending) on the right. With this type of specific actions for each time (combat or platforms), Prince of Persia Classic is controlled to perfection.

Prince of Persia Classic maintains the 2D perspective, but updated to modern times, with textures, graphics, design and modeling brand new and in high definition. Continuing the legacy of the original game Mechner in the animations (Mechner filmed for hours to his older brother running and jumping to get realistic animations and transitions ahead of its video game adaptation), Prince of Persia Classic will offer the usual and expected the prince jumps and movements, as well as grappling, sword fights or races. If the 1989 version were good, and that of 2007 (baseline of this title) amazing, the IOS version is not far behind and offers the same impressive results. The scenarios, 2D, provide interesting details, such as textures worked in high definition. Some environments will remind us inevitably to the Prince of Persia Classic, following almost the same pattern or distribution.

Prince of Persia Classic is an excellent adaptation for iOS of a title that transcends the world of video games. Whether you're a fan of the original work, as if it is a newcomer to the scene you are looking approach in one form or another on the basis of one of the most important franchises in the industry, Prince of Persia Classic is an option to consider Apple platforms. Whether on iPhone or iPod, or iPhone, the new adaptation of Ubisoft and Gameloft is a wonderful platform game classic adapted to modern times.

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